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  1. Brew|LOGIC – Bluetooth Enabled Arduino Brewing Controller
    Brewing beer has become a worldwide phenomenon. Beer and wine is being crafted in ordinary kitchens in eve­­ry corner of the world. One phrase that you may hear from your fellow homebrewer is "From Grain to Glass", which refers to the process of making beer…... Listed under:
  2. Moving and Talking Giant Lego Hulk MiniFig (10:1 Scale)
    I've always played with legos as a kid, but I didn't have any of the 'fancy' legos, just classic lego bricks. I'm also a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and my favourite character is Hulk. So why not combine the two, and…... Listed under:
  3. Lego Mini Memory Game
    A year or so ago, I wrote up an Instructable about installing a bunch of LEDs in a Lego Mini Cooper. The innovation, such as it was, was that the LEDs could be controlled with a smartphone (or through any web browser, for that matter). As I…... Listed under:
  4. Physical Pixel using Arduino
    This example example uses the Arduino board to receive data from the computer. The Arduino boards turns on an LED when it receives the character 'H', and turns off the LED when it receives the character 'L'. The data can be sent from the Arduino…... Listed under: ,
  5. SensoDuino: Turn Your Android Phone into a Wireless Sensors Hub for Arduino
    UPDATES Nov 23, 2013: SensoDuino 0.160 gets a face left. Nov 19. 2031: OPINION: The Amazing Synergy Between Arduino & Android. Nov 19, 2013: SensoDuino 0.159 is out. Android phone date (y,m,d) and time (h,m,s) are supported as sensors. Support for Android KitKat (4.4/API 19).   INTRODUCTION Think of SensoDuino…... Listed under: , , ,
  6. Sleep n’ Tweet using an Arduino
    Now I am lucky enough to work at the greatest company in the world as a University of Waterloo, co-op student. It might not even be a company you’ve heard of yet. They’re named Upverter and we are trying to change the way people design,…... Listed under: , ,
  7. Anti-Sunflower – Points to Your Darkness!
    Since childhood, I always wanted to try my hands on electronics. Recently I bought the Arduino and started exploring it. In this process, I got to know more about Light Dependent Resistors (LDR). Somehow, I stumble across this idea. Basically, it's an electric sunflower which…... Listed under:
  8. NRF24 Two-Way Radio for Telemetry
    Hi guys, my name is Pedro Castelani and I'm bringing you my first instructable: building a two way radio with arduino for, well, whatever you need it for. In this project, we will make two seperate circuits which will act as both reciever and transmitter.…... Listed under:
  9. Slipper Shining with LED strip & Xadow
    mo.momi Led strips are amazing! Firewalker-led-sneakers( by Adafruit inspired me. I wanna change a way to control it, instead of "pressure-sensitive", I use a accelerometer sensor judging the motion of slipper. It's simple, I complete this version only calculating the acceleration on "z" axis, weather…... Listed under:
  10. Arduino CNC Plotter (DRAWING MACHINE)
    Hey guys! I Hope you already enjoyed my previous instructable "How to make your own Arduino training platform" and you are ready for a new one, as usual I made this tutorial to guide you step by step while making this kind of super amazing…... Listed under:
  11. YouTube Desktop Notifier
    Do you get nightmares of losing your YouTube Subscribers? If you do, you are not the only one. Luckily I have made this "YouTube Desktop Notifier" to keep me up-to-date with my channels Subscriber and View Counts. This very simple DIY project cost me…... Listed under:
  12. Arduino Esplora Blink Code
    This sketch blinks the Esplora's RGB LED. It goes through all three primary colors (red, green, blue), then it combines them for secondary colors(yellow, cyan, magenta), then it turns on all the colors to create white. For best results, cover the LED with a piece…... Listed under: ,
  13. Analog Input using Arduino
    A potentiometer is a simple knob that provides a variable resistance, which you can read into the Arduino board as an analog value. In this example, you'll connect a poterntiometer to one of the Arduino's analog inputs to control the rate at which the built-in…... Listed under: ,
  14. 3 Amazing BRAIN / MIND Control Projects Lights LedStrip LED With Arduino and Neurosky Have you ever wanted to turn the lights ON or OFF just by thinking about it? Or do you want to know how stressed you are by looking at the color of a RGB led? While now you can by following this Instructables! To…... Listed under:
  15. Arduino LED Button Pad That Drives Processing Animations
    WhatThis button pad is made using a PCB and other components manufactured by Sparkfun. It is driven by an Arduino Mega. Each button is nice and squishy and satisfying to press, and it has an RGB LED inside! I've been using it to control animations…... Listed under:
  16. Sonic Switch: Use a Sonic Screwdriver to turn on your computer!
    What it is: An Arduino-based light-sensitive switch for turning on a desktop computer. Why its cool: Use a Sonic Screwdriver to turn on your computer! Story: This project started, as I'm sure a lot of them do, as a result of boredom and the thought…... Listed under:
  17. Arduino and 7 segment LED display decoder
    In this instructable i will explain how to connect 7 segment display, decoder and arduino. It´s pretty easy. At first we have to learn something about decoder. I´m using BCD to 7 segment decoder. My is D147D, this is old chip, but the newer are…... Listed under: ,
  18. Smartphone Controlled Bubble Blower Using Arduino
    Whether you’re already a kid or not; you are going to become one as soon you see bubbles floating around you! You’ll be lying if you say that you don’t pop one on seeing one! Alas, everything isn’t the same for the one who’s blowing…... Listed under:
  19. Pixel Shipped Counter
    Many times, we often use LCD as display equipment, from tiny temperature monitors to large industrial equipment. The funny thing in this project is that it combines two Red LED Matrices as display. You don't need other devices except Arduino to drive it. This project…... Listed under:
  20. Coffee-Art Project
    Well, hello there! My name is Manou and this is my very first instructable. This instructable is all about making a mechanic arm with an arduino genuino uno! This all started with this basic idea: I wanted to make a robot that made art and…... Listed under:
  21. Capacitive Touch Arduino Lamp
    The Problem It is late night, and your cellphone rings. You can't see where it is, you blindly grope around your nightstand, trying in vain to find that illusive switch that will illuminate your side of the bed. You clumsily turn on the lamp, locate…... Listed under: ,
  22. SPlaying tones on Multiple outputs using the tone() function with Arduino
    This example shows how to use the tone() command to play different notes on multiple outputs. The tone() command works by taking over one of the Atmega's internal timers, setting it to the frequency you want, and using the timer to pulse an output pin.…... Listed under: ,
  23. Pokemon Elemental Arcade (Mini Game)
    This project started as I had to create a project for the HKU with an arduino. It had to be something which would be either entertaining or solving a certain problem. For which I chose to pick the entertaining part. In the end combining multiple…... Listed under:
  24. Button State Change Detection using Arduino
    Once you've got a pushbutton working, you often want to do some action based on how many times the button is pushed. To do this, you need to know when the button changes state from off to on, and count how many times this change of state…... Listed under: ,
  25. Redefining the TV Remote using Arduino
    We use them every day, but has no one got bored of pressing buttons on a stick, it’s far too much effort pressing buttons! Surely there are better ways to control a device? After doing some work with my Nikon camera using IR to control…... Listed under: ,
  26. Digital Treasure Chest
    I study Game and Interaction technology at Utrecht University of the Arts. There is one project called "If this then that" where you're asked to build an interactive product. You are to use an Arduino, design an interesting interactive element and build a nice and…... Listed under:
  27. How to make a Ball Balancing Robot
    Last year, I have made this ball balancing robot.It can stand on a ball stable by the balance system of itself. There is only one connect point between the robot and the ground, so it is more flexible than the traditional wheeled robot. It can…... Listed under:
  28. Using FM RC Controllers using an Arduino
    I recently dug up my old RC transmitter and receiver and thought "How can i control my arduino with this?" so i powered on my scope to see what was going on at the receiver. Sure enough, it was sending out the standard PWM signal that servos…... Listed under: ,
  29. Simple keyboard using the tone() function using Arduino
    This example shows how to use the tone() command to generate different pitches depending on which sensor is pressed.   Circuit Connect one terminal of your speaker to digital pin 8 through a 100 ohm resistor, and its other terminal to ground. Power your three FSRs (or…... Listed under: , ,
  30. Music Box With Mini Monitor(OLED) and LED
    My idea was a box that would play music when you open it. It also has a display with an emoji on it that awakes, greeting you. There is also a LED in it that lights up if you hold the Force-sensitive resistor squeezed between…... Listed under: ,
  31. Interactive Glowing Mushrooms This instructable will show you how to make mushrooms that will glow in the dark. You can turn individual mushrooms off and on again by pressing the top. I started this project for a school assignment where we had to create something using the…... Listed under:
  32. Arduino Powered Nixie Tubes: ArduiNIX Nixie driver shield assembly presents: ArduiNIX Nixie driver shield assembly The ArduiNIX shield is a user programmable platform for driving multiplexed Nixie tube or other high voltage displays**. The ArduiNIX is open source hardware Welcome to the assembly portion of the site. Here we will take you step by…... Listed under:
  33. LED Show 2 using Arduino Esplora
    This example shows you how to read different analog sensors to change the brightness of the three colors in the RGB LED. In this example you will read the amplitude from the microphone, the amount of light on the light sensor, and the position of…... Listed under: ,
  34. Infinite Disco
    In this project, I made an infinity mirror based on a dodecahedron that reacts to sound . Step 1: Materials Essential materials: Arduino Uno3mm thick 100x50cm MDF2mm thick 100x50cm plexiglass3 meter WS2812B LEDstrip 60 LEDs/mSound Detection Sensor Module 3-PINThin electric wire (10ish meter total)BreadboardPerfboard/stripboardSimple rectangular…... Listed under:
  35. The MicroSlice | A tiny Arduino laser cutter
    A few years ago I saw an Instructable where Groover had used a pair of DVD-RW drives to make a pocket laser engraver. Inspired by the idea, driven by the recent purchase of a full-sized 50 watt CO2 laser cutter, and roused by the launch of the Microcontroller contest I took…... Listed under:
  36. Wally – IR Detection Robot using Arduino
    My First ever Robot. It tracks objects using Infra-red sensors, and has basic AI that follows and avoid objects. I will describe the how I made this robot, and upload some videos. Version 1 (16 Dec 2011): —————–The components used ———————- I actually planned this…... Listed under: ,
  37. Secret Compartment Chess Set
    I play chess pretty poorly and have always wanted to get better, but I don't even own a chess set. I decided I wanted to make my own set, but with a twist. I have made a chess board with a secret drawer that is…... Listed under:
  38. Arduino Projects on a breadboard (no serial com)
    Intro: If you've got an Arduino Uno and want to start duplicating projects without having to buy an Uno every time... get ready to live!  This instructable will show you how to move your projects (that do not require serial communication) onto a breadboard for…... Listed under: ,
  39. Clapper LED Candle
    Three years ago I saw "My New Flame" by MORITZ WALDEMEYER, INGO MAURER UND TEAM 2012 at the museum gift shop, and feel in love with the idea. I hoped to recreate something mesmerizing, enjoyable, functional and interesting to watch, but with a slight twist. I certainly couldn't…... Listed under:
  40. Automatic Camera Shutter Switch
    The best part of haunted houses and amusement park rides is getting to see pictures of your friends screaming in terror. To get these kinds of pictures requires perfect timing. The best way to get this is with an electronic control circuit. So in this…... Listed under:
  41. Interfacing Any Arduino With a Cellphone
    When using an Arduino, it may result quite annoying to not be able to use it just because you do not have a computer available. Maybe the Windows or Mac OS isn't compatible, you don't have any computer at all or you just want more…... Listed under:
  42. Timelapse Panning controller for GoPro Cameras
    This instructible will show you how I built (and you can also build) an Arduino Timelapse Panning controller for GoPro cameras. There are obviously some refinements that can be made to the design, but in general I am very happy with the results that I've…... Listed under:
  43. Interactive Touchless Light
    Hi everyone! I'd like to share the project I have been working on here. I got inspired to experiment with capacitive touch sensing through a project in my university. I found out about this technology through instructables and used the things I learned here and…... Listed under:
  44. Pong Playing Flexible Screen on a Shirt
    This is my Halloween costume for the year 2013. It's been in the works for about a year and has taken quite a few man hours to create. The screen is 14 by 15 pixels, so, pretty low resolution but it can still do some…... Listed under: , ,
  45. Handheld Gaming Console | Arduboy Clone
    A few months ago I came across Arduboy which according to its official website is a miniature 8-bit game platform that makes it easy to learn, share and play games online. It is an open source platform. The games for the Arduboy are made by the users.…... Listed under:
  46. Dual Axis Tracker V2.0
    Way back in the year 2015 we designed a Simple Dual Axis Tracker for use as a fun student or hobby project. It was small, noisy, a little complicated, and provoked a lot of really weird community comments. That being said, three and a half years later…... Listed under:
  47. Sky on the Wall (Mood Lighting-IR remote)
    I love LED and stars, and after saw another instructables about star constellation and some mood lighting that was very inspired and I decided I wanted to take that idea and want to create some mood lighting with some skies component such as stars, and…... Listed under: ,
  48. Punch Activated Mario Question Block Lamp
    The Super Mario games were my childhood. I've always wanted to have some of the props in the games, and now that I have the tools to do it, I decided to start making them. The first up of that on my list is the…... Listed under:
  49. Frameless Laser Harp
    We are a generation that love sound and light – can’t do without them really. Our most preferred time of day is night, or what we would call evening. We are particularly well acquainted with technology; doesn’t hurt these days. Our prerequisite for everything is…... Listed under: ,
  50. Battery Reconditioner using an Arduino
    So if you are like this Lazy Old Geek, you have a lot of rechargeable batteries lying around. I wrote another Instructable with some battery tips. Amongst these batteries, I have a lot that no longer work or don’t work very well. So I…... Listed under: ,
  51. Pitch follower using the tone() function using Arduino
    This example shows how to use the tone() command to generate a pitch that follows the values of an analog input Circuit image developed using Fritzing. For more circuit examples, see the Fritzing project page Connect one terminal of your speaker to digital pin 9 through a…... Listed under: ,
  52. Arduino Chessclock
    I could not find instructions on a good Arduino chess clock so instead I built my own which I will describe here. Step 1: Parts list [box color="#985D00" bg="#FFF8CB" font="verdana" fontsize="14 " radius="20 " border="#985D12" float="right" head="Major Components in Project" headbg="#FFEB70" headcolor="#985D00"] here are the…... Listed under: ,
  53. A New Way to Arduino Control an RC Car
    I've done some work with Arduino controlled cars, but the ones I've worked on have always been slow and methodical. This is great when learning arduino, but I wanted something a bit Enter the RC car. RC cars are literally designed to be as…... Listed under:
  54. Laser Triggered Countdown
    This is a simple arduino based project that consists of a laser tripwire that, when triggered, will begin a countdown sequence on red, orange and green LEDs. I designed this to be an easy project for someone learning how arduinos work (like me). This is…... Listed under: ,
  55. Smart Heart Monitor
    No longer will you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a heart rate monitor! The Smart Heart Monitor will be able to do all of your cardiac measuring needs for you! The Smart Heart Monitor measures the user's heartbeat using an LED and a…... Listed under:
  56. ESP8266 VGA Pong
    In this Instructables I will show how to build a reproduction of the the classic game Pong for a VGA monitor, using a ESP8266 and few other components. This game is made possible by the EspVGAx library recently published on GitHub by Sandro Maffiodo (aka Smaffer) and, as far as I know, this is the first…... Listed under:
  57. Functional Lit Costume Goggles for Mr Freeze
    Egads!  LED Goggles you can see through (surprisingly well, too)!  They pulse subtly, making them so cold and dehumanizing. They were totally perfect for the character I was going after - Mr Freeze.  It was my first time really playing with LEDs and Arduinos, so…... Listed under: ,
  58. Basic Arduino Tutorials : 01 Blinking LED
    In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a simple circuit/code with an arduino, which will make an LED connected to it flash from off to on, with 1-second intervals, as shown below. This is a very easy, basic idea, however it…... Listed under:
    Hello friends I have made a Automatic wire cutting machine using Arduino nano controller board. Basically there are 3 process level of this machine like 1) first process is Input Input like wire length and wire quantity provided by pressing push button also the real…... Listed under:
  60. Phone Controlled Mood Lighting
    Dorm rooms are notorious for their dreadful lighting, so I wanted to make a cool alternative light source for my room at school. I made it phone controlled so there would be an easy and wireless way to change the color of the lighting. The…... Listed under: ,
  61. Smartphone Controlled RC Car Using Arduino
    This Instructable shows how to make a Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot Car. Update on 25th Oct 2016 Step 1: Youtube Video Link Step 2: Parts and Tools Required 1. 4WD Robot Chassis kit2. Arduino Uno 3. LM298 H bridge Module 4. Bluetooth Module HC-05…... Listed under:
  62. How to Make a Makeblock Music Robot with the Music Robot Kit(NEW)
    Makeblock is an aluminum extrusion based construction system that provides an integrated solution for aspects of mechanics, electronics and software design. With Makeblock you can make professional robots, toy machines or even art-ware. It's super easy-to-use and helps bring your creations to life. The only…... Listed under: ,
  63. Sensor Stations Network for Lighting and Security Control
    With this sensor stations network configured in a master/slave mode, you will be able to do lighting and security control in your home. These sensor stations (Node01, Node02 in this project) are connected to a master station (Node00) connected to your local wifi network. I…... Listed under:
  64. Accelerometer Dice with 123D Circuits
    This is the project that got Autodesk's CEO Carl Bass a little extra attention from the TSA on his way to MakerFaire Tokyo.  Here's an article about that... We made this as way to demo a few things you can do with our apps, 123D Circuits and 123D Design :  Design…... Listed under: ,
  65. LED Jigsaw Puzzle Light (Acrylic Laser Cut)
    I have always enjoyed the various acrylic laser-cut night lights that others have made. Thinking more about these I thought that it would be great if the night light could also double as a form of entertainment. With this is mind I decided to create…... Listed under:
  66. Time Delay Lock Box
    Note from the author: In an effort to get this ready in time for the safe and secure challenge, I have had to make a few compromises to my box, but that doesn't mean you have to! I have left my original ambitions in the…... Listed under:
  67. Better LED as light sensor
    As a result of the questions from lekirst  on this ible of my hand: LED-as-lightsensor-on-the-arduino/ and the cleaner code made by hansc44 at:  Arduino-Use-LED-as-a-light-sensor/ it was time to come with a better Ible. So here it is. (I didn't solve lekirst's problems yet so she probably is open for suggestions) What is…... Listed under: ,
  68. Arduino Mega-ISP Shield
    Use this shield to re-burn the bootloader for any arduino. You can always make one on a breadboard, but having a shield is great. This is great for people who works with lots of arduinos. You can also use it with AVRDUDE. I will have…... Listed under: ,
  69. DIY Mario Kart Balloon Battle Robots
    There are some projects where you make a functional thing or practical thing. There are some projects where you make a beautiful thing. And then there are projects like this where you decide to slap a razor blade and balloon on some robots and battle…... Listed under:
  70. 5X5 dot matrix on Arduino
    With this you just type the text you want on your computer and your 5x5 dot matrix shows the message. Used: ~25 leds ~Arduino uno ~5x 100ohm resistor ~and a bit of skripting It took me a while to figure this all out but in…... Listed under: ,
  71. Valentines PCB Heart
    With Valentines Day approaching I thought it would be nice to make a project for the people who are special in my life; I thought the people of instructables would probably like it too! I've designed a ~100mm x 100mm or ~4in x 4in PCB…... Listed under:
  72. Input Pullup Serial using Arduino
    This example demonstrates the use of INPUT_PULLUP with pinMode(). It monitors the state of a switch by establishingserial communication between your Arduino and your computer over USB. Additionally, when the input is HIGH, the onboard LED attached to pin 13 will turn on; when LOW, the…... Listed under: ,
  73. The Ultimate Light Switch
    The goal of this instructable is to explain how I made a wifi-connected light switch (also called remotes further). The goal of these remotes is to turn on and off several wifi-connected relays. The relays are not explained in this instructable. They are explained in…... Listed under:
  74. Arduino PMW enabled high power shield or non-shield on the cheap
    Micro controllers are great, but have you ever wanted to control something bigger then, lets say an LED? If you have, look no further (unless you want more then 0.6Amps for 4 channels, or 2.4Amps for 1 channel), unless you don't mind spending more money.…... Listed under:
  75. Easy Very Low Power BLE in Arduino Part 3 – Nano V2 Replacement – Rev 3
    Update: 7th April 2019 – Rev 3 of lp_BLE_TempHumidity, adds Date/Time plots, using pfodApp V3.0.362+, and auto throttling when sending dataUpdate: 24th March 2019 – Rev 2 of lp_BLE_TempHumidity, adds more plot options and i2c_ClearBus, adds GT832E_01 support Introduction This tutorial, A Redbear Nano V2 Replacement, is…... Listed under:
  76. LOG Arduino Sketches 101
    So this Lazy Old Geek (LOG) gets bored sometimes and wants something to do. Actually, sometimes I get tired of trying to solve hardware problems, which are sometimes software problems. So I decided to do a tutorial on Arduino sketches. What is a Sketch? I’m…... Listed under:
  77. DIY Cycle Speedometer
    This project came to my mind when doing my MEM (Mechanical Engineering Measurement) project, a subject in my The idea is to measure the angular velocity of my bicycle's wheel. Thus knowing the diameter and the all time mathematical legend the pi(3.14) the speed can be…... Listed under:
  78. Occupational Therapy Dexterity/Cognitive Aid
    The Need:  Occupational Therapy Device Occupational therapy is used in treating Traumatic Brain Injury during many phases of recovery and rehabilitation. As the patient's condition improves, occupational therapy helps them regain skills ranging from basic self-care, to complex cognitive skills such as memory and problem solving. Occupational therapy can…... Listed under:
  79. Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip
    Everlasting flower for your everlasting love. A perfect not-only Valentine's day gift to your loved one. This mechanical tulip will bloom into any color possible with just gentle touch of your hand. Its six petals will slowly open and light up. When petals are closed…... Listed under:
  80. Rav Vast LED Drum Light
    This project is a small, battery-powered LED ring that fits perfectly inside of your Rav Vast drum. It uses color-changing RGB LEDs and a microphone that allows you to change the color or pattern with changes in volume. You don't need any special skills for the construction…... Listed under:
  81. Mounting a Smapler v0002 step by step
    A Smapler is a circuit dedicated to the production of generative sound created by David Cuartielles and Ino Schlaucher from The Smapler v0002 -aka Singapore edition- is nothing but an Arduino shield to be used for playing funky stereo sounds. As an extra add-on…... Listed under:
  82. Multicolour LED Icosahedron
    A while ago I made a large 20 sided Die. Numerous people wanted me to build them one and since the most difficult part of the project was getting the cutting angles just right, I decided to make another which would allow for more accurate assembly.…... Listed under:
  83. Tide and Weather Clock
    Although you can buy analog tide clocks that have a single hand indicating whether the tide is high or low or somewhere in between, what I wanted was something that would tell me at what time low tide will be. I wanted something I could glance at…... Listed under:
  84. Poduino Case
    The 'Poduino Case'. A protective case for your Arduino (with breadboard work area): I just received my Arduino Duemilanove and breadboard today. After some careful thought, I realized there is no way this thing could possibly survive daily life on my desk. I saw some…... Listed under:
  85. LCD Temperature Shield Assembly Instuctions
    These are assembly instructions for the LCD Temperate Shield with buzzer that i am going to be selling soon. Please note, all the photos are my own, but are of one of my Prototype stage boards, and are subject to change, the production boards WILL…... Listed under:
  86. Arduino Datalogger
    In this tutorial, we're going to make a simple data logger using Arduino. The point is to learn the very basics of using Arduino to capture information and print to the terminal. We can use this basic setup to complete a range of tasks. To…... Listed under:
  87. Catching Your Breath
    We are nation of obsessive counters: of pulse, steps, followers and calories. Most of these numbers mean little as physiology cannot be reduced to these metrics. But we try and I wondered how do we count a breath? Remember the cinematic days before hospital demise…... Listed under:
  88. Light and Water Reactive Raincoat
    This semester at college, I am in a class called Computing and Craft which is about incorporating circuitry and micro-controllers and craft to bring our projects to the next level. For our first big project, I decided to make a raincoat the reacted to light and water.…... Listed under: ,
  89. Dutch 8×8 Word Clock
    I know that I am not the first to make a word clock, using an Arduino. Still it was always something on my 'to do' list to make a Dutch one. For a different project I've bought a 'colorduino / rainbowduino / funduino' a long…... Listed under:
  90. Arduino 101
    To get started with Arduino, you'll need some basics. In this tutorial, we'll go beyond a little blinky light and teach you about: VariablesInput and Output pinsSensors and reading dataMapping resultsFunctions In another tutorial, I'll cover classes and why we might use them. But, we…... Listed under:
    Hi makers, we are here again with a beautiful and stylish lamp Project. VORONOI HEART LAMP. In this project, we benefited from epoxy resin material and 3D printer. Step 1: What Is VORONOI ? In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a…... Listed under:
  92. Getting your Nokia 5110 LCD up and running on an Arduino
    We purchased one of these very cheap, very cool 84×84 LCD backlit screens off of eBay a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very nice product for adding visual elements to your projects at a very low price. We paid £3.89 for the screen and…... Listed under: ,
  93. Motion Activated Automatic LED Stair Lighting With Arduino
    I built this Arduino based automatic LED light controller for a set of poorly lit stairs in our new home. The stairs are quite dangerous - especially at night - but not any more thanks to the Motion Activated Automatic LED Stair Lighting with Arduino…... Listed under:
  94. Hidden light control using Arduino
    I’ve bought recently some cheap dual axis magnetic sensors at SureElectronics (, I’ve tried first to use them as straight compass. Annoying problem : it’s impossible to accurately compensate the tilt of the sensor without using a gyro sensor. On the other end, if you stay on…... Listed under: , ,
  95. Arduino Powered Mushroom Environment Control
    This is my first Arduino project aimed at helping me with my other hobby which is growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms indoors. In a nutshell, the controller takes in two temperature readings, 1 Humidity reading and 1 Co2 reading and triggers a set of four…... Listed under: ,
  96. Motion Control Slider for Time Lapse Rail
    This instructable explains how to motorize a time lapse rail using a step motor driven by an Arduino. We will mainly focus on the Motion Controller that drives the step motor assuming you already have a rail you want to motorize. For example when dismantling a machine…... Listed under:
  97. Diorama, Bat in the cave using Arduino
    The purpose of this instructable is to outline our development of this bat in the cave as well as provide instructions and tips for future engineers hoping to complete a similar project or use components of our project in theirs. The goal of this project…... Listed under: ,
  98. Keyfob Deadbolt using an Arduino Board
    The key to my apartment never worked quite right because it is a copy of a copy of a copy. I am fairly certain that the dead bolt is original to the building and the property manager seems to have lost the original key years…... Listed under: ,
  99. LED Candle – Lights, Flickers, Blows Out, Smokes, and Smells
    About This Candle & How to Read This Instructable Here's my take on a LED candle that offers the full experience of a real candle. Start to finish. Be sure to watch the YouTube video below! Background: I bought my first Arduino about 3 years ago with…... Listed under:
  100. Clock, Amplifier and a Little Amount of Wood…
    The beginning of the project came from an idea, an inspiration from a video posted on the Internet on the YouTube channel "I like to do things" ... Then came the need to make a stand for one of my monitors that housed a clock,…... Listed under:
  101. Arduino LifeClock
    This unique clock reminds you to appreciate every single day, by displaying your current age in days (or weeks) on a seven segment display. Step 1: You Will Need Electronics: Arduino Pro Mini 5V (or any other arduino with >= 12 GPIO Pins)4 Digit 7…... Listed under:
  102. HRV (Home Air Exchanger) Arduino Controller With Air Economizer
    HRV Arduino Controller with Air Economizer So my history with this project is I live in Minnesota and my circuit board fried on my LifeBreath 155Max HRV. I didn't want to pay the $200 for a new one. I always wanted something with an air…... Listed under:
  103. DIY Cheap and Sturdy Laser Engraver.
    In this instructables I will show you how I made my own DIY laser engraver for very cheap. Also most of the parts are either salvaged from old things or are very cheap. This is a very interesting project for any electronics hobbyist. This engraver…... Listed under:
  104. Wireless Bell System
    The problem that fix this project is the following: at the high school where I work, the class-change bell doesn´t sound loud enough everywhere and sometimes it causes some problems. Install a new wired class-change bells or buy a wireless bell system isn´t possible by…... Listed under:
  105. Dutch 8×8 Neopixel Word Clock
    A friend introduced me to neopixels (WS2812) programmable LED's. That would be great for my word clock, so I re-did the clock. It is very much a mixup with a slightly different size and code. The 8x8 WS2812 modules are also cheaper than the colorduino,…... Listed under:
  106. Portal 2 Turret – Master Turret Control
    This project is an extension or remix of my original Portal Turret on Instructables (Portal-2-Turret-Gun). It can also be used as a cheap controller to control anything that uses the nRF24L01 radio chip. The LCD screen is particularly useful when customizing. (It turns out…... Listed under:
  107. Cooperative Multitasking on Arduino – With Pretty Blinky Lights!
    In my first Instructable Motion Activated Automatic LED Stair Lights with Arduino I mentioned the use of "Cooperative Multitasking". So what is it and why is it helpful? This Instructable attempts to answer the "what is it" and "why is it helpful" question with a simple example…... Listed under:
  108. Ring of Fire [REMIX] After building some of these: i've decided to bring the candle onto another level. While the first one looks good, it does look a little bit too much like the original. Nothing against the first design. It looks cool and modern. My new…... Listed under:
  109. For Newbies at Arduino Programming: Telling the Direction of Fire in 3 Seconds WITH PIXEL LIGHTS!
    During my high-school sophomore year, the 3rd floor of our house lighted on fire due to a short circuit. Fortunately, my family was away on vacation for Christmas. But if we were home, wouldn't it be crucial to tell the direction of fire quickly so…... Listed under:
  110. The Chug-O-Meter
    Isn’t it nice when you can hit two birds with one stone? That’s exactly what we’ve done as we approach both Arduino Day and Saint Patrick’s Day with our version of the Chug-O-Meter! We absolutely loved what the team did with their Chug Meter…... Listed under:
  111. Smart Coffee Table
    We are in the joy of making a project that has been in our mind for a long time and sharing with you. Smart Coffee Table. Because this table is really smart. It illuminates your environment according to the weight of your drink. Step…... Listed under:
  112. IoT Based Fingerprint Attendance System Using Evive (Arduino Based Embedded Platform)
    Now, you can easily track attendance and clock working hours with the help of this easy and fun to make DIY fingerprint scanner! We’ll be using ThingSpeak to store and retrieve the data. All you require is a cardboard piece, some colored paper, a fingerprint…... Listed under:
  113. Motion Sensing Under Bed Lighting
    Ever tried to get out of bed quietly at night only to trip over something and wake up the whole house? Motion sensing night lights installed discreetly under your bed provide low-level light bright enough to guide you around those stray LEGO bricks but dim…... Listed under:
  114. DIY Mini CNC Laser Engraver. This is an Instructables on how I Remixed my old CNC Laser engraver and made a Stable version of an Arduino based Laser CNC engraver and thin paper cutter using old DVD drives and using 250mW laser. Old Version of My CNC : Old…... Listed under:
  115. How to Make a Picoballoon What is a picoballoon and why would I want to build it?! I hear you ask. Let me explain. You all probably know what a HAB (High Altitude Balloon) is. It's a bunch of weird electronics stuff connected to a balloon. There are soooo many tutorials regarding…... Listed under:
  116. The Ultimate Guide to Building a Quadcopter From Scratch
    This project started all the way back when I was in 6th grade and completely new to electronics, when I thought to myself, "Hey, let's build a shouldn't be that hard......right?" Yea, guess what, it's hard. Almost 4 years later, this project is coming…... Listed under:
  117. Ikea Kids Kitchen Lights Mod
    For my daughters second birthday, we decided to get her a kitchen set. But I really wanted to make what we got her special and after being inspired by what some awesome makers had done with the Ikea Duktig Kitchen, we decided to get one…... Listed under:
  118. YouTube Subscriber Counter Bubble Machine The idea was born after being selected to expose at Maker Faire Lille, a giant event around Science, inventions and the Do-It-Yourself mindset. I wanted to build something that makes visitors want to subscribe to my YouTube channel YouLab.I quickly though about a real…... Listed under:
  119. Arduino TFT Interfacing Basics
    TFT touchscreens are the amazing graphical interface which can be used with microcontrollers such as Atmel, PIC, STM, as it has a wide color range, and good graphical ability and a good mapping of pixels. Today, we are going to Interface 2.4 inch TFT LCD…... Listed under:
  120. DIY Arduino Mini Laser Engraver
    Hello Guys Whatsup, In this instructable, I am making an Awesome mini laser engraver from old DVD writers. It's an amazing machine. You can use this laser engraver machine to make any kind of design, logo, art on the surface like WOOD, MDF, PLYWOOD, VNYL…... Listed under:
  121. Persistence of Vision (PoV) Display Using Arduino
    Time for a fun-filled, easy-peasy Japan-easy to make a project! Today, we’re going to show you how to make an LED POV Display. POV, an acronym for the persistence of vision, is a kind of optical illusion in which a visual image seems to persist…... Listed under:
  122. Arduino Based Wireless (RF) Weather Station Network
    In this DIY guide I will show you how to make your own wireless weather station! My communication protocol will allow you to have up to 10 sensor stations in your wireless network, but you can change and extend it up to 254 stations! The…... Listed under:
  123. PasswordPump Passwords Manager
    This is v1.0 of the PasswordPump, a USB device that manages credentials for up to 254 accounts. Credentials (account names, usernames and passwords) are stored ONLY on the device itself, on two removable EEprom chips using military grade encryption (AES-128). They are not stored in…... Listed under:
  124. Desktop Gigapixel Microscope In optical microscopes, there is a fundamental trade-off between field-of-view and resolution: the finer the detail, the smaller the region imaged by the microscope. One way to overcome this limitation is to translate the sample and acquire images over a larger field-of-view. The basic…... Listed under:
  125. ESP32 Capacitive Touch Input Using “Metallic Hole Plugs” for Buttons As I was finalizing design decisions for an upcoming ESP32 WiFi Kit 32 based project requiring three button input, one noticeable problem was that the WiFi Kit 32 does not possess a single mechanical pushbutton, yet alone three mechanical buttons, for input. However, the…... Listed under:
  126. Electronic Magic 8 Ball and Eyeball I wanted to create a digital version of the Magic 8 Ball... The body of this is 3D printed and the display has been changed from an polyhedron in blue dye to a small OLED controlled by a random number generator programmed…... Listed under:
  127. Stroboscopic Fountain
    For our SIDE project, a year long project that we do for Ms. Berbawy's Principles of Engineering class, we decided to make a stroboscopic fountain. The stroboscopic effect, pioneered by Harold Edgerton, makes objects appear as though they are moving in slow motion. How does…... Listed under:
  128. Arduino Bluetooth Camera
    Today you can hardly surprise anyone with a mobile phone with a camera, wireless gadgets and other technical advances. Thanks to the Arduino platform, millions of people have discovered the wonderful world of electronics and programming. 100,500 instructions were written on how to exchange data…... Listed under:
  129. Simple Arduino RGB LED Cube (3x3x3) I´ve been looking into LED Cubes and noticed that most of them were either to complicated or to expensive. After looking at a lot of different cubes, I finally decided that my LED Cube should be: easy and simple to buildaffordablevery stylish and extravagant…... Listed under:
  130. Doggo Walking Light
    Walking a dog in the dark comes with the safety risk of motorists who don't see you walking, we've had a few close shaves with drivers turning quickly into or backing out of driveways or when crossing road intersections. So why not illuminate your favorite…... Listed under:
  131. Using a LED Matrix As a Scanner Ordinary digital cameras work by using a large array of light sensors to capture light as it is reflected from an object. In this experiment, I wanted to see whether I could build a backwards camera: instead of having an array of light sensors,…... Listed under:
  132. Turn a Commodore 64 Into an IOS Bluetooth Keyboard
    This instructable describes how to turn a Commodore 64 computer into a bluetooth keyboard. It involves programming a micro controller with the Arduino IDE and constructing a circuit board. Supplies you'll need (some are optional): Commodore 64 with keyboard (remove mother board, it is not…... Listed under:
  133. Model Railway Layout With Automated Passing Siding (V2.0)
    This project is an update of one of the previous model railroad automation projects, The Model Railway Layout with Automated Siding. This version adds the feature of coupling and decoupling of the locomotive with the rolling stock. The operation of the railway layout is as follows:…... Listed under:
  134. Vacuum Fluorescent Display Watch
    That whole project started a while back with an hackaday article from 2014 in which [Johngineer] build the 'ChronodeVFD', a wristwatch made from an old soviet vacuum fluorescent display. It kind of triggered the 'shut up and take my money' reflex in me, but as it wasn't…... Listed under:
  135. Motion Follow Animatronics Eyes This Arduino project uses an Optical Flow Sensor (ADNS3080) to capture movement. Then translate the data to move servo's making it look as eyes are following moving object. This is not an easy build. It requires 3d printing, soldering, some general technical understanding and…... Listed under:
    Hello, Guys! In this instructable tutorial, I'm going to make an Arduino nano based smartphone (Bluetooth) controlled car. All we know that Arduino is an excellent prototyping platform, principally because it uses a friendly programming language and there are a lot of extra incredible components…... Listed under:
  137. BotTender BotTender, a bartender assistant that pours the perfect shot! BotTender is an autonomous robot that is designed with the aim of automatising bars. It is placed on top of the bar and detects the shot glasses in front of it. Once the glasses are…... Listed under:
  138. Magic Feeler The project conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program. A Project by: ShuChuan Yao, Jeongwoo Jang, Zijie Tan Arduino UnoServo Motors x4fishing wirespins (cotton buds stem, thread rod, toothpick)Gyro Sensor9V BatteryPretty Scarf/Bandanna Do you ever…... Listed under:
  139. The Moral Compass
    The project conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program and was brought to you by Vanessa Costalonga, James Hayward and Christo van der Hoven. Have you ever doubted the choices that you make? Have you ever…... Listed under:
  140. DIY LED-photometer With Arduino for Physics or Chemistry Lessons
    Liquids or other objects appear colored because theyreflect or transmit certain colors and in turn swallow (absorb) others. With a so-called photometer, those colors (wavelengths) can be determined, which are absorbed by liquids. The basic principle is simple: with a LED of a certain color…... Listed under:
  141. Arcade Button MIDI Keyboard
    This is a version 2.0 of one of my first forays into Arduino and DIY MIDI programming. I've developed my skills in prototyping and design so I thought it would be a good demonstration of process and progression. With a more informed design process I…... Listed under:
  142. Tilt Compensated Compass This instructable explains how to make a tilt compensated compass using an Arduino UNO R3, an LCD display, and an IvenSense MPU-9250 multi-chip-module that contains an MPU-6050 accelerometer / gyro and an AK8963 magnetometer within the same package. The LCD simultaneously displays the Heading,…... Listed under:
  143. Automatic Gate Slider Under $100
    Over the summer, my dad motivated me to look into buying a gate automation system and setting it up. So I started my research and looked into package solutions on AliExpress and local vendors. The local vendors were offering complete solutions including installation for >…... Listed under:
  144. Animated Word Clock
    Build your own Word Clock with an animated display. This is a simple project uses an Arduino Nano, Color LEDs and includes a stylish 3D Printed Case. The Word Clock has three animated patterns- Matrix style - Typewriter Style - Rainbow Color The three buttons…... Listed under:
  145. New Wireless IOT Sensor Layer for Home Environmental Monitoring System
    This Instructable describes a lower-cost, battery-powered wireless IOT sensor layer for my earlier Instructable: LoRa IOT Home Environmental Monitoring System. If you haven't already viewed this earlier Instructable, I recommend reading the introduction for an overview of the capabilities of the system which are now extended…... Listed under:
  146. Arduino RC Robot Description A durable, 3D printed, remote controlled Arduino based robot with several hundred meters range. A modular quick-connect motor scheme lets you rapidly prototype different robot designs without any tools. Perfect for robotics education for kids. Whats it all about? So you've just started…... Listed under:
  147. EqualAir: Wearable NeoPixel Display Triggered by Air Pollution Sensor The aim of the project is to make a wearable t-shirt that displays an evocative graphic when air pollution is above a set threshold. The graphic is inspired by the classic game "brick breakers", in that the car is like a paddle which spits…... Listed under:
  148. DIY RGB-LED Glow Poi With Remote Control
    Introduction Hello Everyone!This is my first guide and (hopefully) the first one in a series of guides on my quest to create an open-source RGB-LED visual poi. To keep it simple first, this is going to result in a simple led-poi featuring remote control via…... Listed under:
  149. Arduino-controlled DIY Coffee Roaster
    In this Instructable we will have a look at modifying a hot-air popcorn machine to turn it into a fully automatic and temperature-controlled home coffee roaster. Roasting coffee at home is surprisingly simple, and even something as basic as a frying pan can do the…... Listed under:
  150. Low Cost Bioprinter
    The goal of this project is to develop a low-cost bioprinter to make bioprinting more accessible to research institutions. Currently, low-end bioprinters cost approximately $10,000 while high-end bioprinters cost approximately $170,000. In contrast, our printer can be built for approximately $375. Supplies: Parts: Ramps 1.4:…... Listed under:
  151. Super Stylish Automatic Cat Feeder Jojo is a super handsome cat.I love him in every aspect, except he keeps waking me up everyday 4am in the morning for his food, so it's time to get an automatic cat feeder to save my sleep. However, he is so handsome that…... Listed under:
  152. Raft Bird Repeller
    In this project I will show you how to build a solar-powered Raft Bird Repeller that will get rid of those pesky birds that poop on your raft. Step 1: Intro If you have ever been on a raft, you know just how relaxing…... Listed under:
  153. Motion Tracking Face Meet Chartreuse! Chartreuse's face follows you when you walk by. When she sees you, her eyes turn yellow and she gets a happy expression in her eyes. As you walk away, her eyes change to blue and she sadly turns away. Chartreuse is powered…... Listed under:
  154. Project Small Car
    This car was made as a creative activity for students from Erazmus project. The Small Car celebrated big succes. So I've decided to share this small, unassuming and yet very educative project with community. It's ideal to entertain students, for instance during public open day…... Listed under:
  155. Steam Linked Display Shelf
    Back Story My brother has Funko POP figures that represent his characters that his friends play most often in video games. We thought that it would be cool if they had a display case that would have LEDs in it to represent their status on…... Listed under:
  156. Arduino Water Cycle Diorama We'll be making a diorama presenting the water cycle, using Arduino and some motors to add movement and lighting. It has a school feel - because it is actually a school project! The presentation scenario is this: The sun rises in the morning [One…... Listed under:
  157. Rug With Sensors/ RF Communication With Arduino Micro
    I recently finished the installation Equally diverse, which is made of a series of lamps that react to the sensors placed in a rug underneath the lamps.Here is how I made the rug with pressure sensors.I hope you will find it useful. 🙂 Step 1:…... Listed under:
  158. Home Presence Simulator and Security Control Device
    This project allow us to simulate presence and to detect movements in our home. We can configure a network of devices installed in differents rooms of our home all of them controlled by a main device. This project combines these features on a single device (PICTURE 1):…... Listed under:
  159. Old Man and the Arduino GPS
    So this Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) hasn’t been able to do an Instructable for a few years. At 70 years old, the brain doesn’t work as well as it used to and it’s hard to focus on big projects let alone try to write about…... Listed under:
  160. Tim’s Cybot Arduino NANO Remote Control
    This project is to create an Infrared Remote Control to control the Original Cybot received with the magazine Ultimate Real Robots, started back in 2001. Reason for making the remote:(a little history) Before the issue of the parts for the IR handset, Cybot was put…... Listed under:
  161. Condensation Risk Evaluator
    Hi everyone, I work as a builder even though I've been always really interested in new technologies. I've learned a little about 3d printing, Arduino and electronic issues reading a lot. I visit this web regularly so I would like to make my little contribution.…... Listed under:
  162. Adaptable Sun Visor Cap
    The project conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program. The sun blinds you and you have no hand free? No problem anymore... Here you can find all the important information to build your own adaptable sun visor cap.…... Listed under:
  163. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to SMD Soldering Alright so soldering is pretty straightforward for through-hole components, but then there are times when you need to go tiny *insert ant-man reference here*, and the skills you learnt for TH soldering just dont apply anymore.Welcome to the world of Surface Mount Device (SMD)…... Listed under:
  164. PKE Meter Geiger Counter I have been wanting to build a Geiger counter for a long time to complement my Peltier Cooled Cloud Chamber. There is (hopefully) not really much useful purpose in owning a Geiger counter but I just love the old Russian tubes and thought it would…... Listed under:
  165. Tabletop Pinball Machine Using Evive- Arduino Based Embedded Plaform
    Another weekend, another exciting game! And this time, it’s none other than everybody’s favorite arcade game - Pinball! This project will show you how to make your very own Pinball machine easily at home. All you’d need are components from the evive Starter Kit, some…... Listed under:
  166. Arduino Decoration
    There’s a lot of night lamps outside, but they can’t customize to your favorite color. So, this project is to make a night lamp that you can choose your favorite color. Step 1: Step One: Electronics Needed Here are the electronics you need to make…... Listed under:
  167. Body-ultrasound Sonography With Arduino
    My hobby and passion is to realize physics projects. One of my last work is about ultrasonic sonography. As always I tried to make it as simple as possible with parts you can get on ebay or aliexpress. So let's take a look how far…... Listed under:
  168. The “Flute” of Imitation As one of the top ten common instruments played worldwide, the amount of beginners studying the flute comes in quite a quantity. While The "Flute" of Imitation does not train one’s breath control, the “instrument” concentrates on the fundamental fingerings, crucial to familiarize…... Listed under:
    Today I will share following topics base on a bicolor matrix led 32x32: D.I.Y a bicolor led matrix 32x32.How to control led board above with NodeMCU ESP8266 via B.A.M method.Introduce and share my code for some cool real time clock projects with this bicolor led…... Listed under:
  170. 10 Million YouTube Subscribers Award LED PCB Summary This PCB (Printed Circuit Board) resembles the YouTube Play Button award that is given out to creators for reaching certain milestones such as 100,000, 1 million, and 10 million subscribers. When the switch is turned on, the user can scroll through 5 different…... Listed under:
  171. Key Safe During weekdays, I seldom bring my key out, but this causes difficulty when my mother left the house. By having no other choices, my mom has to leave the key inside the cabinet beside the door, which has no guarantee of whether the key…... Listed under:
  172. Iron Man’s Arc Reactor That Pulses With Your Heart Beat There are lot of DIY arc reactors out there that look pretty cool. Some look realistic too. But why build something that just looks like that thing and does not do anything. Well, this arc reactor is not going to protect your heart using…... Listed under:
  173. CloudyData – ESP8266 to Google Sheets Made Simple
    I've been looking for cloud data storing for a long time during last years: it is interesting to monitor data from any kind of sensor, but it is more interesting if these data are available everywhere without any storage difficulty such as using SD cards…... Listed under:
  174. Secure IOT With AWS and Hornbill ESP32 Using Arduino.
    Security of connected devices is of paramount concern. There are several possible ways to make the devices secure. One of the most essential and widely used options is to use end to end encryption. The widely used Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 is the…... Listed under:
  175. ISS Globe- Blinks When the ISS Passes Overhead Howdy! If you are interested in astronomy and always look up at the stars and not down at your feet, you'll surely know the ISS. The ISS or The International Space Station revolves around the earth around 16 times per day. Being an aerospace…... Listed under:
  176. VFD Alarm Clock
    IV-27M Alarm Clock Project date: March 2019 – May 2019 Overview After the successful completion of the XIV Nixie Clock which was Direct/Static Driven, I was keen to start work on a new clock which was based on the Multiplexing(Dynamic) or “MUX” principle of operation,…... Listed under:
  177. Totally Lit – Programmable RGB LED Acrylic Sign Been playing around with the laser cutter/engraver, and really fell in love with engraving in to clear acrylic and shining a light source from the edge. The thickness of the acrylic being used is a .25" sheet, which cuts really cleanly by the laser…... Listed under:
  178. Portable Luxmeter
    This project is about making portable luxmeter. It can be used in schools, where children can measure different kinds of light sources.Functions: 1. measure intensity of light in lux. 2. calculate solar irradiation from lux to watts/m2 (factor 112) 3. charging battery using USB port…... Listed under:
  179. DIY Arduino Starter Kit Shield
    In this guide I will show you how to make your own Arduino learning shield. This learning shield can be useful at schools, universities and to everyone that want to start dealing with the Arduino. With this shield you will learn how to read the…... Listed under:
  180. Dev Board Breadboard
    This Instructables show how to create a tailor-made breadboard for dev board. Step 1: Current Breadboard Breadboard (solderless breadboards) is a very import component for prototyping of electronics. It can help you test the circuit before soldering it. Since the connection not require soldering, after…... Listed under:
  181. Portable Arduino Bot
    Over the years, I have built many robotic projects and most of it run by an Arduino so let me explain a little bit about this amazing technology. Arduino is a microcontroller board, has up to 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be…... Listed under:
  182. The E.M.F.Meter
    Hello, fellow Makers! In this instructable, I will be discussing my newest and most versatile tool for edcuation: the E.M.F. Meter. This instructable will be covering a lot of steps involving Arduino and Raspberry Pi software. Although resources will be provided, please make sure you…... Listed under:
  183. Betta Fish Feeder
    I'm setting up a betta fish tank and wanted to make an automatic fish feeder so he never misses a meal. I've seen other DIY fish feeders that just shake a container but I wanted to be able to precisely control how much food he'll…... Listed under:
  184. Cyclone(Arduino LED Game)
    In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create an LED game with very little code or experience! I had this idea for a while and finally got around to creating it. It's a fun game that reminds us all of the arcade games.…... Listed under:
  185. How to Make an Arduino Weather Station With DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    Recently I started playing around with DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor, at that time around, I had an idea to make a small yet effective Weather Station, so in this project inscructable, we will use the DHT11 sensor from the previous tutorial and turn it…... Listed under:
  186. DIY Smart Dustbin With Arduino
    Here we will make a Smart Dustbin by using arduino and ultrasonic sensor.I hope you guys enjoy learning this project. Supplies: Arduino UnoUltrasonic SensorServo MotorDustbin Step 1: Preparing the Opening Take a plastic sheet and cut fraw a circle with the help of dustbin and…... Listed under:
  187. DIY Givi V56 Motorcycle Topbox Light Kit With Integrated Signals As a motorcycle rider, I'm all too familiar with being treated like I'm invisible on the road. One thing I always add to my bikes is a top box which usually has an integrated light. I recently upgraded to a new bike and bought…... Listed under:
  188. Color Instrument
    This a simple Arduino/3D printing project about colors and sounds. I made this device or as I call it ‘color instrument’ for activity for kids. It’s fun and it’s a good conversation starter about physics of colors and sound. The most interesting fact about colors,…... Listed under:
  189. Air Quality Sensor: Concept to Production
    This is the full documentation of the Autodesk University Air Quality Sensor project. Attendees at several events have participated in assembling their own air quality sensor over the past several months. The Concept to Production page will give you more information on how you can use Fusion…... Listed under:
  190. TTGO T-Watch This instructables show how to start playing with TTGO T-Watch. Step 1: What Is TTGO T-Watch? TTGO T-Watch is watch shape ESP32 based development kit. 16 MB flash and 8 MB PSRAM both are top specification. It also built-in a 240x240 IPS LCD, touch…... Listed under:
  191. FM Radio Recently, I came across RDA5807 module which is an FM Radio Tuner in a very tiny package. It is very cheap and uses I2C protocol for communication which means that only two wires will be required to talk to the IC. Less wiring! My mom used…... Listed under:
  192. Cowboy Toy – Arduino Laser Target
    In the lesson I will show you how I made a toy on arduino that will suit beginners. If you start working with sensors, then this toy will suit you as a homemade product. Step 1: Watch the Video Step 2: Material: - plywood…... Listed under:
  193. Bicycle Speedometer Display
    What Is It? As the name suggests, in this project you will learn how to create a display for your bike that consists of both a speedometer and an odometer. Indicating real time speed and distance travelled. The total cost of this project comes to around 15 USD (not including the…... Listed under:
  194. Alexa Controlled Dog Feeder
    This is our dog Bailey. She's part Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog so sometimes she's smarter than her own good, especially when it comes to telling time and knowing when she should be eating dinner. Typically, we try to feed her around 6 PM…... Listed under:
  195. Crocodile Solar Pool Sensor
    This instructable shows how to build a rather special pool sensor measuring the pool temperature and transmitting it via WiFi to Blynk App and to a MQTT broker. I call it the "Crocodile Solar Pool Sensor".It uses the Arduino programming environment and an ESP8266 board (Wemos…... Listed under:
  196. Monster Catcher Night Light This nightlight doubles as a trap to catch monsters under the bed! Before you go to sleep at night, place it under your bed and it will catch any monster under there. It even keeps a light on all night to make sure new…... Listed under:
  197. Escape Room Decoder Box
    Escape Rooms are awesomely fun activities which are highly engaging and great for teamwork. Have you ever thought about creating your own Escape Room? Well with this decoder box you can be well on your way! Even better have you thought about using escape rooms…... Listed under:
  198. Weather Based Music Generator (ESP8266 Based Midi Generator)
    Hi, today I'll explain how to make your own little Weather based Music generator. It's based on an ESP8266, which is kind of like an Arduino, and it responds to temperature, rain and light intensity. Don't expect it to make entire songs or chord progressions.…... Listed under:
  199. MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix Assembly and Testing A Dot-Matrix Display is a display device which contains light emitting diodes aligned in the form of matrix.This Dot matrix displays are used in applications where Symbol, Graphic, Characters, Alphabets, Numerals are need to be displayed together in static as well as Scrolling motion.Dot Matrix Display…... Listed under:
  200. Popsicle Stick Robotic Arm Here's how to build a simple robotic arm with a gripper using popsicle sticks, an Arduino, and a few servos. Supplies: Feel free to use similar materials or whatever you already have. (e.g. cardboard instead of popsicle sticks) Materials: 14 Popsicle Sticks4 Micro Servos…... Listed under:
  201. B-Safe, the Portable Safe The problem Imagine this: You wake up one morning and the weather is real good. You want to go to the beach.Because you don't live too close to the beach, you take your car. To pay for the parkingat the beach, you use your…... Listed under:
  202. Arduino MIDI Chiptune Synthesizer
    Relive the fun of early computer game music with an authentic 8-bit chiptune synthesizer, which you can control over MIDI from the comfort of any modern DAW software. This simple circuit uses an Arduino to drive an AY-3-8910 programmable sound generator chip (or one of its many…... Listed under:
  203. Infinity Gauntlet Controlled Home Automation In my previous project i have made an infinity gauntlet that control a light switch. I wanted to use six stones and each stone can control appliance, door lock, or lighting.So, I made a home automation system using infinity gauntlet. In this project I used…... Listed under:
    Today I will share how to make a WIFI JOYSTICK from an ESP8266 and 4 ways industrial joystick. It can be integrated into the factory's automation system or be used for smart home control. The mentioned control systems are PLCs and the specific case that…... Listed under:
  205. Save Water & Money With the Shower Water Monitor
    Which uses more water - a bath or a shower? I was recently thinking about this question, and I realized that I don't actually know how much water is used when I shower. I know when I'm in the shower sometimes my mind wanders, thinking…... Listed under:
  206. Inverted Pendulum: Control Theory and Dynamics The inverted pendulum is a classic problem in dynamics and control theory that is generally elaborated in high-school and undergraduate physics or math courses. Being a math and science enthusiast myself, I decided to try and implement the concepts that I learned during my classes to…... Listed under:
  207. Arduino Magnetometer
    What are we building? Humans can't detect magnetic fields, but we use devices that rely on magnets all the time. Motors, compasses, rotation sensors, and wind turbines, for example, all require magnets for operation. This tutorial describes how to build an Arduino based magnetometer that…... Listed under:
  208. Arduino Watch Core This instructables show how to use a square color display and Arduino dev board build a watch core. This will cover the topics of dev board selection, display selection, extra modules selection, UI design, performance tuning and power saving. Note: I have prototyped some…... Listed under:
  209. Arduino Fireflies One of the things I look forward to with summers in Pennsylvania are fireflies in my backyard. I recently taught myself Adruino programming for the purpose of making this simple project. It's a great program to start with and is easy enough for any…... Listed under:
  210. Unsafe Noise Level Alert System
    The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK) is the largest makerspace at Rice University, providing a space for all students to design and prototype solutions to real-world challenges. To serve this purpose, the OEDK houses a number of power tools and large machinery that produce loud,…... Listed under:
  211. How to Make a Self-Watering IoT Planter With a Mason Jar and an ESP32!
    Introduction: On one of my weekly pilgrimages to Lowes (as any devout Kansan does), I found a sad little plant in the Gardening Department: a Janet Craig Compacta. The poor little guy looked lonely and dehydrated. We clicked right away and immediately I knew I…... Listed under:
  212. The Brachistochrone Curve The brachistochrone curve is a classic physics problem, that derives the fastest path between two points A and B which are at different elevations. Although this problem might seem simple it offers a counter-intuitive result and thus is fascinating to watch. In this instructables one will…... Listed under:
    I have in my hand a distance laser sensor with high precision and speed. It is used in industrial environments for object positioning or detection applications. According to technical documents, I found it can communicate with other devices via RS485. I spent the weekend to…... Listed under:
  214. Flip-It! – the World’s Dumbest Game? Origins: This is a game I developed over a couple of years 2018-2019 It was originally called "Stupid Flip" and came out of my interest in creating simple and fun interactive games that could also be used for teaching coding. This is about the…... Listed under:
  215. Alaska Datalogger
    Alaska is on the edge of advancing climate change. Its unique position of having a fairly untouched landscape populated with a variety of coal mine canaries enables a lot of research possibilities. Our friend Monty is an Archaeologist who helps with camps for kids in…... Listed under:
  216. Arduino Watch
    This Instructables show how to make a Arduino Watch from Arduino Watch Core. Step 1: Preparation Arduino Dev Board This time I am using Sparkfun Pro Micro 3.3 V 8 MHz dev board. Watch Display This time I am using a ST7789 1.3" IPS LCD. Lipo…... Listed under:
  217. Motion Controlled Pong Video Game
    i'm MrWaffelXD and today I want you to show how to make a motion controlled Pong game. In this guide you learn, how to programm your own Pong and how to make a distance-controller, which you can use by moving your hand. But first: What is…... Listed under:
  218. DIY Geiger Counter With an ESP8266 and a Touchscreen I designed and built a Geiger Counter - a device that can detect ionizing radiation and warn its user of dangerous ambient radiation levels with the all-too-familiar clicking noise. It can also be used when scouting for minerals to see if the rock you…... Listed under:
  219. E-dice – Arduino Die/dice 1 to 6 Dice + D4, D5, D8, D10, D12, D20, D24 and D30 This is a simple arduino project to make a electronic die. It is possible to choose for 1 to 6 dice or 1 out of 8 special dice. Choice is made by simply turning a rotary encoder. These are the features: 1 die: showing…... Listed under:
    In this project, we will be making a benchtop pH meter using the gravity analog pH circuit and probe from Atlas Scientific and an Arduino Uno. Readings will be displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD). MATERIALS 1 - Arduino Uno1 - Gravity analog pH sensor1 - pH…... Listed under:
  221. Simple Automated Point to Point Model Railroad Running Two Trains
    Arduino microcontrollers are a great way of automating model railroad layouts due to their low-cost availability, open-source hardware and software and a large community to help you. For model railroads, Arduino microcontrollers can prove to be a great resource for automating their layouts in a…... Listed under:
  222. Berry Racer – a Game Programmed in Arduino and Played on a Custom PCB Berry Racer is a game that I came up with and programmed using Arduino's Software. The game is run on a Teensy microcontroller which is connected through a custom PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to a Screen, a Joystick, four buttons, and a piezo speaker.…... Listed under:
  223. Playing Chess Against Arduino
    This project has been developed with the “Games” contest in my mind, I hope you’ll like it and give your vote 🙂 The idea of this project is quite simple. I want to simulate as many board games as possible using a simple electronic assembly.…... Listed under:
  224. DIY Low Cost Air Hockey Table A professional air hockey setup is usually available only in arcades due to the sophisticated systems that are required to operate it. Our goal was to build a DIY air hockey table, bringing this gaming experience at home. By using commonly available materials we…... Listed under:
  225. The ‘Do More’ Timer, Inspired by Casey Neistat Summer, the lovely season when things happen. But sometimes we tend to forget the time. So to remind us the time left , I designed this Casey Neistat's 'Do More' DIY arduino driven timer which can be programmed to display the time left from…... Listed under:
  226. Upright Laser Harp Laser harps are musical devices with laser beam "strings." When the beam is blocked, a note is played by the instrument. Usually laser harps have the beams travel vertically in the shape of a fan or vertical lines. In this project, I built a…... Listed under:
  227. Creating a Physical Game Controller
    When the Nintendo Wii was launched players were encouraged, nay required, to leave the sofa and jump, dance, and jiggle in order to score points in their game of choice. While there is a steep learning curve in building for the Wii, it is easy…... Listed under:
  228. 3D Printed Arduino RC Airboat With Controller
    This is a project that combines the knowledge of 3D printing and Arduino. It is a good beginners project for anyone interested in making their own RC boat or just interested in using 3D printing and Arduino for their own creations. Supplies: Look at step…... Listed under:
  229. Magic Button 4k: the 20USD BMPCC4k Wireless Remote Control Many people have asked me to share some details about my wireless controller for the BMPCC4k. Most questions were about the bluetooth control, so I'll mention a few details about that. I am assuming you are familiar with the ESP32 Arduino environment. This version…... Listed under:
  230. Smart Power Strip With Cayenne Cloud This instructable shows how you can build your own easy or simple DIY Internet-connected Smart Power Strip to control Electrical Appliances from remotely.You can also automate the daily repetitive task with scheduling feature, so the appliance will automatically be turned on and off on…... Listed under:
  231. SteamPunk Radio
    This project is without doubt the most complex I have undertaken, with sixteen IV-11 VFD tubes, two Arduino Mega cards, ten LED Neon light circuits, a servo, an electromagnet, two MAX6921AWI IC Chips, five DC power supplies, a HV power supply, two DC Volt meters,…... Listed under:
  232. FS-Touch Bed Levelling Tool Tired of trying to get the perfect levelled 3D printer bed? Frustrated with guessimating the proper resistance between nozzle and paper? Well, FS-Touch will help you measure this pinching force quantitatively and achieve quick and accurate bed levelling in no time. Features of this bed levelling(proper…... Listed under:
  233. How to Setup Cheapduino Board (smallest Arduino)
    When it comes to electronics projects, Arduino is definitely one of the most favorite choices of every enthusiast, and if you are Arduino fan like me, you too build all your projects on Arduino, so what if you have limited boards available to use? And…... Listed under:
  234. [DEPRECATED] Arduino-Based Smart Glasses by a 13-year-old – Jordan Fung’s Pedosa Glass
    We have developed into Pedosa Innovation, a tech start-up founded by the developer of Pedosa Glass. We have continued to develop wearable technology, in addition to cloud infrastructure and STEM education programmes for kids in Hong Kong. Learn more at, or contact us at [email protected] UPDATE:…... Listed under:
  235. Infrared Fighting Tank This project is to make two infrared fighting tanks with Starter Robot Kits, some mechanical parts and electric modules. They are controlled with 2.4G wireless joystick. So, how to make it? Step 1: Parts Required 2 x Starter Robot Kit(Bluetooth or IR version) 4 x Beam0808-136-Blue 2…... Listed under:
  236. Ultrasonic Mapmaker Using Arduino and MatLab
    Vision is one of the most exciting senses you can endow on your robot. The ability to perceive obstacles allows a robot to make an educated decision regarding further movements. However, it is also not the easiest senses to implement for a few reasons. Firstly,…... Listed under:
  237. Solar Power Data Logger
    Ever wanted to know how much solar power you could yield by putting PV cells in a specific place on or around your house? This Instructable shows you how to build a data logger based on an Arduino (or Genuino) Uno with data-logger-shield and a…... Listed under:
  238. Arduino Based Smart Home IOT System
    Hello, I am Michalis Vasilakis from and in this Instructables guide I will show you how you can easily make your own smart home system based on Arduino uno and an Ethernet module (or shield). You will be able to use this system from any device…... Listed under:
  239. Arduino 101 Fundamentals
    The purpose of this instructable is to introduce the sketch writing fundamentals to all new comers to the Arduino world. It is meant to be a beginners guide that includes detailed explanation about the basic statements and functions. Most of the sketches I use are…... Listed under:
  240. Arduino – LCD 1602A I2C – PASSWORD PROTECTED DOOR ACCESS With Relay – KY-019 Hello world! Today i made a simple code to control a electric strike lock with a Password/ Access Code using a 1 channel relay. I don't have such a lock but i demonstrated it with a lamp attached to the relay. Check the next…... Listed under:
  241. How to Make the Knock Lock for Arduino Starter Kit
    In this instructable i will be showing you a video on how I made a knock lock using the arduino uno starter kit. I did run into a few problems along the way but figured out a solution after thinking it over. this is the…... Listed under:
  242. A Beginner’s Guide to Arduino
    After some years of experimenting with Arduino, I decided that the time has come to share the knowledge I've acquired. So I here it goes, a guide to Arduino, with the bare basics for beginners and some more advanced explanations for people who are somewhat…... Listed under:
  243. DIY | Easy Arduino Laser Tripwire Security System! In this tutorial I will be teaching you how you can build your own Laser Tripwire Security System at home! You will need the following components and materials: LED lightLaser ModuleLaser Sensor ModuleSpeaker or Piezo Buzzer2 Small Breadboards with sticky tape on the backArduinoBreadboard…... Listed under:
  244. Sound Detection RGB Lamp Using Arduino
    Hello, In this project I am making a lamp with multiple colors using RGB leds. My idea is to try to let the lamp change color if it detects a sound in the area. If you get annoyed from the changing colors every time you…... Listed under:
  245. The Simplest Buzzer Tutorial; Using Arduino Hey Makers, Lets make a Simple Quiz Buzzer using Arduino! Step 1: ​What We Can Do With It? What we can do with it? >Quiz Game Buzzer >Play Tunes and lots more…………. Step 2: Things Required >Arduino Uno (Buy From (Buy From >Buzzer (Buy From…... Listed under:
  246. Joystick Controlled Robot Arm Using an Arduino
    Purpose and description of this guide This instructable is a hand-in for a school project that we made. The purpose of this project was to create a robot arm control using thumbsticks. We had to use an Arduino Uno for the control and in addition,…... Listed under:
  247. Handmade Claw
    These 6 easy steps will tell you how to make a wooden claw machine controlled with Arduino. Step 1: Print All of Your Pieces Either handcut or laser cut all of your pieces Step 2: Aquire Your Parts You will need 4 SG90 servos, 4…... Listed under:
  248. Arduino Countdown Timer With Setup Buttons
    In this Instructables guide I will show you how to make your own Arduino two digit countdown timer. I made my own circuit by using the ATmega328 micro controller but this is an optional step. In this guide I will help you to make it…... Listed under:
  249. Easy Arduino LED Dice
    This instrcutable will show you how to hook up LEDs to show a face of a dice when a pushbutton is pressed. Step 1: Supplies For this project you will need to following: 11 long jumper wires 7 short jumper wires 7 LEDs 1 breadboard…... Listed under:
  250. Arduino Robot Catapult Hello there fellow makers, This instructable is my attempt to make a robot for the 'ROBOTICS CONTEST' competition in instructables. So here it is 🙂 I'll start this instructable with a joke 🙂 Q: what's the difference between men and boys?A : the…... Listed under:
  251. Arduino Bluetooth Car Controlled by Labview
    This is a Arduino RC car, originally based off of a project made by Owen_soo. It is very maneuverable, able to do quick turns, go backward and forward with just a flick of a switch. This was originally just going to be a very basic RC…... Listed under:
  252. Temp & Humidity Sensor With LCD Disp & LED Indicator
    In this instructable, I have used the DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor & Arduino UNO to display the current temperature & humidity readings into a 16 x 2 LCD Display. Alongside, I have also created a 3-LED setup which indicates 3 sets of temperature readings (cold, hot, extreme). The DHT11 is a…... Listed under:
  253. Automated Greenhouse
    We decided to design a greenhouse as subject for our electronic project. The goal was to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse thanks a lamp, a servomotor to open a window and a PC fan. We wanted to maintain a quite constant level of soil…... Listed under:
  254. Control LED Using IR Remote : Simple
    Hello everyone, In this instructables we will control LED using IR remote. Step 1: Gather the Parts A breadboardA LEDA 220ohm resistorAn Arduino UNOA TSOP382 IR receiverSome jumper or hookup wires Step 2: Wiring Hookup all the components according to the circuit diagram shown above. Step…... Listed under:
  255. Sunlight Detection Alarm
    Most technology Instructables are fun to construct, and often easy to build. This is one that shares those features, but also solves a practical problem we had. To prevent fading of furniture, carpet, and the wood flooring in our foyer, my spouse and I installed…... Listed under:
  256. Arduino 8×8 LED Matrix
    In this instructable I'm going to show you how to Interface with LED matrix using an Arduino and MAX7219 IC, this project can be used to make low resolution images using LEDs. This project is very simple to build and serves as a basics to…... Listed under:
  257. Arduino Motion Detection Simple Project This is a very basic tutorial for Arduino beginners , we tried to keep it simple and to the point, how to use PIR motion detection sensors and how to control LED based on the sensor outpu. and so simply put,The main idea of…... Listed under:
  258. Arduino: How to Build an Obstacle Avoiding Robot
    This instructable is the written version of my "Arduino: How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot" Youtube video that I've uploaded recently. I strongly recommend you to check it out. My YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe for Support So, without further ado, Let's get started !…... Listed under:
  259. Using ESP-01 and Arduino UNO
    In our previous tutorial, we learned how to set up the ESP8266 ESP-01 and establish communication with other devices. In this tutorial we are going to show how to use the ESP-01 module to give the Arduino UNO access to a Wi-Fi network and interact with inputs and outputs. Step 1: Materials The materials…... Listed under:
  260. Getting Started With the ESP8266 ESP-01
    The ESP8266 ESP-01 is a Wi-Fi module that allows microcontrollers access to a Wi-Fi network. This module is a self-contained SOC (System On a Chip) that doesn’t necessarily need a microcontroller to manipulate inputs and outputs as you would normally do with an Arduino, for example, because the ESP-01 acts as a small…... Listed under:
  261. THIRD EYE FOR THE BLIND – an Innovative Wearable Technology for Blinds.
    - The first wearable technology for blinds - Using ultrasonic waves to detect the obstacles - Notifying the user through vibrations/buzzer sound Third eye for blinds is an innovation which helps the blinds people to navigate with speed and confidence by detecting the nearby obstacles…... Listed under:
  262. Sending Data From Arduino to Python Via USB
    For several projects you might want to acquire some data from an Arduino board. There are several options and the one that I chose here uses the USB connection. I will explain how to store your data in a text file in order to plot…... Listed under:
  263. Read a Potentiometer With Arduino’s Analog Input Let's learn how to read a potentiometer, a type of rotating variable resistor, using Arduino's analog input! We'll connect up a simple circuit using a solderless breadboard and use some simple Arduino code to control a single LED. So far you've learned to control LEDs…... Listed under:
  264. DIY – Automated Garden Irrigation – (Arduino / IOT)
    This project will show you how to build an irrigation controller for a home garden. Capable of measuring soil moisture readings and activating irrigation from a garden tap if the soil becomes too dry. The controller also includes a temperature and humidity sensor. The controller…... Listed under:
  265. How to Connect the ESP8266 NodeMCU to the IoT Cloud
    This instructable shows you a simple Internet of Things demo using the ESP8266 NodeMCU and an online IoT service called AskSensors. We demonstrate you how to quickly get data from the ESP8266 HTTPS client and plot it in graph into the AskSensors IoT Platform. Step 1:…... Listed under:
  266. Fish Feeder 2
    Introduction / Why this project In 2016 I build my first fish feeder, see Fish Feeder 1. The feeder worked fine for more then half a year. After that period the servos were worn out, causing the program to halt, without sending an error-mail. Oops. I didn’t…... Listed under:
  267. Peggy – Arduino Portable RF Rain Tracker
    My country mild climate lets the sun to shine for the greatest part of the year, then tumble driers are not widely used and so we often use to drain clothes in the sun. What to do when a sudden rainfall comes? This project has…... Listed under:
  268. Home Automation Using Arduino With Wifi, Bluetooth and IR Remote Control
    This is a tutorial to show how to build a home automation system using arduino with Wifi [ESP8266-01], bluetooth (HC-05) and IR remote control. Home automation results in a smarter home and is used to provide a higher and healthier standard of living. The beauty…... Listed under:
  269. DIY | Ambilight Using Arduino Nano
    In this Instructable I will be teaching you how you can create your own (b)ambilight for under $40!Keep in mind that the Ambilight will only work on a PC running the Bambilight software. You will need the following components: Individually addressable RGB LED strip - Available on AliexpressArduino…... Listed under:
  270. DIY Smart Follow Me Drone With Camera (Arduino Based)
    Drones are very popular toys and tools these days. You can find professional and even beginner drones and flying gadgets in the market. I have four drones (quadcopters and hexcopters), because I love everything that flies, but the 200th flight isn't so interesting and starts…... Listed under:
  271. How to Use Water Flow Sensor – Arduino Tutorial
    In this tutorial you will learn how to use one water flow sensor with an Arduino board. The water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor and a hall-effect sensor. When the water flows through the rotor, rotor rolls and the…... Listed under:
  272. Arduino Password Unlock Door Security System
    Hello! In this Instructables guide I will show you how to make your own password unlock door system by using the Arduino uno board. I made my own circuit by using the ATmega328 micro controller but this is an optional step. In this guide I…... Listed under:
  273. RFID Door Lock With Arduino
    Here we are with the classic RFID door lock. It's classic in that whole, "We live in the future and take it for granted at this point" sense. In this tutorial, we will set up a door latch that can be opened with the swipe…... Listed under:
  274. Long Range, 1.8km, Arduino to Arduino Wireless Communication With the HC-12. In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between Arduinos over a long distance up to 1.8km in open air. The HC-12 is a wireless serial port communication module that is very useful, extremely powerful and easy to use. First you will learn…... Listed under:
  275. Arduino : How to Control Stepper Motor Via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)
    This instructable is the written version of my "Arduino : How To Control Stepper Motor via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)" In this project we will control a Stepper motor with a smartphone via bluetooth. My YouTube Channel First, you should see the following Instructable: How to…... Listed under:
  276. Head Mouse With MPU6050 and Arduino Micro Hi everyone, here it is my new project, a mouse controlled with the movement of the head!I decided to make this project once I received my accelerometer/gyroscope MPU6050 from IC Station, and I wanted to do something useful with this.Then I found out that…... Listed under:
  277. Arduino – Sound Sensor (with LED)
    This instructable is the written version of my "Arduino - Sound Sensor (with LED)" YouTube video that I've uploaded recently. I strongly recommend you to check it out. My YouTube Channel Step 1: Tutorial Sound sensors can be used for a variety of things,…... Listed under:
  278. Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm Using Kinect & Arduino
    This is a Simulink Model to Control a Robotic Arm By Gestures that are captured using Kinect. A Robotic Arm is developed using Servo Motors. Step 1: Things Used in This Project Hardware components: Arduino Mega 2560Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360Microsoft Xbox Kinect AdapterAdafruit…... Listed under:
  279. Sparrow – My Assistant Hello everyone. I am a graphic designer with a restless soul (my site I loved doing electronics years ago and than got busy with life and job. I am now blessed with some time ( rare now a days 😛 ). This is…... Listed under:
  280. The Interactive Donation Box
    Donation boxes can be much more interesting and attractive when you combine them with electronics and a little bit of programming. This instructable will show you how to. As the name explains, making donation boxes interactive can help you gain much more attention and make…... Listed under:
  281. Distinguish Walking and Running Using Machine Learning
    Electronic market is full of devices called pedometer and fitness tracker. They counts the number of steps you have taken, distance you have covered, whether you are walking or running and bunch of other stuff. Ever wondered, how these devices perform such measurements. I decided…... Listed under:
  282. Tracked Robot Bluetooth Controlled by Arduino Via Android Application After trying to remote tracked robot by IR remote control.I have proceed to control same robot platform by Bluetooth Arduino controller via Android application.This method is more reliable,longer distance,pretty Android application enhancement. Same principle,low cost play and home level technical skill.Programming khownledge is not…... Listed under:
  283. Connecting “stuff” Via Bluetooth / Android / Arduino
    A very good wireless local area network (and personal) is undoubtedly the Bluetooth (BT). Today in our day-to-day is common to find us using cell phones, stereos, cameras, etc., interconnected with the help of the famous "blue little light”. In the world of IoT and…... Listed under:
  284. Voice to Arduino: Control LEDs Using MIT Speech Recognizer
    Hello, everybody!!! It has been some time I had not updated my post here. Today I would like to share with you guys an experiment I made. I am going to control LEDs using MIT app inventor speech recognizer. Oh before I forget, I had…... Listed under:
  285. SparkRover – 3D Printed Smartphone Controlled Robot
    Over the years, I have built several large robots using a custom-made robotics driver that I created called the SmartRover system. This driver was initially used for my SmartRover robot that I built which ran at a peak current of 60 amps at 24 volts.…... Listed under:
  286. Phone Controlled Computer Starter Have you ever wanted to start your computer while you are away from home to access some files? Or maybe you wanted to start a download of a new game, so that it would be done when you got home. This project will show…... Listed under:
  287. Arduino Basics: Emulate Your Arduino Circuits Online
    Want to make your arduino circuits online? want to test components with your code before buying? Then this is the right instructable for you. Lets start! Step 1: Open and Sign Up for 123D Circuits 1) Log on to 123D circuits and then make your…... Listed under:
  288. DIY Muscle Sensor / EMG Circuit for a Microcontroller
    Measuring muscle activation via electric potential, referred to as electromyography (EMG) , has traditionally been used for medical research and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. However, with the advent of ever shrinking yet more powerful microcontrollers and integrated circuits, EMG circuits and sensors have found their…... Listed under:
  289. 3W 4’x4′ Arduino Laser Cutter/Engraver In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own 4 ft by 4 ft, Arduino controlled, 3 watt laser engraver / cutter (for thin materials) for around 300$. The main thing that separates this tutorial from other laser engraver tutorials on…... Listed under:
  290. Color Recognition Lock
    There are a lot of ways that you can activate an electronic lock. You can use passwords, radio signals, or even voice commands. In this project, I am going to show you how to make a lock box that opens and closes based on color…... Listed under:
  291. 3D Printed Robot The nice thing about 3D printing is that it makes building robots easy. You can design whatever configuration of parts that you can dream up and have them in your hand virtually right away. This allows for rapid prototyping and experimention. This particular 3D…... Listed under:
  292. Drawing Robot Please vote for Drawing Robot on this link. Thanx in advance Fixing my drawing incapability with my robotics skills and to me results were not that bad. Now I can at least save my self from humiliation in my drawing class. This project…... Listed under:
  293. Mini BillBoard
    Designing a Mini BillBoard using LED Lights(different colors) , Arduino and Bread Board. Thought of creating a mini billboard, that could display my name ("Josh") . This is for one of the build nights (required us to use LED lights). This billboard would blink in…... Listed under:
  294. Motor Controllers for Cheap Robots
    Hey! This I'ble is now out of date! I made an updated version which you can read here! Hope you find it fun and useful! ~~~~~ Thus far, I've shown you how to create wheels out of household items, severalmotorizedchassis out of cardboard, and a…... Listed under:
  295. Dark Sensor With LDR, Transistor and a LED
    You wan't do a dark sensor with a LDR, one transistor and one LED and you don't know how to do it? In this small tutorial I will explain to you how you can do that even if you know only the basics of electronic.…... Listed under:
  296. How to Make a Remote Controlled Robotic Hand With Arduino This is my school project for the 5th year of high school (I'm Italian, we have 5 years of high school). It consists in an artificial hand controlled by a glove with flex sensors. The artificial hand reproduces the movements of the hand with…... Listed under:
  297. Program Your Arduino With an Android Device!
    Hi, in this Instructable I want to show you, how you can program your Arduino with your Android device. It is very simple and cheap. Also it allows us to program our Arduino where ever we want, this is usefull for permanently installed Arduino boards,…... Listed under:
  298. DIY Tilt Switch.
    In this instructable I'll show you how to make a simple tilt switch, this tilt switch works best with microcontrollers that can debounce the signal and overcome interferences produced by vibrations. There are many ways to make a tilt switch, this one is a cheap…... Listed under:
  299. Nexus 7 and the Arduino.
    Will show several ways to show how to use an Arduino as a sensor using The Nexus 7 for a terminal and to do development. This can be very important for protecting your electronic equipment especially servers.Note 1: All connections are to a standard Arduino…... Listed under:
  300. Remote Controlled Robot
    Remote Controlled Robot(2)
    The purpose of this final project was to create a small mobile robot and control it via a wireless controller. To accomplish our goal, we decided to use the Arduino Uno microcontroller as the base for both the controller and robot. For the wireless functionality…... Listed under:
  301. Das Blinken Bonken! an Arduino Ball Throwing Game Platform. This is a fun and pretty easy project that I built as a Christmas present for my kid who loves throwing things. Watch the video to see what it can do. It's built out of a regular Arduino UNO, pressure sensors made from velostat,…... Listed under:
  302. Arduino Assisted RC Truck/Car
    Recently I dusted off my 7 year old Stampede 2wd, designed in 1996. I got it for my 8th birthday. The truck was great, but it had a few caveats. For example, if the truck ran out of range, battery was low, or the transmitter batteries…... Listed under:
  303. KeySampler
    This instrument was build by Lieven Menschaert and Danny Leen using  an Arduino Uno and some  hardware components ( rotary encoder, potentiometer and  simple iron bolts). The software running the actual audio and video is a Pure Data / GEM patch. Additionaly Echonest API was…... Listed under:
  304. Tidal Clock
    This is a tutorial for making the Tidal Clock. The clock shows the ebb and flow between high and low tide by a rising and falling water level. It consists of an airtight acrylic container that has a front visible chamber and a back hidden…... Listed under:
  305. Pocket Laser Engraver.
    I have been trying to get my hands on a laser cutter for some time but they always seem out of reach. All the great things that can be done with a real laser cutter tickle the imagination. I feel it's time to share my…... Listed under:
  306. Arduino Uno Xylophone
    This xylophone uses the Arduino Uno and a multiplexer to identify when one of eight keys are struck, and play that sound via midi sound on a computer. An optional part of the instructions also allows each key to light up with two LED lights…... Listed under:
  307. How to Make a Cheap Attiny Arduino Board
    Well most of time i get troubled when i need Arduino in some projects where i need few I/O pinsWell thanks to Arduino-Tiny platformArduino program can be burned into the Avr-tiny Series like Attiny 85/45 Arduino-Tiny is an open source set of ATtiny "cores" for…... Listed under:
  308. Edge 3D Printer 1.0 – an Affordable Open Source 3D Printer!
    Hello everyone! In this instructable I will show you how to make a low cost 3d printer that I designed! It should cost around $150 US dollars or $175 Canadian dollars, if you buy from the links provided in this project (parts are from Aliexpress).…... Listed under:
  309. How to Control a Nixie Tube With an Arduino
    A Nixie Tube is a Neon gas-filled tube, that has a wiremesh anode with various cathodes shaped like numbers or symbols. Back in the 1950s they were used in computers, calculators, and laboratory equipment. Nixie tubes were replaced by LEDs and VFDs(vacuum fluorescent displays)in the…... Listed under:
  310. WiFi Enabled Arduino – Interfacing With Web APIs
    Are you familiar with Arduino, but are looking for a little more connectivity in your projects? This Instructable goes over a new (and cheap) wireless module that has hit the embedded world hard - the ESP8266. This little module is a perfect way to hook…... Listed under:
  311. Recycled Motherboard RC Quadcopter
    My university had a bunch of old server motherboards that were headed to the dumpster. I decided to see the feasibility of turning them into something useful! Go ahead and grab the attached pdf plans, print them out full size, and build your own! Step…... Listed under:
  312. How to Make an Entire Drone/Multirotor and Camera Gimbal Using Laser Cut Parts
    the photo you see was taken from my first ever copter which i built in 2 hours, what i had not mentioned was my first copter used a laser cut frame i designed and produced whilst in school.This difference between this post and my other…... Listed under:
  313. Low-Cost, Arduino-Compatible Drawing Robot I designed this project for a 10-hour workshop for whose goal is to introduce teenage women to STEM topics. The goals for this project were: Easy to build.Easy to program.Did something interesting.Low-cost so participants could take it home and continue to learn. With…... Listed under:
  314. Arduino Watch Sport
    I apologize if you find spelling errors or nonsensical text, my language is Spanish and has not been easy to translate, I will improve my English to continue composing instructables. In today's technology, especially electronics have come a long way, to the point that today…... Listed under:
  315. Simple LiDAR Using the Laser Rangefinder Uni-T UT390b, Arduino and Turbo Pascal
    Some days ago I bought a laser rangefinder (Uni-T UT390b, f.e. to realise a simple LiDAR. The rangefinder has an accuracy of +/- 2mm and is able to measure distances up to 45m. This will be enough for my living room 😉 You'll also…... Listed under:
  316. Lie Detector and Biofeedback Arduino Based
    This tutorial will explain how to build a machine for biofeedback. But first a bit of theory. What is biofeedback? [Font: Wikipedia |] Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of…... Listed under:
  317. The Dream Machine Or, How to Be More Awake While You Sleep
    This is an inexpensive, DIY, Arduino-powered oneironautics device that allows users to alert themselves when they are in a deep dreamstate, without waking up. In other words, this machine will tell you when you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. Why is this such a big…... Listed under:
  318. DIY Arduino 3D Laser Scanner
    FabScan is an open-source, do-it-yourself 3D laser scanner.It started out as a Bachelor's thesis by Francis Engelmann, supervised by René Bohne. You can find official project here. I made my own box from MDF hood sheets and use different hardware parts.I decided to make this guide…... Listed under:
  319. Control TV With Any Phone (Even Phones Without IR Blaster)
    Do you want to control your TV and several other gadgets that are IR controlled? Ya but my phone doesn't support it because it doesn't have an IR blaster.Don't worry here a gadget that gives IR control to any phone and the thing it needs…... Listed under:
  320. Course on MIT App Inventor and Arduino
    I have made many tutorials for creating apps using MIT app inventor and connected the app with arduino to make things work, I often get email stating something went missing when they follow my tutorial, Here's a step by step tutorial on getting started with…... Listed under:
  321. Use the Force… or Your Brainwaves? (multifuctional Thought Controlled System)
    As a kid I always wanted to have a special ability, like moving objects with thoughts or flying. I tried to move objects with “the power of my mind” of course with no success. Well, yes, I was and I am a huge Star Wars…... Listed under:
  322. Arduino Bluetooth Basic Tutorial
    Ever thought of controlling any electronic devices with your smart phone ?Controlling your robot or any other devices with your smartphone will be really cool. Here is is a simple and basic tutorial for interfacing Bluetooth with arduino Step 1: Things You Need Hardware Bluetooth Module HC 05/06ArduinoLED220Ω ResistorAndroid device…... Listed under:
  323. A Levitating Sphere Rotates Glows and Blinks With Arduino
    A levitating little Death Star in Instructables invited me to the new project with Arduino. Three policies were decided and kept to differentiate it from the forerunner. Do it myself with no (or less) ready-made.Keep rotating.Make glow and blink without battery.VIDEO(1): A Levitating Sphere Rotates Glows…... Listed under:
  324. Car Dash Tablet
    Putting a tablet in car dash.This project was on my mind for a long time.Somehow I couldn’t find any free time to build this project. But now I have done it and I’ll tell you how. My car is a VW Polo (2014 ) and…... Listed under:
  325. Using NXT Components With a Micro Controller
    This is a guide to using the motors and sensors from the LEGO NXT set with a Parallax Basic Stamp II or BS2.  However, rather than just providing schematics and sample code for the BS2, I'll be providing some theory on how the sensors work…... Listed under:
  326. Program Your Arduino With an Android Device Over Bluetooth
    Hello world, in this Instructable I want to show you, how to program your Arduino Uno with your Android device over Bluetooth. It is very simple and so cheap. Also it allows us to program our Arduino where ever we want over wireless bluetooth... So…... Listed under:
  327. Arduino Mosquito Repeller
    In this instructable I'm going to show you how to build a mosquito repeller using an Arduino. The repeller is in the form of a shield that plugs into the Arduino board and the frequency of the repeller can be changed easily. This project is ideal…... Listed under:
  328. DIY Standalone Weather Station Powered by Arduino
    Hello Makers out there Again this is not a Step by step Instructable . Like always i forgot to take take snaps since the inception of this project.The idea of Building a community weather station using Open hardware Kicked a long back. We people from…... Listed under:
  329. SmartPhone Controlled RGB MOOD Light
    Mood lamps are always fascinating for me and is a very good project for starters to start with Arduino. What is a Mood Lamp ? Mood lamps are lighting devices that are used to establish a particular feeling or mood within a room. In some…... Listed under:
  330. DIY CNC for 60$ (Large Work Area)
    Hi there I've been here after a long time, and this time I've made a huge project as compared to my earlier ones. This is a full-sized 250 mm X 300 mm work area CNC machine and more interesting things is that it was made…... Listed under:
  331. Make an Optical Disk Display
    Every curious how DVDs work? Interested in learning some simple analog electronics? This Instructables will show you how to make an optical disk display project in only a few hours. What is an optical disk? An optical disk stores data/information and can be read or…... Listed under:
  332. How to Work With Conductive Fabric
    Working with conductive fabric is fun and it's ideal for wearables, soft circuitry, e-textiles and other projects that take advantage of it's properties. Learning the basics will help you make design and material choices tailored to your application. This Instructable is jam-packed with insights from…... Listed under:
  333. The MicroSlice V1 | a Tiny Arduino Laser Cutter
    A few years ago I saw an Instructable where Groover had used a pair of DVD-RW drives to make a pocket laser engraver. Inspired by the idea, driven by the recent purchase of a full-sized 50 watt CO2 laser cutter, and roused by the launch of the Microcontroller contest I took…... Listed under:
  334. The Nerd Watch
    Hello! Welcome to another Other Machine project tutorial! I'm Sam DeRose, a former Other Machine Co. Summer Intern. I created the Nerd Watch last summer while working at OMC. The Nerd Watch displays the time in binary when the button is pushed. The watch shows the…... Listed under:
  335. Intro to LED Strips LED strips are a very fun and effective way to give lots of glow and color to a project. In this Instructable you will learn about the basic kinds of strips and how to hook them up to the Intel Edison with Arduino breakout…... Listed under:
  336. Arduino: CNC Machine / Part 2
    Hey guys this is part 2 of my Arduino CNC machine! Thanks to you guys you motivated me to make my next part into building this! This is me building the y-axis on the CNC machine. Hope you guys enjoy! Step 1: Patreon As you…... Listed under:
  337. Smartphone Controlled Cat Laser I've been wanting to start exploring the world of microcontrollers and programming for some time now, so I came up with this simple project which uses an app called "Blynk" to allow you to wirelessly control an Arduino board through your wifi. Now obviously…... Listed under:
  338. Print Conductive Circuits With an Inkjet Printer
    This tutorial will teach you how to modify your average inkjet printer to be able to print electrically conductive circuits. This technology is fairly new but can provide a faster and safer prototyping option for DIY printed circuit boards. This project also acts as an…... Listed under:
  339. How to Make a Cheap Arduino MIDI Controller
    I'm a huge fan of technology and music, but when I decided to start making my own electronic music, I was discouraged by the high price of MIDI keyboards and controllers. After a lot of tinkering, I saw the opportunity to create my own MIDI…... Listed under:
  340. “With U Smart Sole” DIY GPS Embedded Smart Shoe Sole #MITBetterWorld
    What do you do when someone is chasing you or you are lost? Cross your fingers? Don't. When you are in trouble, just cross your feet [in a special way] and your location is sent to your family members. Wait there's more! Even the family can get your location just…... Listed under:
  341. Arduino Solar Tracker (Single or Dual Axis) If you’ve installed solar panels on a camper van to provide you with electricity on your camping trip or at home to supplement your electricity usage or take your home completely off grid then you probably know that the panels work the best when…... Listed under:
  342. Arduino Data Glasses for My Multimeter Video of the working device Trying to build a cheap Arduino Data Glasses for everybody. Why? I just wanted one. It's working, and now it can even help to avoid accidents. From the first idea to the working prototype, it took 4 Month The…... Listed under:
  343. Make Your Own GPS SMS Security Tracking System
    In this project I will show you how to combine a SIM5320 3G module with an Arduino and a piezoelectric transducer as a shock sensor in order to create a security tracking system that will send you the location of your precious vehicle via SMS…... Listed under:
  344. DIY Multi Featured Robot With Arduino
    This robot was mainly built for understanding Arduino and combining various projects of Arduino to form a Multi Featured Arduino Robot. And further, who doesn't want to have a pet robot? So I named it BLUE ROVIER 316. I could have bought a beautiful tracked…... Listed under:
  345. Arduino XMAS Hitcounter
    Christmas is coming closer, so here is my contribution to put you in the right mood. It is a blog hitcounter, that rings a bell. Literally. It puts a smile on your face, every time someone hits your blog. It consists of an Arduino board,…... Listed under:
  346. Arduino Charliplexed Heart, Just in Time for Valentines Day.
    Here is an Arduino controlled Charliplexed LED heart just in time for Valentine's Day. It uses a total of 6 wires to controll the 27 LEDs. A PIC or AVR could easily be used for this, but I have Arduinos lying around and they are…... Listed under:
  347. N: How to Make a Multi-layered Acrylic and LED Sculpture With Variable Lighting Levels
    Here you can find out how to make you very own n as made for the exhibition curated by art/design group Lapland. More images can be seen at flickr This exhibition runs from Wednesday 26 November - Friday 12 December 2008 inclusive, and had a private view on Tuesday…... Listed under:
  348. Drumming MIDI Glove Using Arduino and Light Sensors
    I will describe a fun and easy way to build your own sound expression MIDI enabled glove without expending lot's of money on MIDI Interfaces or expensive sensors. Feel free to contact me directly by mail if you like it or have suggestions.  This project…... Listed under:
  349. DIY Bare Minimum Arduino Mega 2560
    [2017 Update] Eagle files please click here. The objective of this project is to create a version of Arduino Mega 2560 board that has lower component count and smaller board size. Personally to be used for robotics projects that require ATmega2560's 256 KB flash and digital/analog…... Listed under:
  350. How to Make Your Own Professional Arduino Sheld
    In this instructable I will show you how to make your own professional looking arduino shield. In the proses of designing the arduino shield I will use eagle.cad, arduino software & viewplot. First step in making a arduino shield is thinking of what you want…... Listed under:
  351. Arduino Radio Update 16.04.2015 just thought how would a "cool" kit look a like, so I get an altoids tin box eat all the thinks inside and put all necassary parts inside. 😉 a new project from good old Germany. I got some of those very…... Listed under:
  352. Serial Communication – Arduino and Linkit One
    In this instructable I'm going show you how to establish serial communication between the arduino and the Linkit One. This would help you make a more complex project with these two boards. Step 1: Components Here is a list of all the components required to…... Listed under:
  353. Arduino Laser Harp
    A couple of weeks ago I presented my culmination project, framed laser harp, at New York City College of Technology. Work on it was so interesting for me, that I decided to share it here. I am an Arduino amateur and don't have any professional…... Listed under:
  354. Arduino Simple Memory Game
    This project is all about creating a simple game to test your memory. I’ll be using a Teensy 3.0 board. (If you want to know more about this board please click here to read a Getting Started Guide). This project is also 100% compatible with the Arduino.…... Listed under:
  355. Salvaging Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)
    Almost all electronics have some sort of human interface, from blinking lights and beeping speakers to seven segment alphanumeric and Liquid Crystal Displays. This Instructable is about salvaging and testing Liquid Crystal Displays, and a couple tricks I know to make salvaging them more successful.…... Listed under:
  356. Datalogger With Temperature Sensor and Photoresistor
    In this project I’m going to create a simple Datalogger with my Arduino and an Ethernet shield.I’ll be using a photoresistor and a temperature sensor and all the information will be stored in a micro SD card.The idea is that you can apply this to…... Listed under:
  357. Motorized Pulldown Curtain (Phone & Radio Controlled) I pull my curtain up and down a couple of times a day. If I watch a movie I pull it down and then, I pull it up to get better lighting. I also pull it down when I go to sleep and I…... Listed under:
  358. Arduino Sprinkler Valves + Wifi + Twitter
    This is my first post so... be brutal ! I have a small yard with a very odd shape, well... L-shaped really and not enough pressure at the tap to be able to water it in one go. So I had to create 3 sprinkler…... Listed under:
  359. Simple Audio Amplifier
    In most cases first project in electronics for beginners is building simple audio amplifier. That is because it requires small number of elements and not a lot of knowledge to build one. For low power amplifiers we could use integrated circuits like TDA family. But…... Listed under:
  360. Use Arduino Code on a TI Launchpad MSP430
    You can now use Arduino sketches to program your TI Launchpad MSP430. The video show me programming an Arduino Mega 2560 and a TI Launchpad MSP430 with the same Arduino sketch. The TI Launchpad MSP430 is a microprocessor development board from Texas Instruments.  It's…... Listed under:
  361. Wearable Wireless Gesture Control With PHIRO Pro + Arduino + Pocket Code Smartphone App (JEDI MODE)
    Once again, here we are with another tutorial to "Awaken the Force" within you! With the new Star Wars movie just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to use the force to control PHIRO. In this tutorial, we will be using PHIRO Pro with Arduino along with some awesome…... Listed under:
  362. Arduino Lock Bar…sorta
    This project was tough but nothing worth doing is easy and i am ver proud that i was able to accomplish what i did. To know that my skills are further than they once were is a reward on their own.......but how did i get…... Listed under:
  363. Arduino LED Matrix In this short tutorial you will learn how to make an Arduino-powered LED matrix. Unlike several other designs, this one uses a "companion" computer to notify the Arduino which LEDs should be powered. I have provided the code for the Arduino, as well…... Listed under:
  364. Panner With Arduino
    This project it’s a new time-lapse tripod or panning with two axis that works with an arduino protoboard. Everyone will be able to create their own time-lapse trajectory without need to check it. With the arduino code we’ll can change the value for the movement…... Listed under:
  365. Arduino Self Balancing Robot
    In this project I will describe the construction of robots standing in equilibrium with Arduino.We explained in our previous version of the android controlled project. In this project we will move to our control. Let's go let's get to our building project. Step 1: Materials:…... Listed under:
  366. Arduino Insight -Beginner LED’S and (Binary Counter 16 Bit)
    Hello friends...!!! This is my first tutorial on Instructables, in this tutorial I'm going to show you* Write a simple program for glowing LED* Group of LED program* Explain analog output (PWM)* Create a simple project of (4 bit binary counter).Small BIO:Friends we know that…... Listed under:
  367. Arduino Project in 5 Minutes In the following Instructable, we'll show you how you can make your next Arduino project in just 5 minutes. It's simple, easy and fun. Step 1: Plan It! 1. Go to 2. Select the components in the screenshot, add a description and your…... Listed under:
  368. Arduino Thermometer
    Its hot here in Los Angeles! Besides the massive drought California is in, Its not as cool around here lately. I wanted to build something to see just how hot it really was, and here it is! Read this instructable and Ill teach how you…... Listed under:
  369. Giant Arduino GEMMA Side Table
    They're always serving up something hot at Adafruit. Make this giant Arduino GEMMA side table to use as a platform for various purposes. I needed a small utility table next to my BBQ grill so I made this. Enjoy afternoon tea or cappuccino outdoors in…... Listed under:
  370. Arduino Ethernet Camera
    I will introduce a Arduino ethernet Camera. You can take a picture inside of house which have a this arduino ethernet camera by just openning the web site if you follow this contents. It is very easy and simple way which don't need any app.…... Listed under:
  371. Arduino Controlled CNC / 3D Printer Hybrid
    The objective of this instructable is to guide your way throw the entire making process of building a BuildersBot machine. An open design Arduino Controlled CNC Router that can also perform 3D printing. The instructions will cover all areas such as design, mechanics, electronics and…... Listed under:
  372. Arduino Robot
    first of all, i am sorry if i have grammar mistakes, i am asian and i am 13 years old, i study arduino by my self (mostly my self) and this is my first project and also my first instructables. this is the robot that…... Listed under:
  373. Arduino-Using Shift Registers With Ultrasonic Sensors
    The HC-SR04 Ultrasonic range sensing module is great for sensing distances that can be used as an input for your Arduino projects, but using multiple (more than two) can quickly cost you a lot of pins. This basic Instructable gives you the code and basic…... Listed under:
  374. Turn Signal Biking Jacket
    This tutorial will show you how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike. We'll use conductive thread and sewable electronics so your jacket will be soft and wearable and washable when you're…... Listed under:
  375. Control Your Home Appliances Using Arduino and Relay
    Hello everyone, In this instructable we will be using Arduino And Relay module to control home appliances. This instructable covers: Basics of Relays.Connecting Relays with Arduino.Controlling AC appliances using Relays. How it works: The relay uses an electromagnet to mechanically switch electric appliances.A relay can…... Listed under:
  376. Automated Plant Watering System
    House Plant Babysitter Going away from a while? Need something to babysit your house plants?This box will automatically deliver an adjustable volume of water to four plants (or less) every day, or once every "x" day (up to seven days). A micro controller handles the…... Listed under:
  377. The Maven Box: an Arduino Controller for Software Developers
    Every job has it's routine. I am a software developer who works with a Git/Maven based workspace everyday. So when I start working, my daily routine is to update and build my local workspace, pulling changes from GitHub, execute a maven build and execute the…... Listed under:
  378. Arduino Type K Temperature Indicator
    There are lots of Arduino projects to read temperature with different devices, this is an easy one to measure high temperatures with type K thermocouples (1300ºC).Skills necessary for this project are basic (buying max IC already mounted) but I have mount an MAX31855 in a…... Listed under:
  379. Lettuce for Life – Arduino 101 Based Automated Controller for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Etc. Intel Curie
    SUMMARY A device that can be used to control up to 4 different Hydroponic/Aeroponic Systems at once. The device will control the components of the system and will display notification to a LCD screen and allow the user to customize settings via Bluetooth. This system…... Listed under:
  380. Synesthesia Mask Inspiration What if I told you that 2+2=Red!?!? What!?! I know this sounds crazy but for people with synesthesia this might be their reality. Synesthesia is defined as "the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by…... Listed under:
  381. Environmental Alert System What's that smell? It's noxious gas of course! If you're in an environment where there's a possibility of gaseous release of which you'd rather not breathe, why not build an automatic system for sensing and alerting you? The design for the Environmental Alert System…... Listed under:
  382. Intro to GPS With Microcontrollers Once the purview of strictly military operations, GPS has become a regular part of modern living and in relatively short time! Who wouldn't want want to know when and where they are anywhere on the planet? It's a science fiction dream brought into reality,…... Listed under:
  383. InstaKISS : Networked Picture Frames
    These frames are connected to the internet, which allows you to instantly send a kiss to a loved one. When my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship (for one and half years!), we communicated anyway that we could. We talked on the…... Listed under:
  384. Make Your Own Motorized Camera Slider
    In this project I will show you how I repurposed two old camera tripods in order to create a motorized camera slider. The mechanical system consist mostly of aluminium and stainless steel which makes the slider sturdy and pretty decent looking. The electrical system consists…... Listed under:
  385. Arduino Ping Pong Ball Cannon Overview: This instructable uses a Trossen Robotics Pan and Tilt kit to construct an Arduino controlled ping pong ball cannon. The project also uses several other components from Trossen Robotics including a medium solenoid, a relay and various items from one of their Robotics Grab Bags. A joystick controls the…... Listed under:
  386. Simple Arduino-based Thermometer
    Building an Arduino project isn't just about making all the components talk to one another. It's about creating an actual object or prototype out of your small creation, and giving it that extra touch that makes it unique. For this next project, we took some…... Listed under:
  387. LED Matrix Controller Using 4Duino
    In this project, we will use the digital pins and screen of the 4Duino to create a 5×7 LED matrix controller with a user graphical interface. An LED matrix is essentially many LEDs packaged in a dot grid format in order to produce pictures…... Listed under:
  388. Arduino Sunflower – an Electronic Sundancer
    Maker is always sensitive to the new and funny things. One day, I watched a video, in which the sunflower moves along with the sun. I had a sudden insight then. Why can't I make a electronic device inmitating this biomechanism. In the following days,…... Listed under:
    This project examines how interface pressure is a key risk factor in the development of pressure ulcers. Visual feedback of continuous interface pressure between the body and support surface could inform clinicians on repositioning strategies and play a key role in an overall strategy for…... Listed under:
    What Does Fashion Lack? "Microcontrollers" I always answer - and it's TRUE! It makes your garments SO much more interesting, interactive and communicative as soon as you add some INTELLIGENCE to it. But which ones are on the market?  I started a little research on…... Listed under:
  391. How to Use the Adafruit Flora Board – Arduino Tutorial
    In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Adafruit Flora board and how you can easily program it with Codebender! FLORA is Adafruit's fully-featured wearable electronics platform. It's a round, sewable, Arduino-compatible microcontroller designed to empower amazing wearables projects. The FLORA family also…... Listed under:
  392. VU Meter – LED Noise-o-Meter for Classrooms
    I built this a short while ago as an idea to use in a primary classroom setting. Poster displays are often used by primary teachers wanting to control the noise levels in their classrooms but I wanted to add technology to make it dynamic and…... Listed under:
  393. Program Arduino Pro Mini Using Arduino Uno
    Hello everyone. Today I am going to show how to program arduino pro mini using arduino uno. If you already had a arduino uno and you newly buy arduino pro mini then you don’t need to buy the USB to serial converter to program the…... Listed under:
  394. Arduino Xylophone
    I made a xylophone that uses an Arduino Mega to detect when a note is struck, and generate MIDI output. This project is wondeful because I essentially made a xylophone, a drumkit, and any other MIDI controlled sound instrument, with one tool. The following steps…... Listed under:
  395. Arduino Nano to Arduino Uno Adapter
    Arduino Nano is a nice, small and cheap member of the Arduino family. It is based on the Atmega328 chip, what makes it as powerful as the biggest his brother Arduino Uno, but it can be obtained for less money. In Ebay now Chinese versions…... Listed under:
  396. Arduino LED Exploration
    Arduino LED ExplorationMy program shows you all of the data on your Led from the first light to the normal operation light. From that data you can pick an RS that is good light, but lower in current. You must build the circuit to run…... Listed under:
  397. LilyPad Arduino Painted Canvas With Music and Lights
    This is a project that I created for my Children and Technology class that I am taking in my Masters of Library Science Program. This was one of my first experiences with coding so this was a trial and error process but this instructable should…... Listed under:
  398. Arduino Voting Machine
    This instructable will teach you to build a simple Arduino based Voting machine using simple components such as push buttons and LCD. The highlighting feature of this system is that Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE is used to perform the polling operation no other external…... Listed under:
  399. Smart Irrigation System
    Smart Irrigation System(2)
    A Smart Irrigation System is designed, in which the irrigation will take place only when there will be intense requirement of water [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31116,31117"] as suggested by the moisture in the soil. The aim of our project is to minimize this manual intervention…... Listed under:
  400. esp32 devkit v1 pinout
    GPIO pins of ESP32 DEVKIT As mentioned earlier, the chip used with this board has 48 GPIO pins, but all pins are not accessible through development boards. ESP32 devkit has 36 pins and 18 on each side of the board as shown in the picture…... Listed under:
  401. ESP32-WROOM-32 (ESP-WROOM-32)
    This tutorial is about pinout of the ESP32 development board, especially for ESP32 devkit. ESP32 devkit consists of ESP-WROOM-32 module.  There are many versions of ESP32 chip available in the market. But ESP32 devkit uses ESP-WROOM-32module. But the functionality of all GPIO pins is the same across all…... Listed under:
  402. Arduino-Controlled 12V Battery Charger
    The circuit presented here can automatically charge a 12V, 7Ah battery, or above. Special features of the charger are as follows. It automatically controls the charging current as per the status of the battery. Battery voltage level as well as charging status are indicated on…... Listed under:
  403. 12-Multi National Digital Clock on Arduino UNO
    The presence of 12-Multi-National Digital clocks is very common at the lobby / front desk of star hotels, showing time & dates of several countries where from most of the guests to arrive to stay at the hotel. One common feature of these clocks is…... Listed under:
  404. Arduino-Based Coil Winding Temperature Recorder and Alarm Generator
    Monitoring the temperature of a transformer or electric motor winding involves data acquisition. This project is developed to monitor the temperature of an electric motor and a transformer with high accuracy, incorporating display and alarm facility. This circuit can be installed near a transformer winding…... Listed under: ,
  405. Arduino-Based MOSFET Terminal Identification System
    Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) is a semiconductor device widely used for switching applications and amplifying electronic signals. While the facility to determine the type and pin configuration of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) are available in digital multimeters (DMMs) used in the laboratory,…... Listed under:
  406. DC Panel Meter using Arduino
    Panel meters in regulated power supplies are used to display electrical parameters like voltage and current. Presented here is a circuit to display DC voltage and current of power supplies, including DIY-type ones. Circuit and working Circuit diagram of the DC panel meter using Arduino…... Listed under:
  407. Issue Printer
    Print Github issues on paper and stack them on your desk. Every time you close an issue and you can literally "bin" it! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Thermal Printer × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino Web…... Listed under: ,
  408. Image Processing Based Fire Detection & Extinguisher System Using Arduino
    This is an image processing based fire detection and extinguisher system using Arduino. It is basically the system is divided into two parts: Fire detection 2. Fire alert and extinguisher In the first part, fire detects using image processing. Here in this project I’m using…... Listed under:
  409. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
    An indoor air quality monitoring system for detecting toxic gases. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino Yun Shield & Genuino Yun Shield × 1 Arduino Leonardo × 1 Arduino Yun × 1 Arduino MKR GSM 1400 × 1 Arduino MKR WAN 1300 ×…... Listed under:
  410. LED Straw XMAS Tree
    A simple, original and cheap Christmas tree made with LED-illuminated plastic straws that can be controlled over WiFi. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 USB-A to Micro-USB Cable × 1 LED (generic) × 12 Resistor 330 ohm × 12 Software…... Listed under:
  411. Light Animations Using Arduino and MATLAB
    Light animations are visually appealing and hence widely used for advertising purposes. In this project, we present a MATLAB-based graphical user interface (GUI) approach to control the glowing pattern of a number of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Use of GUI is advantageous since the user can…... Listed under:
  412. Interfacing a Laser LED with Arduino
    This project turns on and turns off a laser LED after every second. It can also monitor its own supply voltage level. The circuit can be extended for use as an audio-visual alarm system for security applications. Keyes KY-008 laser transmitter module is available at…... Listed under:
  413. Snowbuddy
    Snowman replica that can chat with user to inform them whether outside temperature is safe for outdoor activity or not. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Software apps and online…... Listed under: ,
  414. BLUE_P: Wireless Arduino Programming Shield
    Many times we make projects using Arduino, while working with it we need to connect it with PC to upload program using USB cable. In this tutorial, I’m going to replace this USB cable with a wireless programming shield. This shield is build using a…... Listed under:
  415. Light your Bike, and use your Phone to Control It
    Arduino, NeoPixels, Firmata, and a Windows Phone (picked one up for $30 bucks) to control lighting. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip - White 30 LED…... Listed under: ,
  416. RFID Door Unlock
    Forgot your keys? Unlock the door using an RFID combination sequence from hidden tags. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit Metro Mini × 1 Adafruit Lockitron × 1 RFID reader (generic) I used a RFID-RC522 from ebay × 1…... Listed under: ,
  417. Interfacing a Laser LED with Arduino
    This project turns on and turns off a laser LED after every second. It can also monitor its own supply voltage level. The circuit can be extended for use as an audio-visual alarm system for security applications. Keyes KY-008 laser transmitter module is available at…... Listed under:
  418. Stylish IoT Neck Warmer Controlled from Mobile Browser
    The IoT version of a stylish neck warmer directly coming from this year’s Fashion Weeks rolled into London, Paris and New York. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Alligator Clips × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Digital…... Listed under: ,
  419. Paint Your Dimmer Switch on the Wall
    It's a dimmer switch! Create your own touch interface for controlling your Philips Hue lights using Bare Conductive's conductive paint. Things used in this project Hardware components Andium Anduino WiFi × 1 Bare Conductive Touch Board × 1 Philips hue × 1 Bare Conductive Electric…... Listed under: ,
  420. Multi-Sensor Data Plotting using Arduino IDE
    Monitoring of various process variables such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, humidity, pH and flow-rate is very important in steel plants, petrochemical and other such industries. The human-machine interface (HMI) at the operator station displays a continuous and real-time trending of process variables on a monitor…... Listed under:
  421. Teleoperated Robot for Sensing the Toxic Gases
    Remotely operated ground vehicle for sensing the toxic gases which is helpful for firefighters and researchers. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino Yun × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Seeed Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3 × 1 Seeed Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2)…... Listed under: ,
  422. Green Light: Fashion
    Ever wanted feedback on your new haute couture? Sprinkle a little IoT magic and get immediate critique on your fashion success or failure. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Ring: WS2812 5050 RGB LED × 1 Software apps…... Listed under: ,
  423. GPS Clock using Arduino
    Global positioning system (GPS) synchronised clocks give accurate time. These clocks are universal and commonly used at railway stations, bus stands and airports. These are widely used for military purposes too. Here we describe a GPS clock based on Arduino Uno R3—an AVR ATmega328-based microcontroller…... Listed under: ,
  424. Interrupts Debouncing with Zerynth (Python for IoT)
    In this tutorial, we'll see the advanced feature of interrupt debouncing using Zerynth. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Software apps and online services Zerynth Studio Story [embed][/embed] In this tutorial, we'll use PWM…... Listed under: ,
  425. Smart Plastic Container
    A special container for store objects, iot-ready. It is able to keep track of stocks stored inside and notify when stocks are low! Things used in this project Hardware components SparkFun hx711 × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD - 16x2 White on Blue × 1 Arduino…... Listed under: ,
  426. Optical Theremin Musical Instrument Using Arduino Uno Board
    Theremin is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after the Russian inventor, Léon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928. A typical theremin musical instrument is shown in Fig. 1. This article explains how you…... Listed under:
  427. Smart City Project
    Open source air quality sensor network platform. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 PMS5003 dust sensor × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Male Header 40 Position 1 Row (0.1") × 1 SparkFun Snappable Protoboard × 1 Software apps and online…... Listed under: , ,
  428. Pick to Light Project 2 WiFi
    In the second project in my pick to light, I am using WIFI to pass the data between PC and Arduino. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm…... Listed under: ,
  429. Arduino-based Front Office Visitor Alarm
    This Arduino based visitor alarm is useful for offices, clinics and shops. It alerts you to the entry of a visitor by producing a beep sound every time the door is opened. The alarm automatically switches off after a few seconds. Circuit and working Circuit…... Listed under:
  430. Azure Stream Analytics saving lives!
    Azure Stream Analytics watches sensors, control device autonomously, send Tweets and alerts in case of a hazard. Controllable by smartphone. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Graphic LCD 84x48 - Nokia 5110 × 1 Texas Instruments LM2596 DC-DC 4.5-40V…... Listed under: ,
  431. Hackable Christmas Greeting Card
    In this post we will make a cool Christmas greeting card with the possibility of changing the music and much more, with Cayenne IoT. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 1 Buzzer × 1 Jumper wires (generic)…... Listed under: ,
  432. Arduino Projects: Audio VU Meter
    Presented here is an Arduino based audio meter that uses a liquid crystal display (LCD). A VU meter or standard volume indicator (SVI) is a device that displays a representation of signal level in audio equipment. In this project, the intensity of left-channel and right-channel audio signals…... Listed under:
  433. Control your Human-Like Robot from Anywhere you Are!
    Buto is my 'real steel' robot project. Now, BuTO has been connected to the Internet and can be controlled remotely. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Dynamixel Servo MX-64T × 2 Dynamixel Servo…... Listed under: ,
  434. Using IoT to Remotely Control a Robotic Arm
    Controlling a robotic arm to pick up and drop objects is difficult enough, without IoT it would be near impossible to do this remotely. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services MATLAB Arduino IDE Hand tools…... Listed under: ,
  435. DC Motor Starter Using Arduino Uno Board
    Motor starter reduces the load, torque and current surge of a motor during startup. On starting, the motor takes more than five times the normal running current. This overheats the motor’s armature winding and creates a sudden voltage dip in the power supply, which can…... Listed under:
  436. Singing Arduino
    Would you like to surprise someone with a song? Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Buzzer × 1 5 mm LED: Red × 1 5 mm LED: Green × 1 Resistor 330 ohm × 1 Story Would you like to…... Listed under: ,
  437. SD Sketch Update
    How to use the new Arduino SDU library for SAMD boards to update the sketch on your board, putting it on an SD! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino MKR Zero × 1 Arduino SD card × 1 Software…... Listed under: ,
  438. Interfacing Multiple LCDs With Arduino
    Here we describe interfacing of three 16×2 LCDs with common data lines to an Arduino Uno board. Four data lines of all the three LCDs are connected to digital pins of the Arduino Uno board but data displayed on each LCD is different.   Circuit…... Listed under:
  439. Arduino NeoPixel Wifi
    An application to rule the neopixels all. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Ring: WS2812 5050 RGB LED × 1 Story I love LEDs but as much as I love them, you have to manually pull the color…... Listed under: , ,
  440. Notification of Orders in Tindie
    When you have a new order in Tindie your Arduino warn you. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 1 Software apps and online services Tindie API Arduino IDE Hand tools and fabrication machines Laser cutter (generic) Story…... Listed under: ,
  441. Arduino Based Digital IC Tester Using MATLAB
    Testing of digital electronic systems generally involves applying a set of test stimuli to inputs of the device-under-test (DUT) and analyzing responses of the system using a response analyzer. If the DUT generates correct output responses (also called the golden response) for all the input…... Listed under:
  442. DRS Oil Container
    An oil container that can automatically order new oil via Amazon DRS when the oil level in the container is low. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 (Generic) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Software…... Listed under: ,
  443. Home Temperature while you’re on holiday …
    When you are out of your home for Christmas Holiday you can visualize the Temp and Humidity values by your smartwatch using ArduinoMKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Breadboard (generic)…... Listed under: ,
  444. Controlling A Linear Actuator With An Arduino
    There is a wide application of linear actuator where one wants to move something but they do not want to physically get involved in moving it. There are quite a number of ways to control linear actuators depending on the application and the user experience…... Listed under:
  445. Seat Monitor
    Using ARTIK cloud to monitor cabin seat state. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Realtek Ameba RTL8195 Board × 1 Piezo Sensor × 1 Seeed Grove - Piezo Vibration Sensor × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK…... Listed under: ,
  446. Tack your Gait!
    Everyone has a certain Gait-Rythtm! ..influenced by architecture and our surrounding. This Project should Tack your Gait and find yours. Things used in this project Hardware components Velostat, Linqstat × 1 SparkFun Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver × 1 Coppertape (narrow) × 1 cork 2mm…... Listed under: , , ,
  447. Generic STM32 board with Arduino
    Described here is a simple way to load a program without bootloader. An additional thing needed is a USB to Serial/UART/TTL adapter (3.3V level). Connect the USB to Serial board as follows, and power up the STM32 board from a USB port/power supply. • RXD…... Listed under:
  448. Spartan WiFi Pager System
    Simple Wifi pager system. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD - 16x2 White on Blue × 1 Story This project is an initial stage of the Spartan WIFI pager system ( First step in this stage is…... Listed under: ,
  449. Telegram Bot Library
    Host a Telegram Bot on your Arduino and chat with your brand new IoT device! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino Web Editor Story Learn how to use the Telegram Bot library, host a…... Listed under: , ,
  450. Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car
    Nowadays smartphones can be used to control a host of electrical and electronic devices including motors, music systems and lights. Here we present an Arduino based robot car, which can be controlled using an Android smartphone having ArduinoRC application installed in it. This bot receives…... Listed under:
  451. IoT4Car (2)
    ObdiiUartMkrShield is a socket board for Arduino MKR board to talk with vehicles through ODB-II interface. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 OSH Park Custom fabricated PCB × 1 Sparkfun - OBDII to DB9 cable × 1 Software apps and…... Listed under: ,
  452. Simple Water Quality Analysis
    An easy-to-build and low-cost water quality monitor. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 5 Resistor 4.75k ohm × 2 Gold-Plated Pin × 7 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story After…... Listed under: ,
  453. PC-based Oscilloscope Using Arduino
    Oscilloscopes are an essential tool for electronics hobbyists and professionals to verify that their designs would work as expected. PC-based oscilloscopes score over standalone oscilloscopes due to their compact size, low cost and ability to do offline analysis. Here we describe how you can make…... Listed under:
  454. Christmas Presents Intruder Detector
    See when your kids move their presents! Detector sets off an audio alarm and sends an alert directly to your phone! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Solderless Breadboard Half Size × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Adafruit Piezo…... Listed under: , ,
  455. Arduino Environmental Monitoring
    Periodically measure environmental conditions and send them to WolkAbout IoT Platform to monitor the environment remotely. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 MikroElektronika Environment click × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE WolkAbout IoT Platform Hand tools and…... Listed under: ,
  456. RFID Based Access Control Using Arduino
    RFID is a non-contact, automatic identification technology that uses radio signals to identify, track, sort and detect a variety of objects including people, vehicles, goods and assets without the need for direct contact or line-of-sight contact (as found necessary in bar code technology). RFID technology…... Listed under:
  457. Smart Connected Open Source Pot (Scopot)
    A Smart Pot that has all the component inside of the pot and gives the light and humidity data to the web Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Solid State Relay × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Breadboard (generic)…... Listed under: ,
  458. IoT Cloud – Getting Started
    Get familiar with the Arduino IoT Cloud and take your first steps into the world of connected objects. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 A MKR1010 is also a perfect option, or you could use a MKR IOT Bundle (see below) ×…... Listed under: , ,
  459. Arduino Based Programmable Digital Data Display
    LCDs are widely used in applications like token-display machines in smalls and supermarkets, order number displays in restaurants and café, and so on. The project presented here demonstrates the working of Arduino based message display on LCD using Bluetooth.   Circuit and working This circuit…... Listed under:
  460. Keep Me Clean
    A sensor That detects when a diaper needs changing. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Story A Methane Sensor attached to an Genuino mkr1000 sends notifications to Azure when poop (methane) is detected for a period of time. Schematics Device…... Listed under: ,
  461. Solar UPS controller/automatic transfer switch
    Get your essential appliances off the grid with just one solar panel Things used in this project Hardware components Particle Spark Core × 1 Arduino Nano R3 × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Story [UPDATE] Now using MKR1000 to control the UNplug unit I replaced…... Listed under: ,
  462. Arduino Based RGB Colour Code Generator
    Red, green and blue (RGB) are the basic colours for generatingvarious other colours by mixing colours in a particular proportion. This technique is used in TVs, mobiles etc. Similarly, Web designing using HTML or any other language requires the hex code of a particular colour…... Listed under:
  463. IOT Lighted Xmas Tree
    Do you want to conserve energy and turn the Christmas tree lights on/off when not required? In IOT era, that can be done using MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 PowerSwitch Tail II × 1 Software apps and online…... Listed under: ,
  464. RGB Infinity Mirror with 3D Magnetic Sensor
    An infinity mirror with an RGB LED strip that can change its color using Infineon's 3D magnetic sensor knob connected to an Arduino MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Infineon 3D Magnetic Sensor 2Go × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Darlington High Power…... Listed under: ,
  465. Humidity And Temperature monitoring Using Arduino With The IoT
    Using the Internet of Things (IoT) in homes and industries it is possible to control any electrical or electronic equipment. Moreover, you can get the information from any sensor and analyse it graphically or in any user-defined format from anywhere in the world. The IoT…... Listed under:
  466. Scheduled Relays
    This project will show you how to schedule to drive the outputs on a MKR Relay Proto Shield using a MKR1000! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino…... Listed under: ,
  467. WiFi Robot
    I have created the framework for WiFi and voice control of a robot. The MKR1000 chip enables us to receive controls over WiFi. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DC motor (generic) × 2 Wheels × 1 SparkFun Dual H-Bridge…... Listed under: , ,
  468. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Using Arduino UNO And Blynk
    This Wi-Fi controlled robot can be controlled from anywhere using the ARMA IoT shield for UNO and the Blynk App which provides the user interface.       Overview Simple WiFi Controlled Robot Using ARMA IoT and Blynk! This project uses an Arduino Uno connected…... Listed under:
  469. Worlds First Remote Control Human
    This project will allow you to control someone through the internet using the MKR1000 and Electric Muscle Stimulation also known as EMS. Things used in this project Hardware components General Purpose Transistor NPN × 2 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and…... Listed under: ,
  470. Salt Warehouses Monitoring with Arduino & Artik Cloud
    In this Article i will demonstrate how to connect Arduino MKR1000 with Artik Cloud & monitor salt/Dairy warehouses Temperature & Humidity. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 3 Breadboard (generic) ×…... Listed under: ,
  471. DIY: Arduino Chatting
    Networking is the one of the most important mean of communication used to communicate with people who are connected to one. Most of the available network communication modules in the market are not affordable by the overall end users. Considering this problem, a prototype has…... Listed under:
  472. Intel Edison as Azure IoTHub gateway
    Using Intel Edison as gateway and redirecting data from Arduimo MKR1000 to Microsoft Azure IoTHub. Things used in this project Hardware components Intel Edison × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Microsoft Azure Arduino Web Editor Story Background Workshop project during…... Listed under: ,
  473. IoT Christmas Tree Topper
    A cool star decoration for Chritmas Trees powered by Arduino MKR1000 Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 3 mm LED: Yellow × 16 Resistor 221 ohm × 4 Jumper wires (generic) × 8 Female header 8 position 2 row (2*4)…... Listed under: ,
  474. Road to Santa Claus
    Waiting for Santa? Count down to his arrival with this MKR1000 device.  Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino Road to Santa Claus Kit × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Arduino Web Editor Hand tools and fabrication machines Vinyl glue…... Listed under: , ,
  475. Wide Range Alarm System
    This is an alarm system based on the MKR1000 and a raspberry pi 2 or 3. The system will detect different alarms and notify you if necessary. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B × 1…... Listed under: ,
  476. Arduino as AVR Programmer
    For my project I need two Arduino boards, but I have only one Arduino Mega 2560 board (refer Fig. 1). I can either buy an Arduino Uno board (that costs approx. Rs. 1400 in India) or I can make an Arduino board using a fresh…... Listed under:
  477. GoPRO Shutter
    Make your own custom GoPRO shutter using a MKR1000 board, 3 buttons and 3 LEDs. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 3 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm × 3 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1…... Listed under: , ,
  478. Holiday Wreath Automation
    Automate your holiday wreath using an Arduino MKR1000, NeoPixels, and a buzzer. Get notified via SMS/email when someone is at the door. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 NeoPixel strip × 1 Buzzer × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Jumper…... Listed under: ,
  479. My Home1000 Holiday Things for HOME Automation & Control
    Remotely we control our home with MKR1000 and IOT of Blynk. We can manage the boiler, the 'anti-theft irrigation, open the Automatic Gate. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 2 SparkFun BMP180…... Listed under: , ,
  480. Arduino-Based Shadow Alarm
    Shadow alarms are usually used for protection against theft. A shadow alarm is a device that sounds an alarm when a shadow falls on it. Described here is a simple circuit of an Arduino-based shadow alarm. This compact shadow alarm unit is capable of sensing…... Listed under:
  481. Control a Lamp with MKR Relay Proto Shield
    Set an alarm with MKR1000 and MKR Relay Proto Shield to turn a lamp on/off. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR Relay Proto Shield × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Desktop Lamp × 1 Hand tools and fabrication machines Adafruit Wire Strippers…... Listed under:
  482. Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi
    Arduino is a perfect mindless slave. Give it a job and it performs the task endlessly without defaulting even for a nano second. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi, or Raspi, is a computer that has a brain of its own. But, it may falter…... Listed under:
  483. Temperature Logger With Arduino And Artik Cloud
    Sending temperature from Arduino MKR1000 to Artik Cloud. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT Arduino IDE Story Hi, In this project find temperature using LM35 ic and post data into artik cloud. The…... Listed under: , ,
  484. My XL Wireless Photo Wall – PictureLED
    A project utilizing the mkr1000 and 960 ws2812b to display a picture on the wall, you take a photo with the smartphone and you can see it! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 WS2812B x 60 1M led strip ×…... Listed under: ,
  485. Designing Smart Chatbot with IoT for home automation with videos (Hindi & English)
    In this project, we will be using ESP8266 12e manufactured by Lolin to make a Chatbot that can control our home applications. To chat with our chatbot, we will use Facebook messenger platform. Also, we will integrate some AI into our chatbot using Chatfuel. It will…... Listed under:
  486. Web Enabled 4 Wheeled Robot using a Photon
    Expanding upon MKR1000 based Robot project, I created this 4 wheeled Robot. Things used in this project Hardware components Particle Photon × 1 Adafruit Basic Robot Kit × 1 Amazon Web Services L298N × 1 Adafruit DC Motor in Servo Chassis × 4 Adafruit Wheels…... Listed under: ,
  487. Mini Christmas IoT Show!
    Handmade MKR1000 IoT Christmas show made of colored cardboard paper. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DFRobot DFPlayer × 1 Speaker: 0.25W, 8 ohms × 1 LED (generic) × 10 Servos (Tower Pro MG996R) × 4 Software apps and online…... Listed under: ,
  488. Logging Sensor Data in MS EXCEL through MATLAB GUI
    The measurement and analysis of process parameters such as temperature, flow, conductivity, speed, viscosity, and stress play a crucial role in providing information about the process/system under consideration. Parameter values are logged into a computer (using a process called data acquisition) and acquired data is…... Listed under:
  489. Christmas Tree Water Level via Cayenne and MKR1000
    When you have a 'real' Christmas tree, it is important to keep it watered. This project monitors the water level and emails alerts. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 water level sensor × 1 LED (generic) × 4 Resistor 220…... Listed under: ,
  490. With your Smart Phone and Arduino MKR1000 Blink a LED
    The idea is to test the Arduino MKR1000, controlling the on board LED from your smart phone (this case iPhone SE. Hacksterlive Bogota. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Apple iPhone × 1 Software apps and online services Snappy Ubuntu…... Listed under:
  491. IoT Node with STM32F4 Discovery, MKR1000 and Azure IoT Hub
    With MKR1000 and Azure IoT Hub, STM32F4 Discovery Board is used to send acceleration and other random telemetry data to Azure IoT Hub. Things used in this project Hardware components STMicroelectronics STM32F407G-DISC1 × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services AdaCore GNAT…... Listed under:
  492. Dual sharing RTC
    Necessity I have an old window AC at my lab, situated at the terrace. The AC needs to be run intermittently more so often when I’m out of the station and the lab PC needs to be cooled down during the intense noon time when…... Listed under:
  493. Simulate GPS/Read Photoresistor with MKR1000/ADAFRUIT
    "ADAFRUIT IO" makes IoT for everyone. Here we publish the data from a photo-resistor and a simulated GPS. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Photo resistor × 1 Resistor 1k ohm × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE…... Listed under: ,
  494. Smart Irrigation System
    This project is based on the AEIOU heuristic framework of Design Engineering Approach. Design for Performance, Safety and Reliability is ensured in terms of segregation of the low voltage and the high voltage parts of the circuit. Design for Manufacturability and Assembly is ensured in…... Listed under:
  495. Hello World with Arduino/Genuino MKR1000: Relay Board and AP
    Not the simple "Hello World" app but a semi-serious play with the MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Relay (generic) × 1 Story I won a MKR1000 at the Hackster contest and I got it on my mailbox so…... Listed under:
  496. Control MeArm Robot With MKR1000 And Your Smartphone
    This project allows you to control a MeArm Robot with your smartphone, as if you had many potentiometers in your hands. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD - 16x2 White…... Listed under:
  497. Tiny Wi-Fi Switch for $3
    Out of curiosity, I ordered the tiny ESP8266 relay switch from but never knew it could be so embarrassing to find the right way to operate. The vendor said that the switching program is inbuilt and I only have to use some android phone…... Listed under:
  498. IoT Wine-Tender-Arduino MKR1000!
    This circuit serves a wine using a mini water pump all controlled from your phone. Enjoy it during your holidays! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DC motor (generic) × 1 SparkFun Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L298 × 1 Software…... Listed under: ,
  499. Monitor fridge with Arduino MKR1000 and thethings.iO
    To assure that your beer (and other) beverages are at a cool temperature, today we show you how to remotely monitor your fridge! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Temperature sensor DS18B20 × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 3 Hand…... Listed under: ,
  500. Smallest IoT Home Automation using ESP8266 – 01 with Videos (Hindi & English)
    In this project, we will be using the ESP8266 – 01 Wi-Fi Development board to make asmall home automation that has Wi-Fi featured in it. The system operates on a local web server and is easy to use for the novice. With this project, we…... Listed under:
  501. Temperature Monitoring with Arduino MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud
    Setup an Arduino MKR1000 board to read temperature data and send those readings to ARTIK Cloud for monitoring. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Temperature Sensor × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT Story This…... Listed under:
  502. Control your MKR1000 with aREST Framework
    You can control your MKR1000 remotely with a RESTFUL interface. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Resistor 220 ohm × 2 Jumper wires (generic) × 5 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story It would…... Listed under:
  503. Home Automation using Bluetooth of ESP32 with Videos (Hindi & English)
    In this project, we will be dealing with the inbuilt Bluetooth feature in ESP32 Development board and try to build an application around it. The Bluetooth system can be divided into two different categories: Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). ESP32 supports dual-mode Bluetooth,…... Listed under:
  504. Arduino MKR1000 & Thinger
    A simple Internet of Things experiment, using an Arduino MKR1000 board to control two LEDs and monitor a potentiometer, via Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Rotary potentiometer (generic) × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1…... Listed under: ,
  505. Arduino MKR1000 & Favoriot
    A simple IoT experiment, using an Arduino MKR1000 board to monitor a potentiometer and DHT11 sensor via Favoriot IoT platform. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Rotary potentiometer (generic) × 1…... Listed under:
  506. Arduino MKR1000 & Blynk
    A simple Internet of Things experiment, using an Arduino MKR1000 board to control two LEDs and monitor a potentiometer, via Blynk app. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Rotary potentiometer (generic) × 1 Breadboard (generic) ×…... Listed under:
  507. IoT and Touch-Based Home Automation with Video (Hindi & English)
    We have seen various applications of IoT but what about adding the touch to it. In this project, we will add simple touch buttons to the ESP-32 Wi-Fi module. ESP-32 is a great module to design IoT applications and adding touch to it will make…... Listed under:
  508. Arduino Mkr1000 and Java Swing Shooting Game
    Arduino Mkr1000 + Uno + Leonardo + Java = Christmas shooting game. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Arduino Leonardo × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 3.7V battery × 1 HC-06 Bluetooth Module × 2 Arcade Button…... Listed under:
  509. Internet of Things (IoT) LED Lamp with Video (Hindi & English)
    In this project, we handle the output pin of ESP32 for switching and dimming a DC LED lamp using a local Web server.  For a local Web server, we do not need an Internet connection; we can handle everything over Wi-Fi. To make this work, we use…... Listed under:
  510. Arduino MKR1000 + Android + Relay = Christmas gift lock
    Santa is here but you need to guess your gift's password! It's a great starting point if you're new to Arduino MKR1000, networking & Android Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1…... Listed under: ,
  511. Arduino MKR1000 Kit
    Best in Class Arduino MKR1000 Controller. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Arduino MKR1000 Kit - Android Apple Arduino MKR1000 Kit - iOS Story This tutorial will focus on how to control and…... Listed under:
  512. Vehicle Tracking System Based on GPS and GSM
    Presented here is an Arduino-based vehicle tracking system using global positioning system (GPS) and global system for mobile communication (GSM) modules. GSM modem with a SIM card used here uses the communication technique of a regular cellphone. The system can be installed or hidden in…... Listed under:
  513. Arduino MKR1000/Zero Neopixel Throwie
    A WiFi controlled NeoPixel display. Designed for the MKR1000 but should work for the Zero too. A little rough around the edges but works! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Ring: WS2812 5050 RGB LED × 1 Adafruit…... Listed under:
  514. DogWatcher (MKR1000)
    This is MKR1000/Windows 10 based device to keep your dog out of areas he should not be in by sounding an alarm and taking his photo. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B You can use…... Listed under:
  515. ARTIK + MKR1000 + DHT11 + MQTT
    An IOT app which make uses of ARTIK Cloud, Genuino MKR1000, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and MQTT protocol. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 2 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Software apps…... Listed under: ,
  516. 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube
    This article describes how to build a 4x4x4 RGB LED CUBE (Fig. 6) that is controlled by Arduino. Cube construction We need 64 common cathode RGB LEDs for our cube. Test all LEDs before soldering. Bend all the leads out 90 degrees apart as shown…... Listed under:
  517. Arduino MKR1000 – DHT – Artik cloud
    Sending temperature and humidity from Arduino MKR1000 to Artik Cloud Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT Arduino IDE Story Background This…... Listed under: ,
  518. IoT Power Tracker for Your Home
    The power tracker is an IOT based device that helps us to keep track of our power consumption. It also alerts us when we are exceeding the power usage limit. With this device, we don’t have to wait until the end of the month to…... Listed under:
  519. Arduino MKR1000 Weather Station
    Weather station monitors temperature, pressure, light, dust, soil moisture values and displays on the OLED screen and Cayenne dashboard. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor × 1 Adafruit BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temperature × 1 OLED display I2C…... Listed under: ,
  520. MKR1000 Message of the Day
    Use Arduino MKR1000 and a LCD to set the message of the day. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD - 16x2 White on Blue × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story I wanted to…... Listed under: ,
  521. Iot Home Automation Using ESP-32 with Videos (Hindi & English)
    Back in earlier days, when the word Internet of Things (IoT) was not a sound bite, developers of this field used various Wi-Fi shields to enable the Wi-Fi feature in their development boards. Following this, in 2014, the low-cost Wi-Fi enabled chip ESP-01 caught everyone’s…... Listed under:
  522. MKR1000 with Windows 10
    Arduino MKR1000 with Windows 10 remote arduino using Wifi connection. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Hand tools and fabrication machines wifi router Story Hello everyone. First I want to say that this project is for the world's largest Arduino…... Listed under:
  523. MKR1000 Christmas IoTree with Cayenne Project Builder
    Automate your Christmas tree and get notified when motion is detected around the tree! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 2 PIR Motion Sensor (generic) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Relay (generic) This is a really easy relay to…... Listed under: ,
  524. DC Power Meter for 0-55V 20A Work Bench Power Supply
    This project describes how to make a low-cost DC power meter that can be used for displaying Voltage, current, power and the running time of operation. This is useful and can be used as the display for your bench power supply too. This can be…... Listed under:
  525. MKR1000 to
    A fairly simple project that attaches everyone's favorite environmental monitor, the DHT, to the Arduino MKR1000 then transmits sensor data. Things used in this project Hardware components DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) Arduino MKR1000 Story I had already developed code for the ESP8266…... Listed under: ,
  526. MKR1000 Unboxing and Testing (7 Steps)
    The first run and the first troubles with the Arduino MKR 1000. FAQ. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story Finally I've got the board Genuino/Arduino MKR1000. It was well packed and fast shipped.…... Listed under:
  527. Temperature Monitoring on Smartphone
    This article describes a temperature monitoring system on an Android smartphone. Temperature is sensed by a temperature sensor installed in the circuit and is sent over Bluetooth to the smartphone. An Android application is used in the smartphone to display temperature data. The system provides…... Listed under:
  528. MKR1000 RGB Strip Controller
    Using the power of a winning idea, an MKR1000, and a TLC5940 to add RGB lighting to my workspace. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Texas Instruments TLC5940 12V 30A Power Supply Software apps and online services Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Arduino…... Listed under:
  529. Ultimate 6V powering board you will ever need!
    (AllNewsStories Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Mar 5, 2019 ( – The board we are talking about is a perfect solution for powering the 6V systems like Arduino and Raspi. The device will be live on Indiegogo soon. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development boards have gained much…... Listed under:
  530. MKR1000 Connecting to the WiFi (3 steps)
    How to connect the Arduino MKR 1000 with the WiFi. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story How to connect the MKR 1000 with the WiFi? - It's easier than you think. The…... Listed under:
  531. Build Your Own Digital Weighing Machine
    This article describes how to build a simple and low-cost digital kitchen weighing machine, which can measure weight of up to five kilograms. This digital weighing machine is easier to design. For a heavy-duty weighing machine like your bathroom scale, just change the load cell…... Listed under:
  532. MKR1000 Temp and Humidity Sensor
    Send temperature and humidity data from an Arduino MKR1000 to Microsoft Azure. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Software apps and online services Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Arduino IDE Arduino…... Listed under: ,
  533. MKR1000 Pushover Status
    Send status messages of your MKR1000 via Pushover service to your mobile phone, etc. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Story An IoT node must be trimmed to reduce current consumption due to battery life. A WiFi-based node as Arduino MKR1000 needs…... Listed under: ,
  534. Microcontroller Projects: Fridge Temperature and Humidity Indicator
    We can measure temperature and humidity inside the fridge using a normal temperature-humidity indicator but relative humidity (RH) could be inaccurate in that case. The moment the fridge door is opened, RH will shoot up due to ingress or egress of moisture in the surroundings.…... Listed under:
  535. ESP32 Internet Radio
    The cheap MP3 VS1053 codec processor from is told to be capable of decoding a variety of music formats, including Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio. VS1053 is also capable of recording in Ogg Vobis file but all the guidance that is available on Internet are either…... Listed under:
  536. Weather Forecasting on ESP32
    In any power utility corporation ash dyke management is a huge issue. For fugitive dust control huge sprinklers that spray water all along the dry portion of the dyke are used but maintenance of these sprinklers is a problem as we really don’t have any…... Listed under:
  537. Automatic Railway Gate for Unmanned Railway Crossing
    The aim of this project is to save lives of people who are crossing unmanned railway crossings; by providing an automatic railway gate solution. There are many accidents occurred and lives are lost while crossing the unmanned railway crossings in India. Materials Used: Wood Thermocol…... Listed under:
  538. Reaction Time Game
    This  reaction time game tests the time taken by two players to react, and declare the fastest one as a winner. To do this I am using external interrupts and pin change interrupts in atmega328p. It gives four chance to each play, time of each…... Listed under:
  539. Connected Message Lamps using ESP8266 | IoT Projects
    It is not just another Engraved LED lamp that you see on the market nowadays. This is an advanced version of that lamps. In the era of connected devices, I have made my own connected lamps. This project is inspired by Filimin: A Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Light That…... Listed under:
  540. Getting started with NodeMCU development board for IoT
    Since Internet of Things (IoT) projects are now quite popular, I recently bought a NodeMCU board to try IoT application development. The NodeMCU development board is an open source board based on ESP8266EX microcontroller with integrated Wi-Fi transceiver. Uploading programs to NodeMCU from any computer…... Listed under:
  541. Digital Soil Moisture Meter
    A digital soil moisture meter is used for indicating the water content of a given soil sample. [caption id="attachment_31551" align="alignright" width="300"] Soil moisture sensor head[/caption]   As crop production requires water at different stages and in different amounts, it is important to measure soil moisture…... Listed under:
  542. Ultra-Low-Power Sensor Hub Using nRF24L01 Modules
    Presented here is an ATmega328P microcontroller-based ultra low power sensor hub using nRF24L01+ radio frequency (RF) transceiver modules having transmitter and receiver units. The transmitter sends humidity and temperature values of a place to the receiver kept at a remote location for display on an…... Listed under:
  543. Simple Event Counter
    Microcontroller based miniscule event counter presented here is based on the inexpensive Digispark Attiny development board. One advantage of this design is that any type of active or passive switch can be connected to its trigger input. Whenever the switch closes event will be counted…... Listed under:
  544. How to Play with Pancake Vibration Motors
    Nowadays numerous electronic devices make use of vibrotactile feedback to increase user interaction with the help of suitable haptic feedback hardware like the eccentric rotating mass motors, linear resonant actuators, and piezoelectric actuators. The most popular type of eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motor inside of…... Listed under:
  545. Short-Range FM Radio Station
    This article shows you how to build a small radio station at home and share music with others. The station can also be used for making announcements in colleges, industries, hospitals, schools and other places using a condenser mic amplifier circuit. In this project an…... Listed under:
  546. Line Frequency Meter Based On Reciprocal Counting
    Precise measurement of line signal frequency is very important in many applications, especially in the management of power grid systems. Tasks like calibration of governors of engines that run generators in power plants need a resolution up to 0.01Hz. Frequency is also an important parameter…... Listed under:
  547. Voice-Controlled Home Automation System
    This is a project for a voice controlled home automation system to control appliances with your voice through an Android app. An Arduino Mega board is used for controlling the relay through which an appliance is switched on/off. You can modify the Android app to…... Listed under:
  548. LDR Based DC Motor Speed Control
    A light-dependent resistor (LDR) whose resistance is inversely proportional to the intensity of light is often used as a sensor in electronic projects that involve the use of light. This LDR based DC motor speed control project uses an LDR to control the speed of…... Listed under:
  549. IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone
    Presented here is a IoT enabled air pollution meter to monitor air quality on your smartphone using Blynk application and Arduino board. Blynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the like over the Internet. In this project Blynk…... Listed under:
  550. Controlling A Robotic Car Through MATLAB GUI
    This project presents the implementation of a MATLAB based graphical user interface (GUI) to control the movement of a robotic car. The commands to move the car in forward, reverse, right and left directions are sent from the GUI and processed by Arduino Uno board…... Listed under:
  551. Microcontroller Projects: Sonar Water-Level Meter
    Three-fourths of the earth is water, out of which 97 per cent is saline (in oceans, seas and groundwater). The remaining 2.5 per cent to 2.75 per cent is fresh water , out of which 1.75 per cent to two per cent is frozen in…... Listed under:
  552. Sequential Tilt-Motion Lock
    Here is a project for locking and unlocking with a tilt sensor by tilting it in a defined sequence. It uses an accelerometer module to detect the tilt motion. If the sequence matches with the predefined motion sequence, the lock opens. You can build this…... Listed under:
  553. Analogue Input on Raspberry Pi
    While you can connect your analogue input/output devices to Arduino very easily, it is not so easy with Raspberry Pi (Raspi). There are no analogue GPIO pins on Raspi; all GPIOs of Raspi are digital. Circuit diagram of an analogue sensor on Raspi However, simple…... Listed under:
  554. Serial LCD Module
    In most electronic systems, it is necessary to provide information in the visual form for a convenient user interface. The most commonly used displays in electronic systems are LED, LCD and TFT. Amongst these, an LCD display is the most cost-effective solution as it can…... Listed under:
  555. RGB LED Cube with Sound to Light Capabilities
    RGB LED Cube with Sound to Light Capabilities (1)
    The objective of our final project was to build a 5x5x5 RGB LED cube that can display a certain color depending on the frequency of music playing. There are two main components of this project. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31240,31241"] The first part is the hardware…... Listed under:
  556. Magnetometer Parking Sensor
    Magnetometer Parking Sensor(2)
    The objective of our project was to develop a wireless sensor device to be used for detecting motor vehicles, along with their direction of travel. The sensor is to be used in a larger system to monitor parking lot traffic by counting ins and outs…... Listed under:
  557. Balance Beam Controller
    Balance Beam Controller(2)
    The purpose of our final project was to create an unstable system that would allow us to investigate classical control design methods by controlling the system using a microcomputer. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31225,31226"] This was accomplished by creating a teeter-totter that pivoted around a central…... Listed under:
  558. “The Note is Right” Pitch Tuning Game
    Pitch Tuning Game (2)
    The objective of this project is to provide a multiplayer “pitch tuning” game in which the computer can determine the frequency of players’ input notes. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31217,31218"] The system guides two users through various states in which they are each given the chance…... Listed under:
  559. Digital Multimeter
    The purpose of this project was to design a functioning digital meter to measure voltage, current, and resistance to a known accuracy. The project involved the integration of hardware and software to take an input measurement signal from a pair of high and low leads…... Listed under:
  560. Four Channel Temperature Controller
    Four Channel Temperature Controller (1)
    For our final project, we designed a 4-channel temperature controller using PID control. The system was designed to monitor and regulate the temperature of four individual channels by applying 120V to heating elements using on/off switching. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31204,31205"] This switching was indirectly manipulated…... Listed under:
  561. Anti-Collision (Wall Hugging) Robot
    Anti-Collision Robot (2)
    Our project consists of a vehicle designed to avoid collisions with objects and walls. The vehicle achieves this through the use of an onboard sensor to determine when such an object was close by. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31197,31198"] After recognizing an object within a certain…... Listed under:
  562. Pushbutton → Push Notification
    How many mundane devices upgrade to IoT because they let you monitor a single data point or a variable? That little nudge over the communication precipice allows you to charge 500% more. Now, if you are as handy as a Hackaday reader, you can throw…... Listed under:
  563. The Picture Drawing Robot
    The Picture Drawing Robot (2)
    The desired outcome of our final project was to create an autonomous robot that was programmed to move through a series of figures, then stop. Due to time constraints we limited the robot to “ drawing ” two figures, a five pointed star as well…... Listed under:
  564. Alarm System
    Alarm System (2)
    The objective of our project was to create an alarm system that could detect an intruder using an IR motion sensor. We used a keypad so the user could enter their password to arm and disarm the system. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31154,31155"] We also included…... Listed under:
  565. Home Energy Monitor
    The purpose of the Home Energy Monitor Final Project is to give people a better idea how much electrical power they consume in a residential system. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="31149,31148"] The method used for this application will utilize a clip on noninvasive current sensor on…... Listed under:
  566. RGB LED Strip Clock
    For the final project we made an analog style clock with an Arduino microcontroller. To do this we used three major components: an RGB LED Strip, a DeadOn RTC, and a custom user interface. The LED strip is used to set the display around the…... Listed under:
  567. ReFlex Reaction Game
    ReFlex Reaction Game(2)
    We decided to construct a game for our final project for Microcomputer Architecture. The game, which we named Reflex [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="31137,31138"] is a simple player versus player reaction game in which the winner is rewarded with a drink of their choice, poured into…... Listed under:
  568. RGB LED Grid
    RGB LED Grid (2)
    This project involved creating a red, blue, green (RGB) light emitting diode (LED) matrix that displayed the colors of the rainbow. The colors of the rainbow were chosen to show the full color spectrum that the LEDs are capable of, while still giving distinct variation…... Listed under:
  569. Smart Aquarium
    Smart Aquarium (1)
    The goal of our project is to display the status of a previously implemented smart aquarium. The previously implemented system includes an external power supply, Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield, ULN2803 driver, 4 120V AC relays, and 4 controlled 120V AC receptacles, and a servo motor…... Listed under:
  570. 8 Best Arduino Starter Kit for Beginners
    Best Arduino Starter Kit Arduino Starter Kit from Arduino Elegoo Uno Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino Osoyoo Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino with Mega2560 and UNO R3 Board…... Listed under:
  571. Oct Home Automation using ESP8266 & Blynk App – IoT
    A home automation system is an automating the bulk of electronic and electrical tasks within a home. It uses a combination of hardware and software to enable control and management over appliances and devices within a home. Home automation not only refers to reduce human efforts but also energy…... Listed under:
  572. Interfacing Flame Sensor with Arduino to Build a Fire Alarm System
    In this article we interface Flame Sensor with Arduino and learn all the steps to build Fire Alarm System by using Arduino and flame sensor. Flame sensor module has photodiode to detect the light and op-amp to control the sensitivity. It is used to detect fire and provide HIGH signal upon…... Listed under:
  573. DIY Arduino Motor Driver Shield
    In this DIY session, we make an Arduino Motor Driver Shield to drive DC motors, stepper motor and Servo Motor. Compatible with Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega, this motor driver shield can operate 4 DC motors or 1 stepper motor and 2 servo motors at a time. Here two L293D…... Listed under:
  574. Record and Play 3D Printed Robotic Arm using Arduino
    Record and Play 3D Printed Robotic Arm using Arduino Robotic Arms have proved themselves useful and more productive in many applications where speed, accuracy and safety is required. But to me, what’s more than that is these things are cool to look at when they…... Listed under:
  575. Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope
    Arduino Based Real-Time Oscilloscope The Oscilloscope is one of the most important tools you will find on the workbench of any electronics engineer or maker. It is primarily used for viewing waveform and determining voltage levels, frequency, noise and other parameters of signals applied at…... Listed under:
  576. Controlling Arduino with Raspberry Pi using pyFirmata
    Controlling Arduino with Raspberry Pi using pyFirmata Although Raspberry Pi and Arduino are two different hardware in terms of their applications and structure, but they both are considered as two competing open source hardware platforms. They both have very strong community and support. Today we will slightly change…... Listed under:
  577. DIY Self Balancing Robot using Arduino
    After being inspired by RYNO motors and other self balancing scooters from Segway, I always wanted to build something similar. Thinking for while, I decided to build a Self Balancing Robot using Arduino. This way I would be able to grasp the underlying concept behind all…... Listed under:
  578. Arduino Wattmeter: Measure Voltage, Current and Power Consumption
    As electronics engineers, we always depend upon meters/instruments to measure and analyse the working of a circuit. Starting with a simple multimeter to a complex power quality analysers or DSOs everything has their own unique applications. Most of these meters are readily available and can…... Listed under:
  579. LC Meter using Arduino: Measuring Inductance and Frequency
    All embedded lovers are familiar with multimeter which a great tool to measure voltage, current, resistance etc. A multimeter can measure them easily. But sometimes we need to measure inductance and capacitance which is not possible with a normal multimeter. There are some special multimeters…... Listed under:
  580. Analog Speedometer Using Arduino and IR Sensor
    Measuring the speed/rpm of a Vehicle or a motor has always been a fascinating project to try. In this project, we are going to build a Analog Speedometer using the Arduino. We will use IR Sensor module to measure the speed. There are other ways/sensors for…... Listed under:
  581. Arduino Based Guitar Tuner
    Hi guys, during the last few weeks, I’ve been working on reconnecting with my love for the guitar. Playing the box guitar was how I relax few years back before the saxophone took over. Going back to the guitar, after 3 years of rarely strumming…... Listed under:
  582. IoT Based Patient Monitoring System using ESP8266 and Arduino
    IoT based Patient Monitoring System using ESP8266 and Arduino Health monitoring is the major problem in today’s world. Due to lack of proper health monitoring, patient suffer from serious health issues. There are lots of IoT devices now days to monitor the health of patient…... Listed under:
  583. Interfacing nRF24L01 with Arduino: Controlling Servo Motor
    Arduino NRF24L01 Tutorial to Control Servo Motor While Internet of things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Machine to Machine communication etc are getting increasingly popular the need for wireless communication has become incumbent, with more machines/devices to speak with one another on the cloud. Designers use many…... Listed under:
  584. Smart Phone Controlled Arduino Mood Light with Alarm
    Smart Phone Controlled Arduino Mood Light with Alarm I recently purchased the Neo Pixel LED strip and was quite impressed by the way it works. The tiny LED’s have an inbuilt driver IC which helps us to control each LED individually and can produce a wide spectrum…... Listed under: , ,
  585. DC Motor Control Using MATLAB and Arduino
    In this tutorial, we will show you how to control DC motor using MATLB and Arduino. If you are new with MATLAB then it is recommend to get started with simple LED blink program with MATLAB. Creating MATLAB Graphical User Interface for controlling DC Motor After finishing…... Listed under:
  586. Stepper Motor Control using MATLAB and Arduino
    Stepper motors is a brushless DC motor that rotates in discrete steps, and are the best choice for many precision motion control applications. Also, stepper motors are good for positioning, speed control and applications which require high torque at low speed. In previous tutorials of MATLAB,…... Listed under:
  587. Interfacing LabVIEW With Arduino
    Interfacing LabVIEW With Arduino In previous article of Getting Started with LabVIEW, we have seen about LabVIEW and how it can be graphically programmed and executed in computer (software level). Now in this article we learn about How to Interface LabVIEW with Arduino Board. Requirements To interface…... Listed under:
    Android robot project built on the Arduino Nano sumo the Sumo robot motor control Qik2s9v1 dual serial motor controller module, Xbee for communication via your Android phone with Bluetooth module is being used. The... Electronics Projects, Arduino Nano Android Robot Project Qik2s9v1 Xbee Bluetooth"arduino projects, avr project,…... Listed under:
    Arduino Uno kit on the Board at the entrance of the TL082 opamp used Guitar Tuning circuit audio audio input and frequency to detect the “Arduino-Frequency-Detection” software used. According to the LEDs light at... Electronics Projects, Guitar Tuning Project with Arduino Uno "arduino projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    The Robot arm is controlled with the computer 6 servo motor used robotic arm system, built on the Arduino Uno is not more complex, additional links to make the robot arm mechanics portion of... Electronics Projects, Arduino Uno Robotic Arm Project "arduino projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, " The…... Listed under:
    Arduino Kits can be merged with the Arduino Ethernet module is based on the materials used in the design of the PCB DIP ENC28j60 SMD No 3 .3V regulator is used for the material,... Electronics Projects, ENC28j60 Ethernet Module For Arduino Kit "analog circuits projects, arduino projects, microcontroller…... Listed under:
  592. Making of the Holiday Lantern
    Making a Holiday Lantern for which I can change its 'outfits' to different theme depending on the holiday seasons. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit NeoPixel Ring: WS2812 5050 RGB LED × 2 Power Bank × 1 Software apps…... Listed under:
    I’ve shared this with different time interesting projects carried out with the Arduino Uno this time, I think the most interesting thing isn’t debatable kullanışlımı project but the idea as a different kind of... Electronics Projects, Arduino Uno With Interesting Clock Project "arduino projects, avr project, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
    the Arduino Uno module held with MAX7219 8×8 LED matrix display module graphic equalizer spectrum analyzer and the filter driver in the project 2 integration of MSGEQ7. In addition, with Arduino MAX7219 for code... Electronics Projects, Spectrum Analyzer Circuit Arduino Uno "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " the Arduino Uno module held…... Listed under:
  595. Domotic Greenhouse
    Electronic greenhouse controlled real-time, because the environmental conditions change continuously, so we need an efficient monitoring. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Arduino Wifi Shield 101 × 1…... Listed under: ,
    Arduino uno USB module is controlled via the circuit built on a CNC, which supports the SVG image format in post format, used CNC motor driver L298N motor driver Arduino Uno for the project... Electronics Projects,USB CNC Project Arduino Uno "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " Arduino uno USB module…... Listed under:
  597. Say Thanks to all Courteous Drivers
    Ever want to say thanks to the nice person who just let you in line? I have thought a lot about that, and here is my solution. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver ×…... Listed under: ,
    The author has done a beautiful job with handmade membrane is quite an original view is a little tricky, but it works in the prototype experiments, a thin copper foil pieces of the paper... Electronics Projects,Handmade membrane keypad, and the Arduino application "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " The…... Listed under:
  599. CarSmart
    Smart cloud-based vehicle OBD-II diagnostics logging and analysis using Azure IoTHub, Stream Analytics, and Machine Learning. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun OBD-II-UART This board requires only three connections. I soldered pins and use wire wrap to connect to…... Listed under:
  600. Thundercatch IoT Network
    Monitor lightning activity and get alerted on dangerous situations. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 MikroElektronika Thunder click × 1 Female/Female Jumper Wires × 1 Software apps and online services Microsoft Azure Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Arduino IDE Story Introduction…... Listed under: ,
    As far as I know the system first began to be used in the image on the computer monitor Ambilight the most intense color, whatever color changes the LEDs accordingly when I find a... Electronics Projects, Piano sound controlled RGB LED ambilight Arduino Mega "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
  602. The Ugliest Sweater
    In the maker world, only boredom is truly ugly. Prevent boredom with horrible, smart flashy lights!!! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED string lights (battery-powered) × 1 General Purpose Transistor NPN I used the PN2222A (bought from Adafruit). ×…... Listed under:
  603. Alexa Controlled Door Sign Demo
    Use Alexa to tell your door sign what message to display. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Waveshare 200x200, 1.54inch E-Ink display module × 1 18650-Type Lithium Ion Battery (generic) × 1 18650-Type Battery Holder (generic) × 1 Breadboard (generic)…... Listed under: ,
    Drawing robot Arduino Uno module is built on a parts kit that was used for the mechanical part of servo motor 3 except that the toy is being used. Generate image data of the... Electronics Projects, Drawing Robot Matlab Arduino Uno Project "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " Drawing robot Arduino…... Listed under:
  605. Liquid Laundry Detergent DRS Sensor (LaundryBot)
    Never run out of liquid laundry detergent again with this Amazon DRS enabled liquid laundry detergent sensor, a.k.a. LaundryBot. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Pololu VL6180X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD -…... Listed under: ,
    the spectrum analyzer circuit a project of Arduino Duemilanove Module 7-band graphic equalizer on board sound on the ground floor MSGEQ7 used to integrate MSGEQ7 is a very talented 8-pin ICS in the frequency...Electronics Projects, Spectrum Analyzer Circuit Arduino RGB Led Strip "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " the spectrum…... Listed under:
  607. Make SMART Your Washing Machine
    If also you, like me, put your vest on the washing machine and wait the best moment for wash the clothes... make SMART your Washing Machine. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Tilt Sensor Switch × 1 Software apps and…... Listed under: ,
  608. Store Your Sensitive Data Safely When Sharing a Sketch
    If there is sensitive data that you want to keep private when sharing a sketch, add a secret tab and store your private info there! Things used in this project Software apps and online services Arduino Web Editor Arduino IDE Story Often in your sketch,…... Listed under:
    The most important part is the construction of a functional sample of a Arduino Uno software-defined one transmitter. After agreement with the supervisor and current options, she was elected concept with SI4713 digital circuit... Electronics Projects, Arduino Uno FM AM Transmitter Circuit SI4713 "arduino projects, microcontroller projects, " The…... Listed under:
  610. IoT for coins
    Need to organize your coins? Get some help with this project. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 ATX Power Supply × 1 Adafruit coin acceptor × 1 Adafruit Proto Screw Shield × 1 Adafruit GRAPHIC ST7565 POSITIVE LCD (128X64) WITH…... Listed under: , ,
  611. The Sensometer: 22+ Sensors
    This is the "Sensometer", a great example of IoT! Get all sensors working at once! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino Mega 2560 & Genuino Mega 2560 × 1 Real Time Clock (RTC) × 1 ProtoCentral Pulse Oximeter &…... Listed under: ,
    The Arduino led pov clock circuit has been an interesting project, and the author has made use of the arduino feeding system with the popular wireless energy transmission method, which is an additional circuit...Electronics Projects, Led Pov Clock Arduino Pro Mini "arduino projects, led projects, microcontroller projects, "…... Listed under:
  613. Project “Gallon” – Smart Drinking Water Monitoring Platform
    This project is a platform for drinking water monitoring and analytics, consists of IoT device, cloud, and mobile and web app. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 PCF8574 × 1 AC-DC Module 5V 500mA × 1 10 Segment LED Bar…... Listed under: , ,
  614. Gestured Controlled Smart Home
    Not only this project has all the Smart Home features but it also includes MYO gesture control, allowing control of lights with your arm. Things used in this project Hardware components Myo Gesture Control Armband Armband used to detect arm gestures and control different hardwares…... Listed under: ,
    The Proteus simulation program works especially well for testing microcontroller projects, but at least it gives some insight. Proteus libraries for Arduino Arduino Proteus Models Proteus Arduino Mega1280 Proteus Arduino UNO Proteus Arduino Pro... Electronics Projects, Arduino Library Files Proteus "arduino projects, " The Proteus simulation program works especially…... Listed under:
  616. Monitor and control your irrigation system with a mobile app
    Create your Blynk mobile app to monitor your garden and activate the irrigation. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Seeed Grove - Relay × 1 Arduino Rural Hack Kit × 1 Software apps and online services Blynk Story In this…... Listed under: ,
  617. LoRa gateway and node boards run on Raspberry Pi power
    Pi Supply is Kickstartering Iot LoRa Gateway and IoT LoRa Node pHAT add-ons for the Raspberry Pi, as well as a LoRa Node that works with the Micro:bit. An Arduino node is also in the works.Pi Supply, which has produced a variety of Raspberry Pi…... Listed under:
    Previously shared “ Analog Balance Robot “project using Arduino Uno . Motor drive SparkFun Ardumoto this module is based on the L298 motor drive integration SMD materials are used because the size of the...Electronics Projects, Balance Robot Arduino Uno "arduino projects, " Previously shared “ Analog Balance Robot “project using Arduino…... Listed under:
    Arduino transistors, LEDs, motors, MOSFETs, various electronic components, circuit connection diagrams that will be of great use for Arduino projects, Arduino circuits or those who are new to Arduino programming … Circuit diagrams are... Electronics Projects, Arduino External Circuit Connection Charts "arduino projects, " Arduino transistors, LEDs, motors, MOSFETs,…... Listed under:
    Projects or schematics, drawings that will work when preparing pcb Atmel AVR Microprocessors Information Tags for “Share” drawings directly on Atmel microcontrollers. Colored linking expansions are more comprehensible for those dealing with Atmel Series... Electronics Projects, Atmel Arduino Colored Connection Chart "arduino projects, " Projects or schematics, drawings that…... Listed under:
  621. esp8266/Arduino NTC library
    A thermistor is a type of negative coefficient resistor whose resistance is dependent on temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The resistance of a NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor ( decreases as temperature rises. The Steinhart-Hart Thermistor Equation or the Beta Model Equation can be used to correlate the thermistor resistance…... Listed under:
  622. Smart Garage
    Change the way you operate your garage! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 GY-521 MPU-6050 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module For Arduino × 1 Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 (Generic) × 1 SSD1306 OLED I2C Display × 1 Relay (generic)…... Listed under:
  623. PuzzleBox
    Protect your valuables with a puzzle! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR IoT Bundle × 1 Software apps and online services Blynk Story Keeping your valuable items away from prying eyes can be hard sometimes, unless you put it in a big…... Listed under:
  624. Love You Pillow
    Open source is love, and so are hugs!   Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR IoT Bundle × 1 Software apps and online services Telegram Story We all know that being without that special person in your life can be difficult, but…... Listed under:
  625. Home Automation System for a Camp with Cellular Internet
    Wouldn't it be nice if you could start warming up the camp before you leave the house? How about using Alexa to do it for you! Things used in this project Hardware components Amazon Alexa Echo Dot × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Relay…... Listed under:
  626. Wi-Fi Power Toggler
    Restores your Wi-Fi connection for you, so you don't have to, and keeps a track of how often this is done. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DFRobot DF Robot Lithium Polymer Battery (1000mAh, 3.7V) × 1 Jumper wires (generic)…... Listed under:
  627. Did You Ever Want to Have a Video Doorphone?
    Recycle your old cellphone to build one and connect it by a browser to your new phone, PC or tablet! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 ICStation UNO × 1 2.8 TFT Shield for Arduino Uno × 1 Breadboard (generic)…... Listed under:
  628. Baby-Pram Monitoring System
    Real time monitoring variables like temperature, X-Y-Z acceleration, sound and light intensity for baby-pram. Things used in this project Hardware components MMA7260 × 1 LM92 × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Electret microphone × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 max4236 × 1 Photocell × 1…... Listed under: ,
  629. A DIY Smart Insole to Check Your Pressure Distribution
    The smart insole collects foot pressure data in real-time. Through the information is fed into a system that visualizes the data. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Force Sensitive Resistor I've used Interlink model 402 × 3 OpenBuilds Wire…... Listed under: ,
  630. Smart IOT Propane Monitoring Pedestal
    Smart IOT Propane Pedestal capable of tracking propane level as well as detecting any propane leaks. Integration with Amazon Alexa. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Load Sensor 50kg × 4 SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional × 1…... Listed under: ,
  631. Crypto Miner
    Monitor your crypto mining hardware temperatures and hash rates with the ability to restart the rig remotely as well as Alexa integration. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B × 1 Temperature probe (ds18b20) × 5…... Listed under: ,
  632. Wi-Fi RC Car – Qi Enabled
    This is a project that will show you how to create a Wi-Fi controlled RC Car that will recharge wirelessly while it is parked. Things used in this project Hardware components IDT Qi 5W Transmitter Prototype Kit × 1 IDT Qi 5W Receiver Prototype Kit…... Listed under: ,
  633. DIY Arduino Relay Driver Shield
    In this DIY project we make a 3-Channel Arduino Relay Shield Circuit for relay based applications. We designed an isolated PCB for 3 relays. By using this Arduino Relay Shield, we can operate 3 AC appliances at a time. We have put a two pin screw terminal blocks (Neutral, NO)…... Listed under:
  634. IoT Based Electricity Energy Meter using ESP12 and Arduino
    We all know about Electricity energy meters which are installed in everyone’s house or offices to measure the electricity consumption. At last of every month, many of us get worried about the high electricity bill and we have to look at the energy meter once…... Listed under:
  635. Smart Thermostat
    Connect your home heater to Internet and chat with it via Telegram! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm × 3 Resistor 10k ohm × 4 LCD screen × 1 Software apps…... Listed under: ,
  636. What is Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) and How to Control it with Arduino
    Building stuff and getting them work, the way we want, has always been sheer fun. While that being agreed, building stuff that could fly would defiantly pump a bit more anxiety among the hobbyists and hardware tinkerers. Yes! I am talking about Gliders, Helicopters, Planes…... Listed under:
  637. Weather Station for Drones
    The project consists of a kit for drones that includes an electronic device that functions as a meteorological station. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 or Arduino/Genuino Zero + Arduino wifi shield 101 × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Jumper wires…... Listed under: , ,
  638. What is Rotary Encoder and How to Use It with Arduino
    A Rotary encoder is an input device which helps the user to interact with a system. It looks more like a Radio potentiometer but it outputs a train of pulses which makes its application unique. When the knob of the Encoder is rotated it rotates…... Listed under:
  639. Visibility sensor for divers
    Planning a scuba dive will be much easier with the data of visibility sensors on the divespot. Things used in this project Hardware components LED (generic) Make sure the LED is bright enough × 1 Adafruit TSL2591 × 1 Adafruit Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor…... Listed under: ,
  640. Reed Switch Interfacing with Arduino
    Reed switch is used in many of the real-life applications such as magnetic door switch, laptops, smartphones etc. In this article, we learn about Reed Switch and guide you to Interface a Reed Switch with Arduino. Reed Switch Reed switch is basically an electrical switch which is…... Listed under:
  641. Viseesaw
    Viseesaw uses the figure of a seesaw, to show metaphorically the inequality of two physical, conceptual or social realities. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2 Kit - v2.3 × 1…... Listed under: ,
  642. RFID Based Attendance System – Learn to Build Yourself
    An RFID based Attendance System is a very interesting project which can be used in different places say in Schools to register the attendance of students and teachers, Private organizations to tabulate monthly working hours of employees and automatically calculate salary based on the number…... Listed under:
  643. Program MKR Over-the-Air + Goodies: Voice Control, etc.
    Secure OTA via Azure. Control via voice capable UWP app. Includes sample: room thermostat controlled via phone. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 This is needed for every OTA projects. The components below are needed only for the use case / sample:…... Listed under: ,
  644. Smart LCD Brightness Control using Arduino and LDR
    Smart LCD  with Automatic Brightness Adjusting Using Arduino and LDR Sensor Here is a simple Arduino project that focuses on adjusting the brightness of an LCD screen whenever there isn’t  sufficient light in a room. The Arduino reads the surrounding light intensity using an LDR sensor. …... Listed under:
  645. Arduino Real Time Clock using DS1307 RTC Module
    In this article, we are going to build an Arduino Real Time Clock using DS1307 RTC Module and 16×2 LCD module for display. First of all, let’s see how to interface RTC Module to Arduino. There are different kinds of RTC modules available in the market.…... Listed under:
  646. Door Sensor
    Monitor if the door or the valve gas is open... or if someone opened the cookie jar! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh optional × 1 OpenBuilds Micro Limit Switch × 1 Software apps and online services…... Listed under: ,
  647. DIY Arduino Weather Station using Nokia Display
    Learn to Build Arduino Weather Station using DHT11, Soil Sensor, and Nokia Display In this project tutorial, we are going to make an Arduino weather station using 2 sensors; FC-28 soil moisture sensor to measure the moisture and the DHT22 sensor to measure the temperature, humidity…... Listed under:
  648. Adaptable Sensor and Notification System
    A easy to use adaptable sensor and notification system that is designed to be used as a temporary change of state notifier. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 PIR Motion Sensor (generic) × 1 SW-420 Motion Sensor Module Vibration Switch…... Listed under: , ,
  649. Nokia 5110 LCD and Arduino – Ultimate Tutorial and Guide
    Interfacing Nokia 5110 LCD Display To Arduino In this article, we are publishing a project tutorial which explains different aspects of interfacing a Graphical LCD (GLCD ) Nokia 5110 with Arduino. Nokia 5110 is a  48 x 84 graphic LCD that has an internal controller…... Listed under:
  650. DC Motor Speed Control using GY 521 Gyro/Accelerometer and Arduino
    In this article, we are going to control two motors by using the GY-521 accelerometer module. The speed of the motor will increase or decrease upon moving the GY-521 module up or down. On moving the Gy-521 towards the downside, the speed of the first…... Listed under:
  651. Codename RGB
    Remotely control your RGB LED strip from your pc. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Power MOSFET N-Channel Might be something similar. × 3 RGB Led Strip Make sure its 12v dc (if Its not 12v you will have to…... Listed under: ,
  652. Automatic Irrigation System using Arduino
    In this project, we are going to build an automatic irrigation system using Arduino which senses the moisture of the soil and opens or closes the valve according to the moisture value. The moisture value and the valve status is shown on the Nokia 5110…... Listed under:
  653. Spinning or Rotating LED Display using Arduino POV
    Designing a Spinning/Rotating LED Display In this project, we are going to show you how to make a simple “Rotating LED Display”  (also popularly known as Spinning LED Display) with Arduino. The motivation to make this project came to my mind when I saw a…... Listed under:
  654. BBC Micro Online
    BBC Micro connects to WiFi, accesses games over the Internet. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 BBC Micro model B (Acorn Computers) × 1 27C256 EPROM × 1 SparkFun Level Shifter Board × 1 Texas Instruments Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter ×…... Listed under: ,
  655. Arduino Solar Tracker Using LDR Sensor & Servo Motor
    Arduino Solar Tracker Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world; today more than 65 GW energy is produced by solar power. Since solar energy is renewable, it is a good power source, especially for developing countries. In this project, I…... Listed under:
  656. Plant Monitoring System
    Real time plant monitoring system to view temperature, light exposure and moisture. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Temperature Sensor × 1 Photo resistor × 1 Moisture sensor × 1 Resistor 10k ohm × 1 Software…... Listed under: , ,
  657. Rain Sensing Wiper using Arduino and Servo Motor
    Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper Using Arduino  This project is designed to build a car wiper that automatically detects the rainfall intensity and regulates the frequency of wiper operation. It is built, using Arduino UNO board. A rain sensing module is used for measuring the intensity…... Listed under:
  658. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick Using Arduino
    Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick According to the WHO, about 30 million people are estimated to be permanently blind worldwide. These people are totally dependent on others. They even cannot walk on their own. We have created designed and built an “Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick” device…... Listed under:
  659. Automatic Railway Gate Control Using Arduino & IR Sensor
    About a million people have died over the past 5 years in unmanned railway crossings all over the world. At least 1/3rd of the railway crossings are unmanned due to their remote placement and less traffic. The Automatic Railway Gate Control System using IR Sensor…... Listed under:
  660. Amazon Dash Replenishment Pens
    A pen holder that determines when there are two or less pens and triggers an Amazon pen set replacement. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Crayola Air Dry Clay × 1 OpenBuilds Micro Limit Switch × 5 Software apps and…... Listed under: , , ,
  661. Interfacing Stepper Motor to Arduino
    In this article, we are publishing a project which explains different aspects of interfacing a Stepper Motor with Arduino. Stepper motor is a specially designed DC motor which comes with advantages of both a servo motor and a normal dc motor. Compared to a normal…... Listed under:
  662. LinkIt™ Smart 7688 Smart Room
    This Project will demonstrate you to control & monitor your room through my custom designed responsive web app. Things used in this project Hardware components MediaTek Labs LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo × 1 DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 Resistor 10k ohm × 1 Resistor 221…... Listed under: , ,
  663. Remote LED Mood Setter
    Set LED RGB light Scenes remotely Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 RGB Diffused Common Cathode × 1 Story Using MKR1000 to control an RGB LED device. In our shortened example we will use a single…... Listed under: ,
  664. Arduino Gear Motor Interface Using IC L293D
    In this article, we are publishing a project which explains different aspects of Arduino-Gear motor interface. Gear motor is a specially designed DC motor whose gear assembly helps in increasing the torque and reducing the speed. Compared to a normal DC motor, maximum rpm a…... Listed under:
  665. Hot Cocoa 3000
    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but hot cocoa is so delightful, so let's order some hot cocoa on the go! An Arduino MKR1000 project. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Water Pump NOTE! THIS AND MANY OF THE OTHER…... Listed under: ,
  666. Limb Shaker
    A stepper motor shakes a limb to frighten away birds and squirrels. It is under the control of the MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components DC motor (generic) × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Story The project uses a stepper motor to pull…... Listed under: ,
  667. DC Motor Speed Control Using Arduino & PWM
    Speed control of DC motor with PC Interface is an easy DIY project. In this project DC motor’s speed is controlled by sending the command through PC. Arduino is directly connected to PC through the USB cable and command is given to Arduino on serial…... Listed under:
  668. PlantAnalyzer
    A device which collects data (environmental, soil and photosynthesis values) of plant(s) and then stores/analyze using a MKR1000 and Azure. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 ADAFRUIT SD CARD READER × 1 ARDUCAM 5MP OV5642 × 1 SparkFun Weather Shield…... Listed under: ,
  669. Project: Car Speed Detector Using Arduino
    Car speed Detector Project In this project I am going to show you how to measure the speed of running car (or man) from outside. Police department uses this type of system to prevent over speed of vehicles. Our project is a little different from…... Listed under:
  670. Getting weather data
    With this tutorial, you will learn how to get the weather data from a web service to your Arduino. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Story In this tutorial we would make use of the WiFiConnection of our mkr1000. We…... Listed under: , , ,
  671. Project: Gesture Controlled Mouse (Air Mouse) Using Arduino & Accelerometer
    AIR Mouse is also called gesture-controlled mouse and it works based on hand gesture. In this project an accelerometer is used for measuring the tilt of hand in X and Y direction and moves the cursor according the tilt. In the project two types of…... Listed under:
  672. Mind Control Drone
    Learn how to lift-off a drone with your mind and a hacked controller using a MindWave sensor, Arduino MKR1000 and Processing. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Micro Racing Drone × 1 Capacitor 100 µF × 4 Resistor 221 ohm…... Listed under: ,
  673. DIY: Measuring Wheel/Surveyor’s Wheel Using Arduino & Rotary Encoder
    DIY: Measuring Wheel/Surveyor’s Wheel Using Arduino & Rotary Encoder A surveyor’s wheel may also be known by other names like: clickwheel, hodometer, waywiser, trundle wheel, measuring wheel or a perambulator. All these devices serve a single purpose, which is, measuring distance. The origin of surveyor’s…... Listed under:
  674. Project: Auto Intensity Control Of Street Light Using Arduino
    Auto Intensity Control Of Street Light Using Arduino In this project, I am going to show you how to control the intensity of LED lights according to the time and the light intensity of outer atmosphere. This is an amazing and very useful project because…... Listed under:
  675. Control the Position of a Continuous Rotation Servo via WiFi
    Position control using wifi from a smartphone sounds too good to be true? Do it with MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Hand tools and fabrication machines 3D Printer (generic) Story Many position control use steppers because they are…... Listed under: ,
  676. Project: Home Automation Using IR Remote Control
    Arduino-Remote Control Home Automation In this project, we are going to show you how to control home appliances using a TV Remote. This same principle can be applicable in offices and industries as well. The project deals with the automation of four home appliances, like…... Listed under:
  677. Smartphone Controlled Atomic Weather Station
    This project combines Atomic Time keeping with local weather station, and additional cool projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B × 1 Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout ×…... Listed under: ,
  678. Create Mobile Apps for Android and iOS Connecting to the MKR
    This simple project shows how to make an app that controls an Arduino MKR1000 board with Evothings Studio by communicating over the TCP. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 1 Resistor 100 ohm × 1 Jumper wires…... Listed under: , ,
  679. Arduino Mega Tutorial – Pinout & Schematics
    First of all, Why Arduino Mega? When cheaper boards are available, why go with Arduino Mega? The main reason behind this is the additional features that are inbuilt with this board. First feature is the large I/O system design with inbuilt 16 analog transducers and…... Listed under:
  680. DasFilisera Green House
    Be kind to your plants! Learn about the green house environment using MKR1000 and sensors. Control soil humidity and air conditions! Things used in this project Hardware components DHT22 Temperature Sensor × 1 DS18B20 × 1 Soil temperature and humidity sensor FS200-SHT25 × 1 4-Channel…... Listed under: , , ,
  681. Arduino Nano Tutorial – Pinout & Schematics
    Arduino Nano Pinout The Arduino Nano, as the name suggests is a compact, complete and bread-board friendly microcontroller board. The Nano board weighs around 7 grams with dimensions of 4.5 cms to 1.8 cms (L to B). This article discusses about the technical specs most importantly…... Listed under:
  682. One Button to Rule Them All
    Learn how to connect a simple web app written in JavaScript to Arduino Cloud. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun big dome red button × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino Web Editor Arduino Cloud Story Following this…... Listed under: , ,
  683. Arduino Alcohol Detector Circuit Board
    In this project, I am going to Interface an Alcohol Sensor with Arduino. Here I have designed an Arduino Shield PCB using EASYEDA online PCB simulator and designer. Arduino Alcohol Detector will detect the alcohol level in breath and by using some calculations in code…... Listed under:
  684. Arduino Temperature Sensor
    I previously worked on an enclosure for the Computer Club server rack, and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a standalone temperature sensor system. Preferably it would interface over the internet so that IRC bots and other programs could talk…... Listed under:
  685. DIY Arduino Inclinometer using MPU6050
    The MPU6050 is an IC 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope combined into one unit. It also houses a temperature sensor and a DCM to perform a complex task. The MPU6050 is commonly used in building Drone and other remote robots like a self-balancing robot.…... Listed under:
  686. Alexa, Put the Kettle On!
    Make a smart kettle for under £60 using Alexa and Arduino. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional × 1 Tefal Temperature Control Kettle × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Amazon Alexa…... Listed under:
  687. Chicken Coop Automation
    Automating a chicken coop with sensors and actors, using an Arduino MKR1000 and the Blynk internet dashboard. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 CHIHAI DC Motor - 12V 200rpm Encoder with Mounting Bracket × 1 Geekcreit L298N Dual H Bridge…... Listed under: ,
  688. Automatic Pet Feeder using Arduino
    Today we are building an Arduino based Automatic Pet Feeder which can automatically serve food to your pet timely. It has a DS3231 RTC (Real Time Clock) Module, which used to set time and date on which your pet should be given food. So, by…... Listed under:
  689. Amazon DRS Promise: Never Miss Coffee Break Again!
    Amazon Dash Replenishment Service Automatic coffee ordering robot using Arduino MKR1000. Never miss another coffee break again! Things used in this project Hardware components Ultrasonic Distance Sensor × 1 LED (generic) × 1 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm × 1 Resistor 100 ohm × 1 Arduino…... Listed under: ,
  690. Interfacing Graphical LCD (ST7920) with Arduino
    There are many types of LCDs used in Electronic Projects. We have already used 16X2 LCD in many of our projects and also used TFT LCD with Arduino. You can find our entire 16X2 LCD related project by following this link, including interfacing with 8051, AVR, Arduino and many…... Listed under:
  691. Good Sleep – Your Sleep Assistant
    Get the best night's sleep by using Alexa and Arduino to monitor the conditions in your bedroom, make suggestions and help you sleep better. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo × 1 SparkFun MEMS Microphone Breakout…... Listed under: ,
  692. TVOC and CO2 Measurement using Arduino and CCS811 Air Quality Sensor
    Sadly, in the name of progress, we have polluted the air, water, soil and the food we eat”. So monitoring the air quality is very crucial now days because of pollution. For designing an air quality monitoring system we need durable and reliable air quality…... Listed under:
  693. Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB – Blinking LED
    In this project, we are going to learn, How to set up hardware support for Arduino in MATLAB software. How to control an Arduino using MATLAB code. We normally use Arduino IDE to write and upload codes to Arduino. The advantage of MATLAB is, it…... Listed under:
  694. Controlling Multiple Servo Motors with Arduino
    Using one or two Servo with Arduino is Easy but what if we want to use more than one Servo Motors? Here, we are going to show you that how to control Multiple Servo Motors with Arduino. Connecting multiple Servo Motors with Arduino seems to…... Listed under:
  695. Smiling Snowball
    A web-controlled smiling snowball based on the Arduino MKR1000 controlled via WiFi using MQTT, and Node-red. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED matrix 8 x 8 (MAX7219) × 6 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 cardboard 40 cm x…... Listed under: , ,
  696. Arduino Uno Rev3
      Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P (datasheet). It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and…... Listed under:
  697. Arduino with ESP8266 – Reading Data from Internet
    The ESP8266-01 has been a great module to quench all our thirsts for IOT projects. Since its release, it has developed a strong community and evolved into an easy to use, cheap and powerful Wi-Fi module. Another open-source platform which is much more popular is…... Listed under:
  698. Reef Controller
    A Reef / Saltwater Aquarium controller based on an Arduino Mrk1000 and controlled remotely by an Universal Windows Platform app. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit Perma-proto board full size × 1 Adafruit I2C logic level converter × 1…... Listed under: , ,
  699. Space Race Game using Arduino and Nokia 5110 Graphical Display
    Programming has always been fun and it just got a lot better with development platforms like Arduino. Almost every programmer out here would have tried to develop some kind of game using the language that they learning/practising. This helps them to tune their programming skills…... Listed under:
  700. Eggzact Science
    Entry for the "World's Largest Arduino Maker Challenge" - An IoT Project with Windows10, the Arduino MKR1000, and Chickens.   Story  Completed App - Home Page Completed App - Connection Page Completed App - Egg Overview Page Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino…... Listed under: , ,
  701. DIY Time Control Machine
    This project is about how to make a time machine! This machine looks like a glove, and can "stop" any moving subject. At first, watch a video with some demonstration and experiments, guess how it works, and then read about how to make it =)…... Listed under:
  702. Arduino Color Mixing Lamp using RGB LED and LDR
    What if we can generate different colors using a single RGB led and make our room’s corner more attractive? So, here is a simple Arduino based color mixing lamp which can change color when there is change in light in the room. So this lamp…... Listed under:
  703. ReSpeaker Home Automation
    ReSpeaker Home Automation Sample using Arduino MKR1000, Microsoft Cognitive Service Speech API, and MQTT Things used in this project Hardware components Seeed ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 × 1 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 LED (generic) × 2 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Software apps and…... Listed under: , ,
  704. Voice Controlled LEDs using Arduino and Bluetooth
    Controlling LEDs with voice command seems to be a difficult task, but it’s easy and you can quickly build it. We just need an Arduino UNO to serially communicate with HC-06 Bluetooth module and a smartphone to send voice command to Bluetooth module HC-06. For…... Listed under:
  705. Algorithmic Camera Trigger – Shutterino
    Camera trigger powered by Arduino MKR1000 and controlled by the app. Let the algorithm take the best shots. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Any board with WiFi and support for Firmata protocol will work × 1 Servos (Tower Pro MG996R) ×…... Listed under:
  706. Arduino Plays Piano Tiles
    Ever wondered if your phone can play games by itself. Yes, it is possible. You can build a circuit to play Piano tiles on your smartphone. The video shows the demonstration of the project. Step 1: Components Required And the circuit can be built with…... Listed under:
  707. Auto Intensity Control of Power LED using Arduino
    Be a bright spark, lights off till it’s dark!” sometimes we forget to turn off the lights and waste electricity and you must have also seen street light turned on in the day. We have already built few circuits on Dark detector where lights turn…... Listed under:
  708. Component Designing in Proteus ISIS
    Hello friends, hope you all are having fun in your life. Today’s tutorial is about the component designing in Proteus ISIS. This tutorial actually deals with the presentation of your project. Usually when students give presentation of their projects, then it is asked that add…... Listed under:
  709. Arduino RFID Door Lock
    You have seen RFID Door Lock Mechanism in some Hotels and other places, where you don’t need a key to unlock the room. You are given a card and you just need to put it in front of a RFID Reader box, and the lock gets unlocked…... Listed under:
  710. Temperature Controled Charcoal Smoker
    Use an Arduino MKR1000 to maintain a constant temperature in a charcoal smoker and allow monitoring over Wifi, Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 5V Brushless Blower × 1 MOSFET IRF520N Driver Module × 1 100K ohm NTC Thermistors ×…... Listed under: , ,
  711. Interfacing of Seven Segment with Arduino in Proteus
    Hello friends, today we are gonna have a look on how to interface Seven Segment with Arduino in Proteus. In my last post, I have posted an Arduino Library for Seven Segment Display, which is designed by our team and is quite basic in functionality.…... Listed under:
  712. Bluetooth Controlled 8×8 LED Matrix Sign Board Display using Arduino
    Be it the long stretched highways or your doctors front door, we have sign boards placed everywhere to provide us information. But these sign boards are often boring and cannot be configured as per our interest from time to time. So in this project we…... Listed under:
  713. IoT Santa Tracker on Colorful World Map
    Use MKR1000 to show the Santa location in real-time on a colorful world map made of neopixels. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B × 1 FR-1 Printed Circuit Board Blanks × 2 Translucent Colored Cast…... Listed under: ,
  714. ADC value on LCD using Arduino
    Hello friends, hope you all are fine and having good life. In today’s project, we will see how to display ADC value on LCD using Arduino in Proteus ISIS. Its quite a simple project in which we are gonna measure the voltage of ADC pins…... Listed under:
  715. Arduino Based Piano with Recording and Replay
    Arduino has been a boon for people who are not from the electronics background to build stuff easily. It has been a great prototyping tool or to try something cool, in this project we are going to build a small yet fun Piano using the…... Listed under:
  716. Wifi Enabled 2/4 Wheeled Robot Platform Utilizing MKR1000
    WIP- Using a MKR1000 to create a WiFi Enabled 2/4 Wheeled Robot Platform, Hardware is in hand, now to implement software Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 I was one of 1000 who won this × 1 SparkFun Dual H-Bridge motor drivers…... Listed under: , ,
  717. LM317 Voltage Regulator in Proteus
    Hello friends, hope you all are fine and having fun. In today’s post we are gonna have a look at LM317 Voltage Regulator in Proteus. In the previous post, we have seen how to design a 5V Power Supply in Proteus ISIS, which I have designed…... Listed under:
  718. RGB LED Colour Control
    In this project, we will learn how to control the brightness and colour of an RGB LED via I/O ports with PWM output capability, and a touch display sliders. The 4Duino resistive touch display is used as a means for a graphical interface to control…... Listed under:
  719. Publish Any Event to Wia Using Your MKR1000
    How to setup an MKR1000 and publish an event or location to Wia. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Wia Hand tools and fabrication machines Wia Platform Story Setup Your Environment Install the Arduino IDE…... Listed under: ,
  720. TIA Weak Artificial Intelligence IoT Assistant
    IoT security/environment monitoring device with NFC & fingerprint authentication devices and a Weak Artificial Intelligence Assistant.   Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 2 Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Solderless Breadboard Half Size × 1 SeeedStudio Grove Base Shield…... Listed under: , ,
  721. Getting Started with Wi-Fi
    In this project, we will learn how to get started with the ESP8266, an inbuilt 4Duino Wi-Fi module and connect to a local access point. The 4Duino display is used to print the status of the connection for debugging purposes. UNDERSTANDING THE SOFTWARE The ESP8266…... Listed under:
  722. IoT System To Monitor Soil Moisture With Arduino
    This IoT system monitors the soil moisture using Arduino and sensors. Data are sent to an IoT cloud platform to access it anywhere. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (with Screw Terminals) × 1 Software apps…... Listed under: ,
  723. Time Stamp from Web Server
    INTRODUCTION In this project, we will learn the basics of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and how to communicate to a webserver over TCP. We will request and receive packets from the Google web server using the above communication protocol. The 4Duino display is used to…... Listed under:
  724. Auto Leveling Laser Cross using Arduino
    So this Lazy Old Geek purchased a Laser Cross. I created a manual leveling Laser Cross to use for aligning stuff on my drill press: Well, being a Geek I decided to make an automated platform that adjusts automatically with an Arduino. Well, the…... Listed under: ,
  725. DC Motor Control using XBee & Arduino in Proteus
    Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we are gonna design a project named DC Motor Control using XBee & Arduino in Proteus ISIS. I have shared the complete code and have also explained it in detail. You can also…... Listed under:
  726. Multiple mode Environmental Sensor Deck with MKR1000
    Many fun environmental sensors need a hardware interrupt. With the MKR1000, you no longer need to choose! You get I2C, analog ins too! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 MOD-1016 Lightning Sensor × 1 DFRobot MQ-9 Gas Sensor × 1…... Listed under: ,
  727. Start Connect ARTIK Cloud with Arduino/Genuino MKR1000
    Using Arduino/ Genuino MKR1000 to connect ARTIK Cloud control I/O light LED. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT Story A simple project let mkr1000 connect to artik cloud, but…... Listed under: ,
  728. Controlling Patient’s Fever with Artik & Arduino
    This project consists of 2 devices. the first one is wearable and monitors temperature, second one will control the temperature. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 2 SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional × 1 Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh × 1 RGB…... Listed under: , ,
  729. HID Attack Over WiFi Using Arduino MKR1000
    Arduino MKR1000 as a HID, for performing HID penetration testing over WiFi networks. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Story Arduino MKR1000 Today I have an Arduino MKR1000 which is a board with built-in wifi chipset specially designed for IOT…... Listed under: ,
  730. Dash Button Santa with Arduino MKR1000
    Send information to Santa Claus about the status of the gift request. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 SparkFun Pushbutton switch 12mm × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 Resistor 10k ohm × 1 NeoPixel strip × 1 Software apps…... Listed under: ,
  731. Add SSL Certificates To MKR1000
    Cannot connect to your favourite https site with your MKR1000? Follow this guide to install SSL certificate in a easy way using the GUI. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Arduino Firmware updater…... Listed under:
  732. Water Quality Monitoring Using MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud
    Water quality data monitoring for swimming pools, fish aquarium and more! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 DFRobot pH Meter × 1 Resistor 4.75k ohm × 1 Temperature probe × 1 Software apps and online…... Listed under:
  733. Weather Dashboard with MKR1000 and Losant
    This project is about building a simple weather dashboard using MKR1000 and Losant platform. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Losant Platform Story Introduction…... Listed under: ,
  734. IoT Smart Socket Arduino And Cayenne
    A really smart IoT socket. Switch ON/OFF your device by the smartphone using Cayenne Dashboard and Arduino MKR1000. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 RobotGeek Relay × 1 9V 1A Switching Wall Power Supply × 1 Software apps and online…... Listed under: ,
  735. Using Python and Arduino MKR1000 for Secure IoT
    Getting started with Python and Arduino MKR1000 for secure IoT projects. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Software apps and online services Zerynth Studio Story Arduino MKR1000 meets Python With the last release, Zerynth officially supports Arduino MKR1000, a device specifically designed…... Listed under:
  736. Home Automation with Arduino MKR1000 and Windows 10
    Home Automation through Wi-Fi connectivity (Arduino MKR1000) and Windows 10. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Relay (generic) Input: 3V × 1 General Purpose Transistor NPN × 1 1N4007 – High Voltage, High Current Rated Diode × 1 Resistor 10k…... Listed under:
  737. Intelligent Buggy featuring 4Duino-24
    4Duino Intelligent Buggy project demonstrate how does uCAM-II works. This project also utilized two 4duino communicating using Server-Client architecture over TCP. It also uses a buggy car which carry the 4duino server and uCAM-II. By using built-in ESP8266, 4duino client sends a request to 4duino…... Listed under:
  738. Send MKR1000 Data to Google Sheets
    This project allows you to transmit DHT environmental data from your MKR1000 to your own customizable Google Sheet for data logging. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Jumper wires (generic) ×…... Listed under:
  739. Pet Food Dispenser featuring 4Duino-24
    In this project, we will use a 4Duino and several IR sensors to create a simple pet food dispenser. 4Duino checks whether a food tray contains enough food or not. It is programmed to read IR values from each sensor. These values change depending on the…... Listed under:
  740. MKR1000 to Initial State DHT Visulaizations
    This demonstrates how to use your Arduino MKR1000 to connect to to produce colorful visualizations of your sensor data. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor (4 pins) × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Jumper…... Listed under: ,
  741. Assistance for Visually Impaired featuring 4Duino-24
    Blind Assistance is a project designed to help visually impaired people detecting obstacles in their way. It uses 4Duino, three ultrasonic sensors, one vibration motor and an LED. These components are attached to a walking stick. Blind Assistance alarms the user if there’s an obstacle…... Listed under:
  742. MKR1000 Surprise Room Decoration
    This project is dedicated to my parents, but you can also use it for surprise events for someone special. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 5V 4 Channel Relay Module × 1 Male/Female Jumper Wires × 12 Software apps and…... Listed under: ,
  743. MKR1000 Servo Control Panel
    A servo controller using the built-in WiFi abilities of the Arduino MKR1k. The panel consists of a MKR1k web listener and Javascript/ajax. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Servos (Tower Pro MG996R) Breadboard (generic) Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story…... Listed under: , ,
  744. Voting Machine featuring 4Duino-24
    The 4Duino Polling Machine is an inquiry project that involves two or more people and has implemented the ability to send and receive data on both ends. The Polling Machine Project works by sending and receiving Questions and Answers (from the Choices) in the form…... Listed under:
  745. MKR1000 Universal Remonster!
    WiFi connected universal remote with smart phone webapp. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 Arduino Nano R3 General Purpose Transistor NPN Triggers the PNP transistors of IR LED array Resistor 1k ohm pulls down NPN transistor IR transmitter (generic) IR LEDs. Get…... Listed under: , ,
  746. Stock Monitoring featuring 4Duino-24
    In this project, we will use several IR sensors to check if an item from an inventory box is present or not. This project makes use of a 4Duino-24 to check whether an item is present or missing from the inventory. The 4Duino uses its…... Listed under:
  747. MKR1000 WiFi Robot
    This project consists of a small robot controlled via WiFi using an Arduino MKR1000, MKR2UNO Shield Adapter and Arduino Motor Shield! Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino MKR2UNO Adapter × 1 Arduino MotorShield Rev3 × 1 Arduino Small DC…... Listed under: ,
  748. Temperature and Humidity monitoring with DHT22 sensor Arduino Uno R3
    The objective of this tutorial is to learn how to use the DHT22 sensor with Arduino uno. The room temperature and humidity will be printed to serial monitor and also will be displayed to the LCD 4×20 in Proteus ISIS. [caption id="attachment_28379" align="aligncenter" width="300"] DHT22…... Listed under:
  749. Smart Phone Controlled Digital Code Lock using Arduino
    There are many types of security systems used all over the world and Digital Code Lock is one of them. We have already covered many digital locks with simple 16x2 LCD using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 8051 etc. Here we are going to build a Smart Phone…... Listed under:
  750. Create a Private Chat Room using Arduino, nRF24L01 and Processing
    Creating a Local Network to share personnel and confidential data's has become almost impossible for a common man in our modern world. This is mainly because all common chat methods like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hangout and almost everything involves an internet connection. What if, we could…... Listed under:
  751. Smart Phone Controlled FM Radio using Arduino and Processing
    In this project we will use an existing FM radio which went repair a long time ago, to convert it into a Smart Wireless FM Radio controlled using Phone, with the help of Arduino and Processing. We can convert any manually operated electronic device into…... Listed under:
  752. Door Alarm using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor
    Security has always been a major concern for all of us and there are many Hi tech and IoT based security and surveillance system are available in the market. Intruder or Burglar Alarm is one of the classic and popular project among the Electronics students…... Listed under:
  753. Real Time Home Automation Using Arduino Uno R3 and DS1307 RTC (Part-1)
    Hello every one , welcome back .  In this new arduino tutorial series I’m gonna show you how to control every thing in your home on time basis . After doing this project you will be able to control your home appiliences like TV ,…... Listed under:
  754. 0-24v 3A Variable Power Supply using LM338
    Batteries are generally used to power up the Electronic Circuit and Projects, as they are easily available and can be connected easily. But they drained off quickly and then we need new batteries, also these batteries cannot provide high current to drive a powerful motor.…... Listed under:
  755. Connecting multiple I2C device on Arduino Uno R3
    Hello every one ! welcome back ! It’s nice to show you my new tutorial after long time .Today we will learn how to connect multiple I2C device (typically for demo temperature sensor ) to the Arduino Uno .I recommend download datasheet of that I2C…... Listed under:
  756. DIY Speedometer using Arduino and Processing Android App
    In this project we make a Cool Speedometer for bikes or any automotives by using Arduino which broadcast the speed using Bluetooth to an Android application that we created using Processing. The complete project is powered by an 18650 Lithium cell and hence highly portable along with your vehicle.…... Listed under:
  757. Virtual Reality using Arduino and Processing
    This is a very interesting project in which we are going to learn how to implement virtual reality using Arduino and Processing. For most of us, the movie Iron man by Jon Favreau has always been an inspiration to build new things that will make…... Listed under:
  758. Simple Arduino Audio Player and Amplifier with LM386
    Adding sounds or music to our project will always make it looks cool and sounds much more attractive. Especially if you are using an Arduino and you have lots of pins free, you can easily add sound effects to your project by just investing in…... Listed under:
  759. How to Send Data to Web Server using Arduino and SIM900A GPRS/GSM Module
    Today we are here with an interesting project in which we will Send Data to the SparkFun server using Arduino and GPRS. This is an IoT based project in which we will use GPRS, present on the GSM Module SIM900A board, to send some data to…... Listed under:
  760. Smart Knock Detecting Door Lock using Arduino
    Security is a major concern in our day to day life, and digital locks have become an important part of these security systems. There are many types of security systems available to secure our place. Some examples are PIR based Security System, RFID based Security…... Listed under:
  761. Fingerprint Based Biometric Voting Machine using Arduino
    We all are quite familiar with Electronic Voting Machines, where your vote gets registered electronically and you don’t need to use ballot paper to vote in election. Today security is a major concern and it also needs to be ensured that someone can’t vote twice,…... Listed under:
  762. Arduino based Angry Bird Game Controller using Flex Sensor and Potentiometer
    It’s all started with a small game from the dark ages called “Mario”, right from the time of being a tiny little guy jumping on ducks to save my princess till being a masculine handsome Prince roaming in Persia (Prince of Persia) fighting against darkness…... Listed under: ,
  763. Arduino Motion Detector using PIR Sensor
    Detecting motions or movements has always been important in most projects. With the help of the PIR Sensor it has become very easy to detect human/animal movements. In this project we will learn how we can interface a PIR Sensor with a microcontroller like Arduino.…... Listed under:
  764. DC-DC Buck Converter Circuit – How to Step Down DC Voltage
    In this project we are going to make a Buck Converter Circuit using Arduino and N-Channel MOSFET with a maximum current capacity of 6 amps. We are going to step down 12v DC to any value between 0 and 10v DC. We can control the…... Listed under:
  765. Arduino Based Digital Ammeter
    Ammeter is used to measure current flow through any load or device. Here in this Arduino Ammeter, we will explain about measuring of current by using ohm’s law. It will be quite interesting as well as a good application of basic science that we studied…... Listed under:
  766. Arduino DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using Relays and MOSFET
    In this project we control direction and speed of a 24v high current motor using Arduino and two relays. No power switches are needed for this circuit, just two push buttons and in Potentiometer to control the direction and speed of DC Motor. One push button…... Listed under:
  767. Automatic AC Temperature Controller using Arduino, DHT11 and IR Blaster
    An AC (Air Conditioner) which was once considered to be a luxury item and was only to be found in big hotels, movie halls, restaurants etc... But, now almost everyone has a AC in our home to beat out the summer/winter and those who have…... Listed under:
  768. Interfacing Hall Effect Sensor with Arduino
    Sensors have always been a vital component in any Project. These are the ones which convert the real real-time environmental data into digital/variable data so that it can be processed by electronics. There are many different types of sensors available in the market and you…... Listed under:
  769. Cell Phone Controlled AC using Arduino and Bluetooth
    In today’s modern world, where ever we go we have lots of electronic devices around us. But, out of all, there is only one device that we personally have in our pockets all the time. Yes, it is our mobile phones. Now Mobile phones have…... Listed under:
  770. AnduinoWiFi Getting Started
    Consider this the "Blinky LED" of the anduinoWiFi shield! Things used in this project Hardware components Andium Anduino WiFi × 1 Arduino Due × 1 Arduino Zero & Genuino Zero × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Story Motivation Implementing an IoT prototype…... Listed under: ,
  771. Connecting Anduino to IFTTT
    Connect your anduinoWiFi to IFTTT. Control everything around you, or 'let go' and let random events in cyberspace control your surroundings!   Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino Due × 1 Arduino Zero & Genuino Zero × 1 Andium Anduino WiFi × 1…... Listed under: ,
  772. how to measure home ac current 110v / 200v with arduino
    The cool thing about an ACS712 is that current is measured is measured in two directions.  What this means is that if we sample fast enough and long enough,  we sure to find the peak in one direction and the peak in another direction. With…... Listed under:
  773. How To Measure Distance Between Two Ultrasonic Sensors
    Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) is commonly used to find the distance of an object from one particular point. It has been fairly easy to do this with the Arduino and the code is also pretty simple. But in this article we are going to try something…... Listed under: ,
  774. Arduino Based Fire Fighting Robot
    According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), it is estimated that more than 1.2 lakh deaths have been caused because of fire accidents in India from 2010-2014. Even though there are a lot of precautions taken for Fire accidents, these natural/man-made disasters do occur now and…... Listed under:
  775. Temperature Controlled AC Home Appliances using Arduino and Thermistor
    Suppose you are sitting in a room and feeling cold and you want your heater to be automatically turned on, and then off after some time when room temperature is increased, then this project help you to control your home appliances automatically according to the…... Listed under: ,
  776. Arduino Relay Control Tutorial
    LED Blinking is a very common and almost first program for every embedded learner or beginner. In which we blink an LED with having some delay. So today we are here with the same project but here we will use an AC bulb instead of…... Listed under: , ,
  777. Measure Sound/Noise Level in dB with Microphone and Arduino
    Noise pollution has really started to gain importance due to high population density. A normal human ear could hear sound levels from 0dB to 140dB in which sound levels from 120dB to 140dB are considered to be noise. Loudness or sound levels are commonly measured…... Listed under: ,
  778. Arduino Metal Detector
    Metal Detector is a security device which is used for detecting metals which can be harmful, at various places like Airports, shopping malls, cinemas etc. Previously we have made a very simple Metal detector without a microcontroller, now we are building the Metal Detector using…... Listed under: ,
  779. Smart Blind Stick using Arduino
    Ever heard of Hugh Herr? He is a famous American rock climber who has shattered the limitations of his disabilities; he is a strong believer that technology could help disabled persons to live a normal life. In one of his TED talk Herr said “Humans…... Listed under: ,
  780. Arduino Calculator using 4×4 Keypad
    Programming is always fun and Arduino is a wonderful platform if you are just getting started with Embedded programming. In this tutorial we will build our own calculator with Arduino. The values can be sent in through a keypad (4×4 keypad) and result can be…... Listed under: , , ,
  781. Measuring PPM from MQ Gas Sensors using Arduino (MQ-137 Ammonia)
    Right from the time of industrial age, we mankind have been rapidly developing. With every progress we also pollute our environment and eventually degrading it. Now global warming is an alarming threat and even the air that we breathe are getting critical. So air quality…... Listed under:
  782. Temperature and Humidity Data Logger using Arduino
    In this project, we are going to make a temperature and relative humidity data logger. Arduino is the brain of this project. DHT22 sensor is used for sensing temperature and relative humidity. Arduino Uno is programmed to read temperature, humidity values from DHT22 sensor and…... Listed under:
  783. Digital Thermometer using Arduino and DS18B20 Sensor
    In this project, we are going to make a Digital Thermometer using Arduino Uno. We will use DS18B20 temperature sensor to sense the temperature and Nokia 5110 LCD to display it. DS18B20 is a 1-Wire digital temperature sensor manufactured by Maxim Integrated and is capable…... Listed under: ,
  784. Laura: Emotional Compass Lamp
    Story Laura Laura is a "counseling" lamp who is helping me to find myself and to understand where I want to go. For her great help, I wanted to give her a present that represents the work we are doing. The inspiration came from the…... Listed under:
  785. Chinese Rings Puzzle With Arduino
    Introduction Hello all, The Chinese Rings Puzzle with Arduino is my version of a centennial Chinese puzzle. It is very simple to play and it is an example of a combinatorial puzzle, and lots of patience and concentration is required to solve it. The objective…... Listed under:
  786. ATtiny85 EMF Detector
    Story This is a simple tutorial to create an EMF detector. You can use Arduino for this job, but is better use a microcontroller called Attiny85. It is possible program it throe the Arduino interface. What is a Magnetic Field [from Wikipedia] An electromagnetic field…... Listed under:
  787. IoT Pet Feeder: Use to build a smart food dispenser for your pet
    Story This IoT pet feeder is our first IoT project with! We are happy to share it with our community to demonstrate how simple it can be to make basic IoT projects with We are also excited to share this project with you…... Listed under:
  788. Make your own gesture-controlled Wizard’s Walking Staff
    Story This project uses the Arduino 101, a battery and an LED strip to make a gesture-controlled Wizard's Walking Staff. We'll define three different light-display "spells" you can summon by moving the staff in one of three gestures. Tech: The code uses the Inertial Measurement…... Listed under:
  789. MorseCard – A Tiny Telegraph Station
    Story Behold: the MorseCard! Fulfill your dreams of becoming a telegraph operator (or just make something cool to show your friends) with this weekend project. The MorseCard features a high-contrast OLED screen that will decipher whatever you tap out. I have written a variety of…... Listed under:
  790. Starry Night Prom: How did I stand out at prom? In a light up dress of course!
    About So for my Junior prom, I really wanted a dress I had seen online that was blue with a sequin ombre, but it was out of my price range, and way too voluminous. My mom and I had made my Homecoming dress the year…... Listed under:
  791. DIY Voltmeter with Arduino and a Nokia 5110 Display
    Story In this tutorial I am going to show you how to build a Voltmeter with a big Nokia 5110 LCD display using Arduino. Building a voltmeter is a great learning experience. When you finish building this project, you will have a better understanding of…... Listed under:
  792. Plant Monitoring System using AWS IoT
    Story Picture this you are going on a vacation for a week or so and are worried about your house plant at home.Here is a great project to under take a week before you head out for your vacation. Build yourself a plant monitoring and notification system…... Listed under:
  793. LedMatrix Tweet Visualization
    Story Description Display tweets with a certain hashtag on a led-matrix using an Arduino/Genuino Yùn or Yùn-Shield. We will use a Python script to log into twitter and check for updates. Configuring the Yun101/YunShield In order to connect your board to internet you first have…... Listed under:
  794. Purdue ExoMIND Glove
    Description The ExoMind Glove is a wearable device equipped with 7 accelerometers that are used to quantify forearm, wrist, and finger angles. Additionally, an EMG with conductive fabric electrodes is secured into the sleeve of the device to monitor muscle activity. The glove houses an…... Listed under:
  795. Integrating Wiscore Alexa EVK and Arduino via Serial Port
    Story Wiscore: Integrating Arduino with Alexa As part of the series of tutorials for the Wiscore Alexa AVS EVK, we will see how to integrate Arduino boards (Uno, Leonardo, Due etc) directly with Alexa Voice Service. The Wiscore board provides the means to communicate with…... Listed under:
  796. Arduino101 / tinyTILE BLE: Match-Making Sunglasses
    Story Instead of using an app, what if you could send a signal to eye-contact someone you are interested in talking to, in a social setting, even from afar? I'm not proposing a different way to start a date. I'm exploring a new usage of…... Listed under:
  797. Paint Your Dimmer Switch on the Wall
    Motivation What to do you do when you have some Bare Conductive paint and some Philips Hue lightbulbs laying around? You paint a dimmer switch on your wall using conductive paint! Getting Started Some things you'll need to get started: Arduino Due (or Zero) AnduinoWiFi…... Listed under:
  798. Using Nokia 3310 84×48 LCD with Arduino
    Story The Nokia 5110 is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It was originally intended to be used as a cell phone screen. This one is mounted on an easy to solder PCB. It uses the PCD8544 controller, which is the same…... Listed under:
  799. Fidget Spinner RPM Counter
    Hi everyone! This is my next project, Fidget Spinner RPM Counter or Arduino Tachometer with Hall-Effect Sensor. 1: Requirements Parts Required: Fidget Spinner neodyimium magnet Arduino Uno LED + resistor 220 Ohm Hall-Effect Sensor - a3144 resistor 10 k Wires Breadboard LCD 1602 2: Hall-Effect…... Listed under:
  800. An Urban Plant Watering Solution
    This device improves plant irrigation in urban environments. Powered by an Arduino 101, it uses on-board tools along with a few external sensors to calculate optimum conditions for watering plants in its own environment, and then waters the plant itself at the calculated time. It…... Listed under:

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