Portable Auto Height Adjust Stand for Multipurpose

Height is a major concern in public places. Kids affected more in public places due to height problem. The problem places due to height concerns are

1) First place is school from kg kids to High school kids, so lot of height variation so using wash basin, now a days while enter using hand sanitizer.

2) Parents taking children to hotel wash basin height.

3) In companies and office face recognition attendance system, if fitted for tall people short people suffer, if fitted for short people tall people suffer.

Like wise lot of places. I see kids in public places cant able to reach the wash basin for hand wash some one want to help or they hold up the basin for wash. Now a days due to pandemic touching other places in public want to reduce. So to over come this mainly for kids going to school while enter they want to sanitized, i plan for a height leveler which move its height according to the person standing before. It must be portable cost effective.

Its a very simple project but take time to build the lifter which stand in any place with weight less and portable.

Another Project is included in this project auto sanitizer dispenser. So the combined set is used for Schools to dispense sanitizer to all grade childrens and staffs. It is given in step21.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required For Rail and Platform

1) 19mm PVC Pipe – 10 feet 4 Nos.

2) 19mm PVC Tee – 27 Nos.

3) 19mm PVC Elbow – 13 Nos

4) 25mm PVC Pipe – 10 feet 1 No.

5) 25mm PVC Tee – 4 Nos.

6) 25mm PVC Elbow – 2nos.

7) Nickel Screws – 95Nos.

Materials Required For automation

1) HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor – 1No.

2) Arduino Uno – 1No.

3) Arduino CNC Shield V3 – 1No.

4) Nema 17 Stepper Motor – 1No.

5) Limit Switch – 2 No.

6) 3 mm Screw – 4 Nos.

7) 3 mm Screw – 4 Nos.

8) Wires

9) Steel Thread

Step 2: Make the Lift Platform

I use 19mm pipe for the holder and Guide. 25mm pipe for the platform.

1) Take 25mm PVC Pipe Cut the following pieces

1) 90mm piece – 2 Nos.

2) 50mm Piece – 2Nos.

3) 30mm Piece – 2Nos.

4) 15mm Piece – 4Nos.

Use 25mm PVC Tee – 4 Nos, 25mm PVC Elbow – 2nos to fix the joints like Pipe blocks as shown in the pictures. Now the platform is ready. We want to make a rail for platform move. Insert the 19mm pipe in the Tees of the 25mm pipe.

Step 3: Making the Lift Guide

For making guide we want two 19mm pipes and 4 tee joints.

1) Cut two pieces 90mm and two pieces 1676mm.

2) Join a Rectangle using 4 tee joints as shown in the picture.

3) Before screw insert the platform into the guide and now the guide is ready.

Make the platform and the guide is easy. But Design the holder take long time because it want to hold the setup even when plat form is in full height and also it has a place for motor, Circuit and wiring. So after two trials the final one is superb and very stable.

Step 4: Model 1 – Making Guide Holder With Motor Base

In the first trial the stand model is correct but the top rod for ultrasonic sensor is made of two parallel pipes this make the pulling front side high. Also no between pipe in the holder in the top it make the structure weak. Base side also no stand.

Step 5: Model 2 – Making Guide Holder With Motor Base

This is the second model in this model Change the Top ultrasonic pipe to single pipe and Join the holder in the top and this increase the stability of the structure. In the base stand extend to the back side. But when the platform is loaded it tilt front side.

Step 6: Change the Base

Now the whole structure is completed and the base leg is spread on all sides in 45 degree so it hold in all directions.

1) We already see the requirement for design the guide apart from guide we need.

1) 19mm PVC Pipe 2 Nos and pieces from guide.

2) 19mm PVC Tee – 20 Nos.

3) 19mm PVC Elbow – 13 Nos

2) Cut the pipe pieces

1) 95mm piece – 9Nos

2) 38mm piece – 3Nos

3) 35mm piece – 11Nos

4) 26mm piece – 15Nos

5) 1690mm piece – 2Nos

6) 1190mm piece – 2Nos

7) 300mm piece – 2Nos

8) 150mm piece – 1No

9) 80mm piece – 2Nos

10) 400mm piece – 1No

Look at the video in the next step and join the pieces and finally you got the structure.

Step 7: Structure Video

Structure is cant able to capture in photo clearly so video of the structure.

Step 8: Fixing Stepper

1) For stepper holder first draw the outline in a paper and paste it in a Novapan sheet.

2) Cut the Novapan sheet 80mm X 80mm and drill the center to insert stepper motor.

3) Screw the screw hole novapan sheet. Use screws fix the stepper motor with the sheet.

4) Small change in the structure to make the structure strong while pull the platform up for that need another 4 Elbows. and Cut the 95mm pipe to two 35mm pipe. Again join as per 4th image.

5) Put the hole in the Pipe fully and using ling screw and nut fix the servo in the frame.

Source: Portable Auto Height Adjust Stand for Multipurpose

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