Arduino 4 led madness

In this instructables you will learn how to wire 4 LED’S and make them flash 10 times. This is a great Starter project!!

what you will need…
1: arduino (I am using an Duemilanove)
1: breadboard
4: LED’s
10-15: jumper wires
3: resistors

Arduino 4 led madness

Step 1: Adding the LED’s and Resistors1

First put the LED’s on the breadboard.
Make Sure the long lead is to the left as seen i the picture!
Next add the Resistors to the last 3 LED’s,
place in the long lead.

Step 2: Wiring this to the Arduino!

First the ground, wire 2 grounds to the breadboard like in the picture.
Next going to each led, take 4 more led’s and go from the 2 grounds to each short lead.

schematic led madness

Step 3: Wiring the positive leads!

For this code you will be using pins 13,12,11,10
pin 13 has a built in resistor so that is why you don’t need to use a resistor.
start with pin 13 and wire it to the first LED.
Then Just go do the line and wire the rest of the LED’s using pins 12,11,10

For more detail: Arduino 4 led madness

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