Smart Home Control System With Touch Screen

In this project, I have shown how to make a Smart Home Control with Arduino Uno and Nextion touch screen to control door lock system, temperature and daytime monitoring.

During the article, I have shown all the steps to make this smart home system.

This Home Automation system has the following features:

  • Control Lock – Unlock door with Touch Screen Keypad
  • Temperature measurement and monitoring
  • Real Time date/day/hour monitoring


  • Arduino Uno
  • Nextion Touch Screen
  • LM35
  • DS1307
  • Servo Motor
  • Buzzer
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Plastic Case Box

Step 1: Circuit Diagram of the Home Automation Project

  • A4 -> SDA
  • A5 -> SCL

Step 2: Preparing the Components

Connect wires to the Arduino

Carefully follow the wiring configuration table provided which shows the Arduino pin numbers and the associated pin numbers.

Step 3: Arduino Code

1. Upload and Test the code

Upload the code through the Arduino IDE

Step 4: Nextion Code

1. Upload and Test the code

Upload the code via Nextion Editor.

(To use Nextion code file, change the .ino to .HMI)

Step 5: Case Preparing

1. Cut the top of the case to fit the touch screen.

Use a pencil to mark out the dimensions of the screen and cut the plastic with a saw.

2. Cut and position the USB cables.

Open a hole for the cable with a drill.

Step 6: Run and Use Project

Source: Smart Home Control System With Touch Screen

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