Arduino Flash game streamer

its a simple project that uses the a ethernet shield server to give a advanst web page with flash games on it.

Arduino Flash game streamer

Step 2: The code:::

you can download this code at the end:
load up the ethernet server example and delete the code for uploading the analog inputs.
then enter this:

client.println("<h1>Arduino streamer</h1>");
client.println("<title>Arduino streaming</title>");
client.println("<object width='550' height='400'>");
client.println("<param name='movie' value=''>");
client.println("<embed src='' width='1000' height='750'>");
// output the value of each analog input pin
client.println("<body bgcolor='Teal'>");
client.println("made by cody chambers");

this will load the dirtbike 2 game as a examp

Major Components in Project

Thing you will need

well you will need the interwebs,
ethernet shield,
arduino software,
ethernet cable

For more detail: Arduino Flash game streamer

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