Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car

were you always fascinated by RC cars ?

Ever wanted to make one yourself ? controlled by your own smartphone ? —-> lets start

So, hey guys, here in this project i have tried to make a Bluetooth controlled car with the help of Arduino. I have included each detail so you can understand it easily. Also you can watch the video which is more detailed. Watch it till end and you will learn to make it within 10 minutes.

I have added every circuit diagram and explanation possible to make it easy for you all to understand.

It is economical and is a good idea for your school / college project. You don’t need any previous knowledge!

just follow this guide πŸ˜›

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Any car chassis kit ( with BO motors, wheels and base )

I bought this kit-

2. Arduino UNO

3. L298 motor drive

4. Hc-05 bluetooth module

5. two batteries ( I used Samsung 18650 rechargeable cell , 3.7V and 2600 mA both) Link:

6. Jumper Wires

7. Electrical instruments ( Solder wire and iron )

8. mobile with bluetooth

Step 2: Solder All Motors & Attach Them to the Base

Solder each motor with a black and a red wire and attach them with the chassis as shown in the video.

join left side motor wires together as: red wire –> red wire and black wire –> black wire

similarly join motors on right side together as:Β red wire –> red wireΒ andΒ black wire –> black wire

Step 3: Join Wheels to All the Motors

don’t apply too much pressure while pressing the wheels otherwise the chassis may get break.

Step 4: Join the Two Batteries in Series

Connect the batteries in series by joining with a tape. You can also keep a little piece of open wire between them so that they are well connected.

Now join red wire to positive terminal of battery and black wire to negative terminal.

Try to keep the voltage <= 9 volts. I used 2 batteries of 3.7 V so my total pack voltage was 7.4 volts. If you use to high voltage ( like >= 12 volts , there is a chance that your components will get heated and might burn )

If your batteries have more current rating- your motors will rotate fast. My battery current rating was 2260 mA which was enough to power 4 motors.

Caution: Don’t accidentally connect positive terminal of battery to its negative terminal directly. It might burn your wires without any resistance.

Step 5: Connect Motors to Motor Drive

Join the red and black terminal of motors on each side, to the motor drive outputs.

Source: Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car

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