Desktop Fist Bumper using arudino

This simple device sits on your desk at work, ready to give you fist bumps throughout the day as you need them. A 3D printed “fist” is moved by a servo attached to a rack and pinion mechanism. An ultrasonic range finder detects when you place your hand near it, and an Arduino Uno controls it all.

Desktop Fist Bumper using arudino


Step 1: Make cables

To connect the electronics, a few cables are needed. First, make a pair of “splitters” for providing power (5V) and GND to the sensor and servo from the Arduino using female connectors. Since both devices need the same Vcc, the splitters make the wiring easier to put together and more compact when it is assembled.

Next, solder a cable to connect to the ultrasonic range sensor. Use a female connector for the end that the sensor will plug into, and solder the other ends of the wires to individual male headers.

Finally, cut off the female connector at the end of the servo and solder the wires to individual male headers as well.


For more detail: Desktop Fist Bumper using arudino

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