Smart Glasses(Under $10!!!)

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We all are familiar with Smart Glasses like the one named E.D.I.T.H. made by our beloved character Tony Stark which was later passed on to Peter Parker.

Today I am going to built one such smart glass that too under $10! They’re not quite as subtle as the ones in film, they do have some impressive abilities.

So without wasting any time let’s get started!


1) OLED Display($2.64)

2)HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth Module($2.84)

3)Power bank Module($0.39)

4)10K Preset($0.12)

5)Slide Switch($0.27)

6)Li-Po Battery 3.7V($1.35)

7)Arduino Pro Mini($2.71)/ Arduino Nano($2.92)


9)100 mm Focal Lens

10)Transparent Glass

Step 1: Circuit Diagram and Connections

Circuit Diagram and Connections

The above image shows all the connections for the Glasses…

  1. HC-05/06 -> VCC– 5V of Arduino

GNDGND of Arduino

TX– RX of Arduino

RX– TX of Arduino

2. OLED Display-> VCC5V/3.3V of Arduino

GNDGND of Arduino

SDL– A4 of Arduino

SCL– A5 of Arduino

3.LiPo Battery-> +ve – Slide Switch & Slide Switch – +ve of Power bank Module

-ve  -ve of Power bank Module

4.Arduino -> Vin – 10k Preset

GND – -ve of Power Bank Module

5. Power Bank Module-> +ve – 10k Preset

Step 2: Outer Cover

As per the measurements of the frame of your Glass, print the above given shapes for the cover from a 3D Printer or a shop nearby.

Step 3: Program the Arduino & the App

If you are using an Arduino Nano, then skip this part… If you are a Pro Mini then use a ‘CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Serial convertor Module’ to upload the code to your board.

Link for the code and the app:-

Code and App Link

Step 4: Arrangements

Now Arrangement all of your circuitries inside the cover and attach the Power Bank Module on the top cover. Make sure to have a hole for the USB Port that will be needed for charging the LiPo Battery.(as shown in the given image)

Step 5: Lens and Glass

Take a mirror and cut it into your desired dimensions.

Buy a 100mm Focal Lens and a small rectangular transparent glass.

Arrange them as shown in the images above…

Step 6: Attach With the Specs

Join the two parts together of the outer cover together and attach your specs as shown in the images…

Step 7: Connecting With Your Phone

Download the app from the link given before…

Pair your HC-05/06 with your phone.

Open the app named ‘Retro Watch’.

After opening the app:-

Go to Watch Control Section> Connect your bluetooth module with your device(Connected will be displayed as shown in the above image)> in watch clock style, Select Style to Simple Digital (or the style you prefer).

Step 8: Finish!

Source: Smart Glasses(Under $10!!!)

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