Control Android mobile by an Apple Remote using Arduino

I love to integrate devices which are not supposed to be integrated and this guide shows you how you can control an Android mobile using Apple’s Remote. (Who said Apple devices work only with Apple products πŸ˜‰ )

Also this is my entry to the Sparkfun microcontroller context. If you like this guide, please do vote for me. (Voting starts from Feb 14th)

Basic Architecture
Control Android mobile using an Arduino

This is the basic architecture of how we will be setting up different pieces so that they can talk to each other.

Apple Remote -> IR Receiver -> Arduino -> Bluetooth Shield -> Amarino -> Android

Step 1: What do you need

Components needed

Arduino Board (Either Uno or Duemilanove)
Arduino Bluetooth Shield
IR Receiver
Apple Remote
Android Phone

Libraries used

IR Remote

Programming Skills

Basic Arduino programming
Basic Android programming skill (Optional)

Step 2: Arduino

Arduino – Connecting the IR Receiver

The first step is to connect the IR Receiver to Arduino. The IR Receiver has three legs (Vcc, Gnd and signal).

Connect the Vcc pin of IR Receiver to Arduino’s Vcc pin
Connect Gnd pin of IR Receiver to Gnd pin in Arduino
Connect the signal pin of IR Receiver to Arduino digital pin 11

Arduino – Code

The next step is to write the code in Arduino called as sketch. The code should do the following

Read the signal from IR Receiver
Identify the button that was pressed
Send the button code using Bluetooth


For more detail: Control Android mobile by an Apple Remote using Arduino

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