Voice Controlled Smart Key Holder

Are you the kind of person who’s not good with managing keys and always have to try each key for every other lock?

Well don’t worry, just grab a little bit of motivation and your maker tools to innovate your very own voice controlled smart key holder. Because there’s no problem too small or big that cannot be solved and there’s no maker that cannot solve it.

All you have to do is, just ask your smartphone about the lock you want to open. Your phone will then communicate with smart key holder and corresponding LED will light up to indicate about the exact key that belongs to that particular lock.

This smart key holder can also be used in banks, hospitals, libraries, administration offices etc.

Step 1: Components Required:

1. Arduino Uno/Nano
2. USB 2.0 Cable Type A/B(for UNO) and Cable/USB 2.0 A to USB 2.0 Mini B(for nano)
3. HC05 bluetooth module
4. LEDs(3)
5. 3 resistors of value 100 ohms
6. 9v battery and its connector
7. Breadboard/General Purpose Zero PCB Printed Circuit Board
8. Jumper wires

Apart from all these, you’l also need soldering iron, soldering wire and glue gun.

That’s pretty much everything.

Step 2: Hardware Connections

I started by creating a base/socket for Arduino Uno on zero board as shown in the first picture so that we can easily remove or attach the board according to our requirement. Then I connected HC05 bluetooth module to arduino.

  1. Connect Rx pin of bluetooth module to Tx pin of arduino
  2. Connect Tx pin of bluetooth module to Rx pin of arduino
  3. Connect Vcc of module to +5v of board
  4. Lastly connect GND of module to GND OF Uno board

Next step is to make LED connections. Longer leg of LED is positive terminal and other one is negative terminal. Solder +ve terminal of LED to any one side of resistor and connect other side to digital pin 11 of arduino. Similarly connect the positive terminals of other two LEDs to resistors and other side of resistors to pin 12 and 13 respectively. Connect the negative terminals of all LEDs to GND pin.

That’s it! We’re done with the hardware it.!

Step 3: Upload the Code

Download the app “Arduino Bluetooth Controller”

From available devices choose HC05. In order to connect your phone to bluetooth module for the first time, you need to enter either 0000 or 1234 as passkey.

Last step is to upload the given code on arduino and our work is done.


Source: Voice Controlled Smart Key Holder

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