Control Your Robot Using a Wii Nunchuck (and an Arduino) using arduino

After wearing myself out playing Wii Boxing I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could use this to control my robot, (looking to my left hand).

Looking around the internet I found a bevy of people doing similar things, (links to everyone just below the video). So what follows is a re-packaging of all their hard work, resulting in a robot controllable by both the Wii nunchuck’s joystick or more interestingly its accelerometers.
Control Your Robot Using a Wii Nunchuck (and an Arduino)
A quick video of my Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB) being controlled by a Wii nunchuck.


    • (here) – Arduino Code – Chad at has written excellent arduino code for reading the Wii nunchuck. Code which I have included pretty much verbatim in this project. if you’re interested in more technical details this is where to look.
    • (here) – Nunchuck Details – has a great wiki about all things Wii, this is a link to a page that describes the nunchucks protocol and how to calibrate your nunchuck.
    • (here) – WiiChuck Adapter – Tod of very kindly produced a small adapter to make plugging your nunchuck into a breadboard particularly easy.

(similar projects)

    • (here) – Wireless Nunchuck Control – Frank over at Society of Robots went one step further adding a wireless link so he can control his Arduino robot with all the tilt and twist fun from afar.
    • (here) – Nunchuck Controlled Pan and Tilt Camera – Using a Nunchuck and an Arduino to control the pan and tilt of a camera.
    • (here) – Nunchuck and Arduino Controlled Canoe – Finally a rather epic project that uses an Arduino, nunchuck, servos and small trolling motor to drive a Canoe.

(if you have an Arduino nunchuck project you’ve completed drop me a line and it can be added here)
(shameless plug)
To check out more of our lovely open source projects –

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Only a few parts to collect before we get wiring and programming

Robot – (Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB) )
( build your own , or purchase a lovely kit ($175)

    • We use an Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB) however any Arduino powered dual servo robot will work. Other options (here)

Control Your Robot Using a Wii Nunchuck (and an Arduino)
Electronics – ($24)

    • Wii Nunchuck – ($20) – (Amazon) , or at your closest Blockbuster or CircuitCity
    • WiiChuck Adapter – ($4) – A small circuit board that allows you to plug your nunchuck into a breadboard without modifying it. (if you don’t want to use your nunchuck on your Wii you can save yourself four dollars and simply cut the connector off and plug the wires directly into your breadboard) – (FunGizmos)
    • Assorted pieces of Breadboard wire – (22 AWG solid)


For more detail: Control Your Robot Using a Wii Nunchuck (and an Arduino)

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