Laser Shooting Game

This laser game is a simple project that utilizes an Arduino mini. All target boards have an Arduino, sensors, and servo control ports. Shooting the target center triggers the servo and the board falls flat.

Laser Shooting Game

Step 1:What you need

Major Components in Project

Bill of material:
1. Shooting Target board PCB (attached gerber file)
2. Servo
3. Photo diode x 3
4. IR transmitter x 1
5. IR receiver x 1
6. 9014 NPN transistors x 3\
7. Pins and socket
8. Arduino Mini x 2
9. SMD components (Caps, resistors)
10. CD
11. Target board graphic (CD size)
12. Toy laser gun 

Step 2: Soldering


Assembly all components on the PCB.

Step 3: Prepare the target board

Cut out the and stick it on the CD by glue
The diameter of the CD is 120 mm and the inner diameter is 15 mm.

Step 4: Glue the PCB on servo arm

Use the hot glue gun to glue the assembled PCB on the servo arm.
Please reserved some space between the servo and the PCB. As the servo chassis may collide with the PCB during servo arm moment.

Step 5: Stick the target board on the PCB

Stick the target board on the PCB

Use hot glue gun to glue the CD (target board) on PCB



For more detail: Laser Shooting Game

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