Arduino Programmer Projects

Arduino Weather Station Part2

So my last project was a Arduino wind chill machine. Naturally, this Lazy Old Geek wanted to add a weather vane (wind direction) to my weather station. Who cares, you may ask? Well, I am a Geek. Actually, wind direction has some importance. Here in the high desert, the winds are usually from the …

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Hexapoduino: tiny hexapod 3D printed, Arduino controlled

A few time ago, i found out a 3d printed Micro-Hexapod on Thingiverse. I started to work on it in the following ways: – create new accessories/components 3D printable – explore the possible ways to drive this hexapod. Here the results: – a parametric battery holder that fits perfectly on it, without screws – a parametric pen holder …

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ATtiny programming with Arduino

After this Instructable you should be able to program an A Ttiny85/45 with an arduino. It may sound complex but it really isn’t. After doing some research I could not find to much info on how this could be done. I however did find This Instructable is my interpretation of what I learned from Randy. Step …

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Arduino Sketch Event Loop Demo

This sketch is used by Exercise: Event-Loop Programming. Full Source Code The full code is all in one file EventLoopDemo.ino. // EventLoopDemo.ino : demonstrate generation of two simultaneous square waves at different rates // The example program generates audio-frequency square waves at different // pitches on pins 4 and 5 to demonstrate a simple event-loop control structure …

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(almost) Universal MIDI SysEx CC Programmer (and Sequencer…)

In the mid eighties synths manufaturers started a “less is better” process that led to barebones synths. This allowed the reduction of costs on the manufaturer side, but made the patching process tediuos if not impossible for the final user. Manufacturers themselfs and third party companies realized optional boxes full of knobs and/or sliders to …

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