Single Digit Decimal counter using Arduino

“Hello world”,I am not going to start this blog with typical “Hello world” program,since lot of resources already covered Arduino way of telling “hello world”,that is Blinking a LED. This project is absolutely for beginners who prefers to run than taking a walk,I am going to control 7 segment display to automatically count numbers from 1-9 using Arduino,well I hope you know the basics of 7 segment display.I ...

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Resistor Color Code Calculator with Arduino

This is a 4 band Mechanical Color Code Resistor Calculator, The idea of making this Mechanical Resistor came when I accidentally dropped my box of resistors and all resistors (1300 of them) got mixed up. ooops! . Thank god there's an APP  for that, So while picking them up (the resistors) and soaring them out I was thinking, how cool would it be to have a big resistor that you can actually manually rotate t ...

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The tweiger counter

The following steps will enable you to build your own tweiger-counter! It searches in current twitter messages sent around the globe for the words like nuclear, calculates a sliding window average and pushes it to the arduino that will click for every incoming tweet like an original Geiger counter and will steer a servo as revmeter showing the current nuclear related posts on twitter. So the next time the t ...

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