Smartphone Controlled RC Car Using Arduino

This Instructable shows how to make a Smartphone controlled Arduino Robot Car.

Update on 25th Oct 2016

Step 1: Youtube Video Link

Step 2: Parts and Tools Required

1. 4WD Robot Chassis kit
2. Arduino Uno

3. LM298 H bridge Module

4. Bluetooth Module HC-05

5. 12v Li-po Battery

6. Male-Female Jumper Wires

7. Male-Male Jumper Wires

8. Duct Tape or any other tape 9. Smartphone

Step 3: Structure / Chassis

You can buy Ready made 4WD Car chassis or you can make it by using PVC / Any kind of Hard Board .

Step 4: Motor / Actuator

In this project i use 6v DC motor . You can used any kind of 6v DC motor .

Step 5: Prepare the Motors Terminal

Cut 4 pieces of red and black wires with length approximately 5 to 6 inch.

0.5 sqmm wires can be used .
Strip out the insulation from the wires at each end Solder the wires to the motor terminal

You can check the motor polarity by connecting it to the battery pack.If it rotates in forward direction ( red wire with positive and black wire with negative terminal of the battery) then the connection is correct .

Step 6: Mount the Motor and Install the Top Roof

Source: Smartphone Controlled RC Car Using Arduino

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