Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots

Here you will learn how to create an internet controlled robot or other installation using Livebots.
Livebots is a project I’m working on which consists of an easy to use website for all the robots that people can interact with through the internet.

Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots

As an example I will be using a simple Arduino UNO with a LED connected to an Raspberry Pi to show you the concept, but of course you can use anything that can be receive messages by the serial port and any computer you would like.

Here is it:

And here is another example:

Step 1: Program the arduino

Attached is a simple arduino program that reads the messages form the serial port and lights the LED when they contain “HIGH” and turns it off when “LOW”.

Feel free to adapt it to your own needs.

livebotDemo.zip462 bytes

Step 2: Add the robot to the Livebots website

Start by creating an account (

Click Add a Robot and upload your bot’s picture (

Then you can add your robot information that will appear on the robot’s page.

Step 3: Install PySerial

In order to let python communicate with arduino you will need to install pySerial:

Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots
1. Download and click open:

2. Unzip and untar the files

3. Install pySerial. On a terminal window, navigate to the folder where you have the files and run the following command:
cd pyserial-2.5
sudo python install

For more info on how to do this on raspberry pi go here:

PS: If you’re on Windows make sure you have python installed: (Thanks msandersmay10 for pointing this out!)


For more detail: Create an internet controlled robot using Livebots

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