Arduino Prototyping Shield on the cheap

Breadboards are very handy, but sometimes I just want to connect one IC or some LEDs and resistors to the controller.

My simple solution was to canibalize a cheap Breadboard to get two expandable PrototypingShields with some additional features.

Arduino Prototyping Shield

What I used:
Breadboard (~3$)
2 Pieces of Veroboard (<1$)
28 PinHeader (<1$)
28 femaleConnectors (<1$)
2 Leds
some Resistors…
and some epoxy to get it smooth and fixed

Soldering iron
a knife

Step 1: Soldering the Shield

Sadly the ArduinoBoard doesn’t align with the standard 0.1″ spacing, so it’s a little tricky to get the Shield smoothly into the Arduino connectors.

Firstly I cutted the right number of pinheaders.
After putting them into the Arduino connectors, I saw the difference to my 0.1″ spaced veroboard.

I bent the headers a little bit as you can see in the second picture.

Now the pins are ready to solder.

As you can see in Pic4 I cutted the veroboard with one hole space to the border, to solder the female connectors later.

Step 2: Cut the Breadboard

Next step was to cut the breadboard.
Very stinky, but effective with a Dremel on 10.000rpm 🙂

I removed one row of the power connectors for the right size.
It fits just perfect!

I also made a little cut on the veroboard to disconnect the pins.

Major Components in Project


For more detail: Arduino Prototyping Shield on the cheap

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