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Control anything remotely with Infrared signals using Arduino

Who would have thought that just about every Arduino attachment can be controlled in some way with a TV remote? Now its time to find out how. Arduino.skp141 KB Step 1: Setup and Materials The setup for this is quite basic. The real challenge is finding neat products for this and writing the code. Materials. …

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Arduino MIDI-in shield

This instructable shows how to build a shield to connect devices that send MIDI signals (e.g. a masterkeyboard) to an Arduino. The basic schematic is derived from: Step 1: The schematic Basically the schematic is just an optocoupler with some resistors to decouple the MIDI device from the Arduino. Note that the DIN connector …

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Google Play Music Internet Radio (Raspberry Pi and Arduino)

I was looking for a project to do with my Raspberry Pi and found thisInstructable and thought I would have a go at something similar which worked with Google Play Music. I had a rough idea of what I wanted the final item to end up like and was able to get my dad interested in helping me with …

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Arduino Waveform Generator Shield

Waveform generators (also called function generators) are useful for testing and debugging circuits. They can be used to test the frequency response of electronic components like op amps and sensors or to characterize and troubleshoot audio effects boxes and pedals. This waveform generator shield is powered by an Arduino. It outputs four waveforms: sine, triangle, …

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This project is bases on the internet radio by Ed Smallenburg. He did an awesome job in creating a working internet-based radio. He shared his coding and hardware on the world wide web so that people like you and me can learn from it. He shared his build on GitHub using the copyleft license. (It …

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