Unicorn Horn With NeoPixel LEDs & Arduino Lilypad

Today I’m gonna make 3D Printed Unicorn Horn. I saw and did the project in Adafruit’s website about a year ago but I could not find an opportunity to share it. It looks great when going out to the party and especially in the evenings. 🙂

I got the horn out of the 3D printer on the project. If you do not have a 3D printer, you can make the horn yourself with the materials what you want.

Let’s start !

Step 1: Materials:

  • NeoPixel Stick (x2)
  • Lilypad (x1)
  • USB Serial Converter (x1)
  • Lipo Battery (x1)
  • Lipo Battery Connector (x1)
  • Micro USB Cable (x1)
  • Female Female Jumper Cable (x6)
  • Hat
  • Some Cotton
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Needle-rope

Step 2: Upload Code to Arduino Lilypad

  • First we start by uploading the code to Lilypad. Let’s do the connection of USB Serial Converter – Lilypad as in the image.
  • Plug one end of the Micro USB into your computer and the other into the USB Serial Converter input.
  • Open the Arduino IDE. In the Cards section, select your Lilypad and port number and load the code Arduino.

You can find the code at Github or from here. Link: https://bit.ly/2MD5nSu

After we upload the code to Lilypad, we are done with FTDI and micro USB.

Step 3: Connection of NeoPixels

  • First we connect NeoPixels with each other.

* What we need to pay attention in this section is to solder the short cables while connecting the NeoPixels.

* While doing NeoPixel and Lilypad connection, the cable is soldered a little long so that this can easily placed in the hat.

  • Solder the GND, DIN, 5V pins of the first NeoPixel to GND, DIN and 5V of the second NeoPixel respectively.

Step 4: NeoPixel-LilyPad Connection

  • Solder the GND of the first NeoPixel to the (-) pin (minus pin) of the Lilypad.
  • Solder the second NeoPixel 5V to the (+) pin (plus pin) of the Lilypad.
  • Solder the DIN of the second NeoPixel to pin 11 of the Lilypad.

Our links are ready!

Source: Unicorn Horn With NeoPixel LEDs & Arduino Lilypad

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