Project Small Car

This car was made as a creative activity for students from Erazmus project. The Small Car celebrated big succes. So I’ve decided to share this small, unassuming and yet very educative project with community. It’s ideal to entertain students, for instance during public open day at schools. This project will help students master their 3D printing skills, PCB making skills, constructing skills and programming skills. And the best bit is price which can be pressed under 15 dollars for one car. This project is ideal for learning and after it can be used for entertainment as well. Very popular are races of these cars at my school.

Step 1: Required Parts and Tools

To build one awesome small car, you will need:

1x motor sized 130:…

1x Bluetooth receiver…

1x l293d motor driver…

1x Atmega 328p…

1x 16MHz crystal…

1x Servomotor size micro…

1x LiPo battery should be around 600mAh…

4x M3 nuts

8x M3x8 screws

2x M3x16 countersunk screws

1x LED 5mm

1x 220 Ohm resistor

1x socket for 28 pin IC

1x socket for 16 pin IC

2x 10 kOhm resistor

1x 20kOhm resistor

Pinhead headers

1x 6pin female pin header

2x 1pin female pin header

2x rubber bands

8 cm long M3 threaded rod

heatshrink tube

sturdy wire

Tools needed

3D printer

Soldering iron



Step 2: The Chasssis


This step is rather simple. Just print the chassis. Yours will be little different in front, but that’s OK. It’s improved version.

Step 3: Attaching Servo


Some screws might be packed in with servo. Use them to attach servo to chassis.

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