2-Player Pong Game with Arduino Uno

Classical Pong game implemented on an Arduino Uno using a PCD8544 LCD screen which is better known as the Nokia 5110 screen.

2-Player Pong Game with Arduino Uno

Player bars are controlled by a potentiometer for each player. If you want the bar to go left, just turn the potentiometer left.

Step #1:

  • Connect the Arduino Uno, PCD8544 LCD screen and 2 potentiomaters as shown in the Fritzing diagram.

Step #2:

2-Player Pong Game with Arduino Uno circuit

Step #3:

Download the Arduino sketch (Pong.ino file) from https://github.com/monur/Arduino-Uno-PCD…


For more detail: 2-Player Pong Game with Arduino Uno

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