Arduino I2C and Processing

As promised, this week brings another communications tutorial! In this video, we’ll use both the serial and processing knowledge that we gained last week, plus an I2C enabled temperature-sensing IC.

Arduino I2C and Processing


Thanks to Jeremy , for this articles


We’ll use processing to generate a pretty room temperature display on your computer screen. If you are new to processing, they have an excellent set of tutorials to help you get started.

You can download the files associated with this episode here:

Arduino I2C and Processing Schematic

Major Components in Project

1.   Arduino Uno: -board/dp/13T9285
2.   USB Cable: http://us.element-
3.   Arduino Software:
4.   Processing Software:
5.   Breadboard:
6.   10k ohm Resistors:  http://us.element- carbon -film -10kohm-250mw/dp/58K5002
7.   I2C Celsius   Temperature Sensor: -5- 0vat/ic -thermal- sensor – 2-c-to220 -5/dp/92C6554
8.   Jumper Kit: 

For more detail: Arduino I2C and Processing

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