Exploring Arduino How it Operates and its Versatile Applications

Exploring Arduino: How it Operates and its Versatile Applications

Arduino is an open-source hardware platform consisting of a board equipped with a microcontroller and a development environment (software). It is specifically crafted to simplify the integration of electronics into diverse interdisciplinary projects. Today, we’ll delve into understanding Arduino and its defining features. Arduino stands out as one of the most sought-after microcontroller platforms among […]

Mastering I2C: Interfacing Arduino Boards for Seamless Communication

In this project, we will establish I2C communication between two Arduino boards. Additionally, we will revisit some fundamentals of Arduino I2C communication, serving as a concise recap of what we’ve previously covered in detail in an earlier Arduino I2C Tutorial. We will explore all three potential scenarios for I2C communication and develop three distinct Arduino […]

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Arduino SoftwareSerial Mastery: Harnessing Multiple Serial Ports

Description: This article delves into the Software Serial library, a commonly utilized resource in Arduino programming. It explores its significance in programming for Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano and provides insights into when and why to employ this library. Through the aid of a Proteus simulation, I will elucidate its practical applications, alongside showcasing advanced-level […]

Ultrasonic Sensor

Arduino Uno Projects: Entry-Level Innovations for Beginners

The Arduino UNO, developed around the ATmega328P microcontroller, boasts a versatile array of features. With 14 digital I/O pins, including 6 PWM outputs, along with 6 analog inputs and a 16 MHz quartz crystal, it offers ample flexibility for various projects. Additionally, it comes equipped with essential components such as a USB connection, a power […]

Harnessing Monitoring Capabilities: Rasp Pi 3B Network Adapter

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ (as well as all other Raspberry Pi models currently available) comes equipped with built-in WiFi functionality. The “wlan0” interface serves as the default connection gateway alongside Ethernet, yet it lacks the capability to enter “monitoring mode.” In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the steps to ensure that a separate network adapter is […]

Arduino-Based Smart Parking System with IR Sensor Integration

Greetings, ElectroDuino enthusiasts! We’re delighted to have you back on our platform. Today’s focus revolves around the Smart Parking System Project, employing Arduino, IR Sensor, and Servo Motor technologies. Our discussion will encompass the Project Introduction, Conceptualization, Block Diagram, Necessary Components, Circuit Schematic, Operational Principles, and Arduino Programming. This endeavor is made possible through the […]

Enable (EN) to pin 9

Building a DIY Digital Voltmeter with Arduino: A Beginner’s Guide

Creating a straightforward digital voltmeter with an Arduino and a 16×2 liquid crystal display (LCD) is a straightforward process. Measuring voltages with an Arduino is relatively uncomplicated. The Arduino provides multiple analog input pins that link to an internal analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The Arduino ADC, which is a ten-bit converter, produces output values ranging from […]

Arduino's Dynamic Drive Exploring 6 Projects with Motor Magic

Arduino’s Dynamic Drive: Exploring 6 Projects with Motor Magic

Choosing the Right Arduino Motor This guide on Arduino motors aims to provide fundamental information essential for selecting a motor for your project. If you’ve been engaged in DIY electronics for some time and feel confident in your skills, you might be seeking a more challenging and rewarding experience by venturing into larger, more sophisticated […]

From Arduino to Atmega32 A Programmer's Journey with ISP

From Arduino to Atmega32: A Programmer’s Journey with ISP

 A discourse of “embedded systems” Whether you are cognizant of it or choose to overlook this undeniable fact, you are either in possession of or have utilized an electronic device. This could range from a phone, an ATM machine, a radio, a laptop computer, a gaming console, a smart TV, a smart card reader at the […]

How to serially connect two Arduino Boards

Enhancing Projects with Serial Connectivity Between Arduino Boards

Description: Serial communication between two Arduino boards – This tutorial covers the process of establishing serial communication between two Arduino boards. While the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega typically suffices for various projects such as CNC machines or 3D printers, instances arise where a single board isn’t adequate to complete a project. In such scenarios, […]

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