Real-Time Body Temperature Tracking via IoT and LoRa Networks Using Arduino

Featured Application The research project described in the paper seeks to develop a real-time human body temperature tracking system using the Internet of Things (IoT) and LoRa wireless network technologies. Specifically, an Arduino microcontroller is used to interface with a body temperature sensor and transmit the sensor data via a LoRa module to monitor temperature […]

Block diagram of remote speed control of a DC motor by DTMF Keypad

Telecommunication and Computer Networks: Speed Regulation of DC Motor Using DTMF Keypad

Introduction In the realm of telecommunication and computer networks, the application of Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) technology has extended beyond traditional telephony into diverse fields, including industrial automation and control systems. One intriguing application of DTMF technology is in the speed regulation of DC motors. This project, titled “Speed Regulation of DC Motor Using DTMF […]

Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Solar Tracking System

Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Solar Tracking System

1.  Introduction (1)   Purpose A conventional solar panel typically converts only 30 to 40 percent of incident solar irradiation into electrical energy. To ensure a consistent output, an automated system capable of continuously adjusting the solar panel’s orientation is necessary. Addressing this need, the Sun Tracking System (STS) was developed as a prototype solution. This […]

How to Make PCBA for High/Low Voltage Protection

How to Make PCBA for High/Low Voltage Protection

Sometimes voltage fluctuations occur in the main electricity supply in our homes offices etc. These fluctuations can occur due to the interruption of heavy load, lightning and switching impulses. This can lead to the electronics part damage and sometimes causes major accidents. Voltage fluctuation or irregularities are also major issues in industrial appliances and often […]

Empowering Innovation An Arduino Seminar

Empowering Innovation: An Arduino Seminar

Arduino interface boards serve as enchanting tools for individuals with a flair for innovation. They empower engineers, artists, designers, hobbyists, and tech enthusiasts to transform their concepts into reality. These accessible boards provide an economical gateway into the realm of electronics. Envision crafting interactive artifacts, constructing practical applications, and pioneering creations previously unimagined – all […]

Arduino board and arduino cable

Arduino Spectrum: Building a DIY Spectrophotometer

The world around us displays a symphony of light, with each color oscillating at a specific wavelength. The Arduino-Based Spectrophotometer Project helps uncover this covert language of light. This undertaking offers a fascinating exploration into the realm of spectroscopy. It enables using the user-friendly Arduino platform to construct an affordable and educational scientific instrument. This […]

Block Diagram of Mining Unit

IoT Based Smart Mine Safety System Using Arduino

Significance Addresses critical safety concerns in mining which is inherently hazardous work Leverages IoT and Arduino to develop a comprehensive safety monitoring system Has potential to significantly reduce accidents and improve standards if implemented widely Methodology Utilizes various sensors to monitor environmental parameters like temperature, gas levels etc Interfaces sensors with Arduino microcontrollers for centralized […]

Arduino Microcontroller Guide: Getting Started with DIY Electronics

1        Introduction 1.1        Overview The Arduino microcontroller, a user-friendly yet robust single-board computer, has garnered significant popularity in both hobbyist and professional circles. Being open-source, Arduino boasts affordable hardware and freely available development software. This guide is tailored for students enrolled in ME 2011 or anyone encountering Arduino for the first time. Advanced users can […]

Breadboard Arduino with USB programming ability.

Crafting Your Unique Arduino Creation: A DIY Project Guide

Build Your Own Arduino Using affordable components and a solderless breadboard, you have the ability to swiftly and effortlessly construct your own Arduino setup. This approach proves invaluable for prototyping new design concepts or when avoiding the need to dismantle existing setups for Arduino usage. The following example illustrates the process of connecting components on […]

How to Control an Arduino from a Web Page

Remote Control: Interacting with an Arduino via Web Interface

Upon acquiring my initial Arduino board, my immediate aspiration was to administer it through a web interface. However, lacking an Ethernet shield initially, I deferred the idea. Recently, spurred by curiosity, I procured a shield from Amazon to explore the possibilities. The foremost step entailed drafting a basic sketch capable of rendering a web page […]

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