Arduino Sketcher

Arduino Sketcher: Drawing with Processing & SparkFun Redboard

This project, dubbed the Arduino Sketcher, is a straightforward device designed for drawing pictures on your computer screen. Utilizing a processing code and the SparkFun Redboard, it simplifies the process of creating digital art. Device Description and Functionality The device consists of four push buttons: red, green, blue, and a neutral button. Each button changes […]


Tweet-O-Temp: Tweeting Temperatures with SparkFun Redboard

The Tweet-O-Temp includes a temperature sensor that continually monitors its surroundings. It operates by measuring the voltage and converting it to degrees Celsius. Since I reside in the United States, where Fahrenheit is commonly used, it also converts the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Additionally, the device incorporates an Adafruit GPS breakout module, which continuously […]

System for detecting objects using Arduino

Project Abstract I’ve been exploring the idea of creating a robot using Arduino technology for a while now. This project marks the initial phase of this ongoing hobby endeavor. The aim is to construct an object detection system that can be integrated into a semi-autonomous robot in the future. The system employs an ultrasonic range […]

Accelerometer cart

Building an Accelerometer-Controlled Cart

The accelerometer cart marks my second intermediate project creation. Essentially, it’s a compact robot designed to interpret signals from a triple-axis accelerometer, adjusting its movement direction accordingly. Building the Accelerometer Cart The Accelerometer Cart employs a triple-axis accelerometer to determine the direction in which the device is tilted. This data is then transmitted to a […]

Gameduino Snake

Building and Programming a Snake Game with Gameduino

For my physical computing class, I completed a final project using the SparkFun Redboard. I named it “Gameduino Snake” because it is a compact, handheld device that enables users to play a Snake game on an LED matrix. Project Overview: Gameduino Snake The game features a simple bi-color 8×8 LED matrix that serves as both […]

Design Specifications for Laser Diode

Arduino microcontroller based laser diode controller

1. Introduction & Background Theory 1.1 Objective The objective of this project is to research, analyze, design, fully implement, and program an Arduino Uno microcontroller board to achieve PI control of the output power of a laser diode. Laser diodes require variable current sources for operation, as the current must be adjusted to maintain linear […]



INTRODUCTION This DIY Arduino project explores various ways to enable communication and connectivity between an Arduino board and external devices or networks. Specifically, it focuses on three components – Arduino serial communication to Processing, Arduino with Ethernet shield, and Arduino with GPRS. The Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform for building electronics projects […]


Real-Time Body Temperature Tracking via IoT and LoRa Networks Using Arduino

Featured Application The research project described in the paper seeks to develop a real-time human body temperature tracking system using the Internet of Things (IoT) and LoRa wireless network technologies. Specifically, an Arduino microcontroller is used to interface with a body temperature sensor and transmit the sensor data via a LoRa module to monitor temperature […]

Block diagram of remote speed control of a DC motor by DTMF Keypad

Telecommunication and Computer Networks: Speed Regulation of DC Motor Using DTMF Keypad

Introduction In the realm of telecommunication and computer networks, the application of Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) technology has extended beyond traditional telephony into diverse fields, including industrial automation and control systems. One intriguing application of DTMF technology is in the speed regulation of DC motors. This project, titled “Speed Regulation of DC Motor Using DTMF […]

Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Solar Tracking System

Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Solar Tracking System

1.  Introduction (1)   Purpose A conventional solar panel typically converts only 30 to 40 percent of incident solar irradiation into electrical energy. To ensure a consistent output, an automated system capable of continuously adjusting the solar panel’s orientation is necessary. Addressing this need, the Sun Tracking System (STS) was developed as a prototype solution. This […]

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