Game Controllers using Arduino

This instructable will teach you how to construct homemade game controllers for personal games, education aids, or anything you want.

This system uses 4 controllers which send signals to a central hub which holds an Arduino.

It was designed for use with a game called Fraction Smash that my group was developing for a class. Students would enter a fraction using the keypad to re-size their character and then hit the smash button to break through the door if they are the right size.

More info here:

Arduino Game Controllers

Step 1: Cut out pieces

The first step is to cut out all the pieces to be used. In my design I used a CNC waterjet cutter for all the parts. You could also use a laser cutter for precision parts. If you don’t have access to either a waterjet cutter or laser cutter you can cut the parts out of wood by hand. If that is your choice, I would recommend skipping the tabs and just using nails or screws instead.

The .DXF files are attached for automated processes.

All of the CAD files and assemblies can be found here:


Step 2: Add wires to ethernet keystones

This system uses Ethernet cables for the controllers to communicate with the hub. I used three wires on the Ethernet cable, power, ground, and data, although there is space for up to 8 wires if you need more room.

Keystones are easy to use. Simply place one wire in each slot and then push the plastic cap down on top. It may be too hard to do by hand so I used a pair of pliers to push it down. It is not necessary to strip the wire as the keystone will cut through the insulation for you to make a connection.

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Major Components in Project


Keypad (3.95)

Buttons (1.49)

Ethernet Keystones (1.24)

Arduino (29.99)

Breadboard (5.95)

Ethernet cables
Super Glue

For more detail: Game Controllers using Arduino

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