Premiere Pro Edit Dial Controller (Seek / Play / Pause) ($6 DIY)


New version is here!!

I’m really into making Youtube videos for Instructables. Sometimes it is hard to rewind the moment I wanted to pause. So, I thought it would be nice if I had a dial for it.

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Step 1: Preparing Materials and Tools

[3d printing]

Step 2: Assemble the Encoder and the Arduino

The very first step is soldering.

This weird connection shows that I didn’t want to use any wires for soldering it at all.

I used digital output for giving ground and 5v.

It works well!

Step 3: Solder 5 Pins. It Is All!

Solder all five pins.

It is straightforward.

Step 4: Put the Circuit Board Into the Drum Frame.

There is a vertical hole on the side wall.

It is for USB terminal

Step 5: Fasten It

I uploaded a nut shape model on the Thingiverse just in case you don’t have a proper size of nuts.

(Using a M7 nut is better way.)

Step 6: Glue It (Optional)

If you want to fix it completely, glue it.

Step 7: Put Coins Into the Bottom Frame

Put 4 quarter into the bottom frame for making it heavy.

Source: Premiere Pro Edit Dial Controller (Seek / Play / Pause) ($6 DIY)

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