Universal Remote Laser Tag Using Arduino

Blast away your friends for hours on end with this custom laser tag system. Who needs to pay to play in an arena when you can make your very own game? Best of all, no special equipment is required, because the “guns” are regular universal TV remotes!

Universal Remote Laser Tag

Step 1: Parts and Materials

This list includes enough parts to make two complete laser tag vests:

(2x) Safety vest

(2x) Arduino Micro (RadioShack #: 276-258)

(6x) IR receiver (RadioShack #: 276-640)

(2x) piezo transducer (RadioShack #: 273-073)

(6x) red LED (RadioShack #: 55050629) web only

(6x) 360 ohm resistor (RadioShack #: 55049382) web only

(6x) 100 ohm resistor (RadioShack #: 271-1311)

(2x) 1K ohm resistor (RadioShack #: 271-1321)

(10x) 0.1uF capacitor (RadioShack #: 55047557) web only

(2x) micro lever switch (RadioShack #: 275-016)

(2x) SPST slide switch (RadioShack #: 275-401)

(2x) 9V battery (RadioShack #: 23-2211)

(2x) 9V battery snap (RadioShack #: 270-324)

coroplast sheets (old political signs)


sticky-back velcro


Universal Remote Laser Tag circuit

Step 2: Design Overview

My main goals when designing the system were to keep it low cost and easily customized.


For more detail: Universal Remote Laser Tag

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