IoT Based Smart Mine Safety System Using Arduino


  • Addresses critical safety concerns in mining which is inherently hazardous work
    Leverages IoT and Arduino to develop a comprehensive safety monitoring system
    Has potential to significantly reduce accidents and improve standards if implemented widely


Fig. 1 Block Diagram of Mining Unit
  • Utilizes various sensors to monitor environmental parameters like temperature, gas levels etc
    Interfaces sensors with Arduino microcontrollers for centralized data collection and processing
    Transmits processed data to cloud/server using IoT protocols like WiFi, GSM for remote access
    Likely includes development of interfaces for real-time visualization and emergency alerts
Fig. 2 Block Diagram of Miners unit


  • Requires programming Arduinos to interface with and read data from deployed sensors
    Design of circuitry and enclosures to withstand harsh mining conditions
    Firmware development for Arduinos and server-side software for data storage, analysis, interfaces
    Mobile/web apps may be created for remote access by miners and supervisors

Potential Impact

  • Facilitates proactive safety management through real-time monitoring of conditions and hazards
    Can reduce accidents, injuries, fatalities through early warnings of issues
    Leads to improved reputation and cost savings from less downtime and regulatory penalties
    Provides data driven insights for better resource planning, maintenance and emergency response


  • Represents an innovative application of technologies for pressing need of mine safety
    Has potential to transform practices but requires further refinement and adoption
    Overall a commendable effort towards developing a comprehensive networked safety solution
    Continued R&D in this area is warranted to fully realize benefits across mining operations.

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