Led Slot Machine Costume using Arduino

This Instructable will walk you through my process of making a Slot Machine costume with addressable leds controlled with an arduino!


Step 2: Lets Get started

Picture set up:

I found my slot picture online that the best graphic that when enlarged would stay nice and clear. Be sure to follow the directions on the iron on transfer paper when printing and transferring. Print the picture to full page 8.5 by 11 HINT: Turn off border less printing or it will cut off part of the pic. I forgot and end cut part off the pic.

Lay out the transfer paper and mark the edges with pins ( see pic 1 )  and check to be sure it is centered. Once you are happy with the lay out you can go ahead and lay the transfer back down and remove the pins.

Start the transfer process following the iron on transfer instructions. Let it cool completely before attempting to remove. If you notice the transfer not bonding as you lift , reheat it until it bonds.

Arduino Led Slot Machine Costume

Light holders:

We need a way for the addressable leds to stay in place. I chose to use Heat-N-Bond with some extra fabric.

Cut fabric strips about 2 1/2″ wide and 2″ longer then each side ( you should end up with 4 strips for all sides) (See Pic 2)

Cut the Heat-N-Bond to the size of the strips and attach following the instructions provided with the package. (See Pic 3)

Cut some more fabric strips to 1 1/2″ wide by as long as the other strips you just made. (See Pic 4)

Cut 2″ by 2″ fabric squares and iron them to the ends of the strips. (See Pic 5)

Attach the light holder strips:

Turn the shirt inside out and position the 1 1/2″ (See pic 4a ) strips along the picture outline. Peal the backing off the Heat-N-Bond of the wider strips and lay facing down on top of small strips being sure it is centered.  (See pic 4b)

Iron on following the instructions provided in package.

You should now have long pockets along the perimeter of the picture with 2″ ends that can be lifted ( these will later be used for access to solder the lights then bonded down)  (See pic 6)

[box color=”#985D00″ bg=”#FFF8CB” font=”verdana” fontsize=”14 ” radius=”20 ” border=”#985D12″ float=”right” head=”Major Components in Project” headbg=”#FFEB70″ headcolor=”#985D00″]

The parts list

Shirt Parts:

Plain white T-Shirt

Old or new white shirt to cut

1 meter addressable led strip from Adafruit

Arduino (I used an uno smd)

Sewing gauge (or other measuring device)

1 pkg Heat-N-Bond ultra hold

Battery holder for 4 AA’s

4 AA’s rechargeable 1500mah

Iron on transfer paper

Hat parts:

Hot glue gun


Flashing led kit ( I got mine from the shack, but it’s also avil online elsewhere)

2 Basic night lights

2 Lg washers

9V Batt

Clear tape



For more detail: Led Slot Machine Costume using Arduino

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