Halloween Scary Reactive Mask

This is year halloween project of me for my kid. This mask can react with scary sound and led when they wave their hands.

Step 1: Preparing Stuffs

1. Arduino Pro Mini 5V

2. Module Mp3 DY-SV5W with SD card

3. 5W 4Ohm Speaker

4. LED WS2812

5. Infrared Sensor Module

6. A Halloween Mask

7. DC Power Jack with 5V DC Adapter

Step 2: Preparing Sounds Component

The mp3 module that i use is DY-SV5W.

You guys can check this module DataSheet here DataSheet

And for this project i choose the “I/O Independent mode 0” with value of CON1-CON2-CON3 is 0-1-0

I also searching for halloween scary sound effect audio and found 2 audio file that i can use in:

1. Normal mode: Scary ghost sound 00001.mp3 file

2. React mode: Scary Roar 00002.mp3 file

And download them into the SD card with SD card reader.

You guys can check where i test this module in the video at 1:58

Step 3: Fix the Infrared Sensor Module to the Mask

You should check and adjust the Infrared Sensor module first. Then you can use hot glue gun to fix it to the mask.

This photo was taken after fixing the led after the step 4.

Step 4: Combine All Components and Test

Connect all components with this schematic

Checkout the code here: Code (and give me a star :D)

Before wrapping stuffs into the mask. We should test them and make sure every thing was right.

You can check at 2:50 of the video.

Step 5: Completed It!

Find a small box to contain and put all stuffs in to that.

And yeah we made it!

Step 6: Result

Checkout this video and please give me a like, subscribe or a comment 😀

Source: Halloween Scary Reactive Mask

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