10 Useful Arduino Projects to Complete This Year

Whether you are new to the world of DIY electronic problems or an experienced fanatic, you will have heard of the Arduino. Arduino is the perfect source of microcontrollers; not only are their products reliable, open-source, affordable and efficient, they are also hugely versatile. The list below is the perfect example of just how versatile Arduino projects can be. The list below has a range of project ideas, some suitable for absolute beginners; others are a little more challenging.

1. A Remote Control

If you are having problems with your old remote control, you don’t need to rush out and buy a new one. Create your own remote control for your TV, speaker or air condition unit with an Arduino design project. You only need to do a little bit of soldering, design a case, and you can create an infrared remote control.

2. An Automatic Trash Can

An automatic trash can might not be the most necessary product to own, but it is a fun little bit of technology for your home. It is not too difficult to turn an old trash can into an automatic model with the use of an Arduino micro, an ultrasonic sensor and a micro-servo motor. In fact, this is the perfect beginner’s project, just stick the motor and sensor to the trash with a hot glue gun and match up the wiring. Remember to take care where you place the sensor as you don’t want to have to reach down too far to prompt the lid to open.

3. An Air Temperature and Quality Sensor

Have you ever wanted to know the air temperature and quality of your home? Well, anyone can make their own air temperature and quality sensor with the help of a few key monitors. You will need temperature, humidity, heat index, car monoxide, alcohol, toluene, ammonium, acetone and carbon dioxide monitors. You will also need a display of an Arduino Nano-DHT 22 MQ 135- 5V power supply, a push button and a wooden box.

4. A Kitchen Timer

An Arduino kitchen timer is a great beginners project for anyone that is looking to get a bit more experience before moving onto bigger projects. The finished device will have buttons to set the time and another button to start and stop the countdown timer. Your kitchen timer will also need to be fitted with a speaker and an LCD to display the remaining time on the countdown. All of these pieces of equipment can be found in an Arduino Starter Kit.

5. A RFID Security Scanner

You can always upgrade the security of your home by creating your own RFID security scanner. This tagging ID system uses small radio frequency identification devices to transfer data over small distances. Components you will need for this project include an Arduino Uno, a SparkFun RFID Reader Breakout and an Adafruit RFID/NFC card.

6. An Earthquake Detector

An earthquake detector is another beginner level Arduino project. For this project, you will need the following materials:

  • The setup from the LIS2HH12
  • One green LED
  • One red LED
  • One yellow LED
  • Three 690 ohm resistors

Remember that you will need to reset your device once you have created your project after a minor or major earthquake is detected to ensure that the LEDs are turned off.

7. A Coin Sorting Machine

You can create an automatic coin sorting with only a few materials. All you need to create your own coin sorting machine is Arduino Uno-driven infrared sensors, an LCD display and some cardboard. You will need to take a piece of cardboard and carefully cut the sizes of different coins. Be careful to cut accurately as otherwise, your project might not work as expected.

Next, place your cardboard with the cut-out coin holes on a slope, with the IR sensors near the output path of the three coins. Next, connect the LCD to Arduino directly or using the I2C module. All you need to do after this is to program the Arduino coin counter.

8. Light Up Notification System

If you work as a delivery driver, then you will know that the process of accepting and managing new jobs can be very difficult especially because you have to pull over someone safe to view available loads online. Rather than having to manually check your phone, you can create your own Arduino notification system.

With the use of an Arduino Uno and an LED bulb, you can create a system that receives a notification from your home when a job new is available. This notification can prompt the light to turn on. Place the light somewhere on your dashboard that does not distract you too much helps you stay up to date with potential jobs even while driving.

If you worry that you might not see an LED light, you could always program the device to work with a speaker. So instead of a light switching on, your speaker can be programmed to make a distinct noise.

9. A Security Alarm

This security alarm might not look all that sophisticated, but it can be very effective, and it makes a fun Arduino project. When the alarm is triggered, your Arduino home security alarm can be programmed to call you on your mobile phone to alter you to the intrusion. The hardware you will need for this project includes the Arduino Uno, a PIR Monition Detector Sensor and a GSM Module with Sim inserted.

10. A Weather Forecaster

You can create your own barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure, which can provide you with a pretty accurate short term weather forecast. The tools and components you will need to complete this project include:

  • An Arduino Nano R3
  • MyOctopus i2c Barometric Air Pressure Sensor BMP280
  • SG90 Micro-servo moto
  • Soldering iron

The way the device works is quite simple; the servo motor will act as a type of dial that moves to show the changing weather. When the dial moves to the left, the chance of rain is higher.

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