Recently from few years people have started focusing on modernization. So in this project “SMART PARKING SYSTEM” everything is based on modern idea, and through this project we also tried to short out space related problem which usually occurs in parking.

What’s all about the Project? 

  • As we know, now the time is changing and World is opting modernization.This project “SMART PARKING SYSTEM” is all about the modern techniques for parking the vehicles.

The main purpose of this project is to make use of advance technology for parking large number of vehicles without occupying more area.

In this system,there are 4 slots which indicates whether they are free or booked. When all the vehicles will occupy the slots then it will indicate as, All slots are booked.

It is 2-storey Parking system, 2 slots are at first floor and 2 slots are at second floor. After filling the first two slots, the system will lift it up and the next two slots will be available for another vehicle.



  • All the Eight led’s are connected to digital pin of Arduino ,from 2 to 9.

Lcd is Connected with Arduino with I2C Communication with the help of I2C Module.

  • SCL — A5
  • SDA — A4

IR Sensor:

  • IR Sensor are connected with  digital pin from 10 to 13.


  • Motor  is connected with  1st slot of motor driver.
  • Input is given to the motor driver with the help of Push Button.
  • Another pin of  both  Button  is connected with  5 Volt of Arduino.


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