Steampunk Compass using Arduinio

Having built a few puzzle box games recently, and having some components left over I thought I would build a functional Steampunk Compass.
Based around a Arduino Duemilanove this is a really quick and simple build. Taking reading from a digital compass the Arduino controls a servo to position a clock hand.

Arduino Steampunk Compass

Step 2: Connect the electrics.

Couldnt be simpler.

The digital compass connects;
SCL to Arduino Analog pin 5
SDA to Arduino Analog pin 4
VCC to Arduino 5V
GND to Arduino GND

The servo connects;
Signal to Arduino Digital pin 10
VCC to Arduino 5V
GND to Arduino GND

Everything can then be just placed in a box. The only important thing is that the compass module must be ‘fixed’ so that it moves with the box.

Major Components in Project

The parts.

Here is a complete list of the required parts;

For the Electrics;

Small servo
Arduino Duemilanove
HMC6352 Compass Module
Mini breadboard
Female-female hookup wire
Male Headers
9V battery and connectors

For the StreamPunk;

4 clock cogs
1 hour hand
4 screws

For more detail: Steampunk Compass using Arduinio

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