Arduino Performance Utility Tools

Some of the exercise packages include several utility and test programs. These are all standalone scripts using Python 3 and a few additional packages as described in Python 3 Installation.

The following scripts may be browsed in the Python MIDI tools directory on the course site.

Command-line test program for identifying available MIDI ports by printing a list of the MIDI input and output ports available via python-rtmidi. There are no options, just running it will print a list of port names:


The full code follows, but may also be downloaded from

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import rtmidi
midiout = rtmidi.MidiOut()
midiin = rtmidi.MidiIn()

print("Available output ports:")
for idx, port in enumerate(midiout.get_ports()):
    print("  %d: %s" % (idx, port))

print("Available input ports:")
for idx, port in enumerate(midiin.get_ports()):
    print("  %d: %s" % (idx, port))

Test program for monitoring MIDI stream, providing a GUI for connecting to a MIDI source and printing all messages.

Emulation of an Akai MPD218 Drum Pad Controller, generating local MIDI events and control changes.

Source: Arduino Performance Utility Tools

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