High-Low Binary LED Arduino Game

This is a pretty simple game:  The Arduino shows a number in binary on the green LEDs.  You then guess whether your green number is bigger than the computer’s number.  The Arduino shows its number on the red LEDs.  If you were right, you will see a green flashing pattern.  If you are wrong, you’ll see a red flashing pattern.

I designed this project as a workshop for people in a design competition I’ve been organizing.  This instructable is a brief overview of the workshop.

Binary is pretty easy to read.  Google “Count binary on fingers” to see how.

Good luck!

High-Low Binary LED Arduino Game

Step 2: Wiring

I feel the pictures explain this better.  Please click each picture and then hover over the different yellow rectangles.

The wiring is as follows:

Green LEDs – pins 2, 3, 4
Red LEDs – pins 5, 6, 7
“Swiches” – pins 11 and 12

Major Components in Project


ou will need:

Arduino or clone

3 green LEDS
3 red LEDs
6 120 ohm resistors
2 10k ohm resistors

usb a to b cable
jumpers (or 22ga solid wire)

For more detail: High-Low Binary LED Arduino Game

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