Hey Pillow IoT Alarm

Know someone that constantly struggle to get out of bed, comes late to work and you are just want to give them a nudge in the morning. Now you can make your own Hey Pillow. Inside the pillow is embedded with an annoying piezo buzzer that you can control via your phone, so that you can unleash it where ever and whenever you want with the Arduino ESP8266 hardware.

Step 1: Materials

You will need to compile these materials to start the project:

Step 2: Solder Wires to the Standalone Capacitive Touch Sensor

In this step you will need a solder the 3 pins onto the designated slots of the touch capacitive sensor:

(Image 1&2)

AT42QT101X = Arduino

VDD = 5V

OUT = 2


After that you will insert the touch sensor onto the breadboard (Image 3)

Step 3: Place Wires and Components Onto the Bread Board

Step 4: Code


Step 5: Create Applet on IFTTT

Create a IFTTT to create the trigger button via applet to initiate the buzzer sound to wake the user up from their slumber. You do this by creating an applet with the “push button widget” and then set it to connect to the Ada fruit IO with the designated Feed. Allow the data to save to “1” so that when pressed the “1” data will initiate the Buzzer to turn on.

Step 6: Sew the Conductive Material Onto the Pillow

In this step you will take your knitted conductive fabric and tape it on the bottom of the pillow case as follows (image 4). Doing so will allow the user to still comfortably use the pillow.

Step 7: Insert Breadboard Component Inside the Pillow and Zip Up the Pillowcase

After the circuit is then transferred to another breadboard to make it more compact. A box was also constructed to protect the circuit when inserted into the pillow case.

Step 8: Try It Out


Now that you have comprised together the hardware set up as well as the soft ware of your applet you are ready to use your Hey Pillow. Give it to your loved ones, your close friends and our co workers that is always late. Try it out and see if the annoying sound of the buzzer can get them out of bed more easily. Further more the next step for Hey Pillow will be connecting it to alarm system, to that the person can specific know when to check if the person is still on the pillow or not and send them a buzz. Another thing to improve on is to expand area of where the conductive fabric is layout with using other materials like conductive wire/thread to make the whole pillow sensitive to the touch capacitive sensor.

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