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Paper Man: a machine created by Arduino and NFC

Paper Man is a machine comprised of Arduino, NFC Shield, thermal printer and a papercraft shell—Iron Man. Thanks to the NFC Shield, you can directly sent messages from your mobile to the paper man, and the paper man will spit it out by printing with the thermal printer. The following video shows you the details of how Paper Man works. Step 1: Preparation [box color="#985D00" bg="#FFF8CB" font="verdana" font ...

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The MicroSlice | A tiny Arduino laser cutter

A few years ago I saw an Instructable where Groover had used a pair of DVD-RW drives to make a pocket laser engraver. Inspired by the idea, driven by the recent purchase of a full-sized 50 watt CO2 laser cutter, and roused by the launch of the Microcontroller contest I took the decision to have a crack at making my own mini laser engraver. I have called the project the MicroSlice. What are the features of t ...

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S.A.M. Spring Aided Machining (CNC with adhesive remover)

S.A.M. Spring Aided Machining (CNC with solvent) is a school project designed by three architecture students at CCA, San Francisco: Matt Boeddiker, Abelino Robles, and Tim Henshaw-Plath. ( The machine is capable of rapidly prototyping and creating subtractive formwork that can be used to cast material. The machine was designed with the instruction of Jason Kelly Johnson, and Michael Shiloh in th ...

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Fluid In.Flux_3D Wax Printing In Water

Fluid In.Flux is a 3D printing experimental machine which prints wax in water. The Machine was a semester-wide exploration as part of the Advanced Architecture Studio called "Creative Architecture Machines" by Professor Jason Kelly Johnsonand Michael Shiloh at the California College of the Arts, in San Francisco. Fluid In.Flux is about exploring material behavior in different conditions and developing an in ...

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Polar Plotter on Arduino and MakerBeams

The project A polar plotter is a plotter with a rotating, extendable arm. Its characteristics differ greatly from those of a traditional plotter, which in most areas have a superior design. You could say the polar plotter is more portable or something, but mainly I made this one because it was more of a challenge. The code The code of this project is divided into two parts. One is the Arduino project that c ...

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Arduino makes 2D Level

This is a project for Arduino to make a 2D Level, aimed at beginners. Arduino draws a circle on an LED Matrix that moves around according to readings from a 2D Accelerometer. Objectives: * Learn how to draw a circle using simple Maths * Learn how to use the LOL shield for the Arduino * Learn how an accelerometer works Step 1: What you need You will need: * Arduino UNO * LOL shield   (http://jimmieprodgers.c ...

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Salvaging an LCD from a fax machine using an Arduino

I acquired an old fax machine that looked like a ripe source of parts, like steppers, IR sensors, micro switches and things.  As it turned out, it was.  It also had a nice looking 2 x 16 character LCD.  However, after taking everything apart, I found the LCD only had 13 pins instead of the more common 10, 14 or 16 pins.  They were not labeled, so that's where the investigation came in.  After an exhaustive ...

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The KITT-duino, DIY Larson Scanner with an Arduino

IMPORTANT: CODE IS NOW UPDATED. FIXES INCLUDE ADDING AN INTEGER VALUE TO MANIPULATE TIMING AND FIXING A DOUBLE-BLINKING LED. Thanks. It is my understanding that many Larson Scanners can only pulse from side to side. I felt that that needed to be changed, seeing as that in the newer (yet short-lived) Knight Rider series revival on NBC for about 1/2 of a real season, the iconic red lights would move from righ ...

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Chicken Light Timer using an Arduino

The wife is into raising chickens and now that the daylight savings is getting near she wanted a way to keep the egg laying production in high gear.  According to the material that she reads, chickens will maintain their egg laying production if they get 12 – 15 hours of daylight. I thought to myself, what a great opportunity for me to put together a DIY electronics project that would also be green.  I want ...

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