Analog VU meter and Clock using Arduino

This project brings back the old time Analog VU Meter, with the added functionality of a neat looking clock! When you turn off your music the meters automatically swing into to clock mode. Behind it all is the popular and easy to use Arduino. This is my submission for the Make-to-Learn Youth Contest: What did you make? I made an old style analog VU meter and Clock using 2 analog panel meters, an Arduino, a ...

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Power (Energy) Meter using Arduino

Part 1.  Analog Front-End. Opto-Isolator. Looking at the Power Quality Analyzer display, I was wandering, if there is any error in the measurement results, introduced by transformer. Overall THD picture doesn’t change much, suspiciously drawing same chart in the morning and in the evening, when electrical grid load significantly differs. Obviously, to estimate effect of the transformer, I have to repeat mea ...

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Audio VU Meter using Arduino

Biasing AC input using resistor divider and scaling up / down if necessary; Sampling fast and accurately using direct access to Control Registers of ADC and Timer1; Subtract whatever was added at step #1 from result of Analog / Digital conversion and Square; Average / accumulate, filtering following VU specification; Sqrt – take square root, Log10 – transform to dB scale; Display. 1.   Hope, you follow my a ...

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