Arduino WordClock

My Arduino WordClock

The initial project, and certainly the one to which many were inspired is that of Doug Jackson. also inspired by Step 1: The Materials The list of materials for the board depends on how you plan to make the electronics, if you want an Arduino standalone or an Arduino UNO or 2009, …

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Arduino Ultrasonic Range Finder

Ultrasonic Range Finder with an ATtiny85 using an Arduino

I’m here to show you how to use a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder with an ATtiny85 as well as programming the ATtiny85 using the wonderful shield that randofo created. List of materials: ATtiny85 Programming Library Arduino Uno HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder and Library Jumper Wires Breadboard ATtiny85 Step 1: Program the Arduino Before you connect your shield to the Arduino …

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Arduino Robot Uno

Uno The Arduino Robot

Age: 13 Meet Uno the Arduino powered robot.  Some functions include a blinking nose, moving antennas, rotating head, IR distance sensor, twin motor gear box and rotation counters.  Uno is made with relatively easy to obtain parts.  This project provides a good introduction to Arduino. robot.skp475 KB Step 1: Materials Material and tools • Foam board • Fimo • 4 Rare Earth magnets • 4 small metal …

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Arduino Timer

Arduino Based Auto Timer

The Need: Last week around at work I had another usual un-usual  problem to face with.  Having to make lots of mechanisms n components to work with-in seconds or fracs at times I kind-of knew this was always coming.   And invariably so my poor mind couldn’t think of anything but Arduino for a handy …

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