Another Arduino Traffic light

After working with the arduino and not knowing what the heck I’m doing I made Another simple traffic light. I looked around the web to find one that looks about normal and came across none. They seemed too fast. So, I found and modded some code to make this work. The coding is pretty simple.

Arduino Traffic light

Step 1: The Parts

1 – Arduino (Obvious)
1 – Breadboard
6 – 270 ohm resistors
2 – Red LED
2 – Yellow LED
2 – Green LED
Misc. – Wires and Patients.


Step 2: Wiring

I used Pins 2 – 7 to make things easy. I don’t know if it hurts the Arduino to use both PWM and standard pins or not but, It works.
I wired up the grounds to the ground rail through the 270 OHM Resistors, it seems backwards to me, because I’m and electrician, to go to ground through a resistor but, I have seen this alot.

I took the 6 LED’s Anode lead and wired……

Side 1                                  Side 2
1 – Red to Pin 2                  2 – Red to 5
1 – Yellow to 3                    2 – Yellow to 6
1 – Green to 4                    2 – Green to 7

Arduino Traffic light circuit

Step 3: The Code

I hope I didn’t miss anything but if I did just comment.
The code I use seems simple, But I got confused so I had to get some help on figuring out what did what to who and how many.

There are some commented out sections that could come into play later.

Major Components in Project

1 – Arduino (Obvious)
1 – Breadboard
6 – 270 ohm resistors


For more detail: Another Arduino Traffic light

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