Arduino Seismic Activity Monitor

Arduino Seismic Activity Monitor – Ethernet Shield

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends by saying something crazy like, “I think there’s going to be an earthquake soon” moments before an earthquake hits? Or do you just want some warning, a few seconds that could save your life. This project will allow you to hook up a seismic sensor to a …

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Arduino MIDI-in shield

Arduino MIDI-in shield

This instructable shows how to build a shield to connect devices that send MIDI signals (e.g. a masterkeyboard) to an Arduino. The basic schematic is derived from: Step 1: The schematic Basically the schematic is just an optocoupler with some resistors to decouple the MIDI device from the Arduino. Note that the DIN connector …

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Arduino Morse Code Shield

Arduino Morse Code Shield

Morse code was the breakthrough that made possible long-distance communication in the era of the telegraph. The code represents alphanumeric characters by short and long intervals of signal — those familiar dots and dashes. For many years passing a Morse code test was a prerequisite of getting a Ham license, but nowadays most radio amateurs …

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