Arduino FM radio receiver shield

This Instructable will show you how to build your own FM radio receiver shield to be used with an Arduino board. The radio chip we are going to be using is the AR1010 on a breakoutboard found at Sparkfun or Electrokit and there will be code to get you up and running provided later on. We are going to use an laser cutter for the shield fabrication. Step 1: Eagle 1 First we build up our circuit using eagle. T ...

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Arduino-Radio Controlled Hydrogen Blimp

The blimp is controlled by a transmitter on the ground, operated by a human. There are three control levers-- one for each motor, and one for the servo that rotates the axis they're attached to. You push / pull to make the motors speed up or slow down; they're controlled individually, it's like driving a tank. You need two Arduinos - one for the transmitter and one on the blimp itself. I generate the hydrog ...

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