Avengers plant monitoring device with Arduino uno (Tuya IoT platform)

I made a lot-based plant monitoring device. From this device, you can measure the condition of your plant from anywhere in the world. The device is able to measure temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. Description I hope you are doing well because a few days ago I recovered from the virus. In the pandemic we …

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Simple Arduino Pot Plant Soil Moisture Sensor

Arduino Pot Plant Soil Moisture Sensor I have been struggling with over watering of my indoor pot plants, especially succulents. To this end I decided to make a simple Soil Moisture sensor that can tell me when the moisture level of my pot is too high (over watered), too low or just right! Supplies Capacitive …

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Plant Bartender

Plant Bartender

This project was completed by Alexandra Pittiglio & Christelle Feghali for our Computational Design and Digital Fabrication ‘Useless Machine’ Project, Semester 2, ITECH M.Sc Programme ——– We present Plant Bartender, a 2-axis robot that senses and waters in the most inefficient way. This device utilizes soil moisture sensors to identify the thirst levels of multiple …

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Alone Together - Plant Lamps

Alone Together – Plant Lamps

This instructable is part of the course Physical Interaction and Realization at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. We are going to teach you how to build two, quite organic and interactive plant-lamps,Β ThorulfΒ andΒ Svamp. ThorulfΒ is a plant with flex sensors and LEDs whileΒ SvampΒ is a collection of mushrooms with circular force sensors. They are connected via Bluetooth and …

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