Virtual Color Mixer using Arduino

This example demonstrates how to send multiple values from the Arduino board to the computer. The readings from three potentiometers are used to set the red, green, and blue components of the background color of a Processing sketch or Max/MSP patch. Software Required Processing or Max/MSP version 5 Circuit Connect analog sensors to analog input pins …

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Simulating and controlling GE Color Effects Lights with Arduino

Overview This project builds a Christmas lights controller for the GE Color Effects lights allowing programmed control of up to 8 sets of Christmas lights. Furthermore, it provides a function specific language for programming patterns for these lights and an emulation environment for testing the programs requiring the lights to be built or hung. Pre-reading …

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Arduino-Square with Color LCD

B-Squares is a modular electronics platform that enables users to build, customize, and continuously update their own electronics applications. In this B-Squares App we will cover how to assemble a simple Color-LCD Application using the Arduino-Square. Hardware: 1. Arduino-Square. 2. Battery-Square 3. Color LCD Shield. 4. FTDI USB connector (3.3V). Software: 1. Arduino Software. 2. BSQ-ColorLCD …

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