Magnetometer Parking Sensor

The objective of our project was to develop a wireless sensor device to be used for detecting motor vehicles, along with their direction of travel. The sensor is to be used in a larger system to monitor parking lot traffic by counting ins and outs of vehicles, thus showing which lots are full or not via a website and mobile application.

The sensor is a magnetometer and works by detecting the Earth’s magnetic field. As a vehicle drives over the device, a disturbance in the Earth’s field can be detected by the sensor in the x,y, and z planes. This data is analyzed by an Arduino Fio microcontroller, and if a vehicle is detected, a local car count is sent to a Raspberry Pi basestation. In further development of the project by the ACMx (Association for Computing Machinery) club on campus, the Raspberry Pi would analyze the data from multiple sensors, and update a web page that can be viewed on a mobile device or a web page.


Magnetometer Parking Sensor


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