Internet of Things indoor gas monitor

AppliedSBC has created a new Internet of Things based indoor gas monitor using Arduino technology and more specifically the Nano 33 IoT board to control several different sensors. The Airio Explorer 1 sensor is the first product in the range and is now available to purchase price state $589.

Specifications for the indoor gas monitor solution include : CO2 Gas 0-2000ppm, ±10%, O2 Gas 0-25%, ±2%, Temperature 5-50 °C, ±0.5 °C, Relative Humidity 10-90%, ±2% and Max sample rate 1 Hz.

“Monitor air quality at home, 24 hours per day, 365. Airio measures gas and vapor concentrations in your living environment. Store up to 4 years of measurements on a microSD card. View live stats or download data in CSV format. The data portal is quickly accessed using any web browser on your home network. No internet connection required.”

IoT indoor gas monitor

Monitor aerobic activity as you burn calories. How does air quality affect stamina? endurance, cognition, recovery? Airio is your window into the invisible soup we swim in! Log and control CO2 and Oxygen levels for horticultural purposes. Long term logging lets you observe trends and adjust conditions. Switch pumps or valves automatically using the integrated relay output switches.”

“Create sophisticated analyzers or control systems. Build upon Airio’s out-of-the-box continuous-monitoring architecture using the fan-favorite Arduino IDE. An ARM Cortex-M0 processor and 256 KB of program space power your imagination!”

Source: Internet of Things indoor gas monitor

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