Arduino LED Project Ideas

Charlieplexed row of LED lights for the Arduino

Charlieplexed row of LED lights, for the Arduino

This is my instructable on charlieplexing a LED row/string with the arduino. I noticed that there weren’t many instructables on charlieplexing using an arduino, so i made this. I tried to keep the project simple, but that didn’t work very well. The soldering is complex, I wouldn’t recommend this as a first time soldering project. […]

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Arduino Experiments Supersize Instructable

Arduino Experiments (Supersize Instructable)

Masses if not all Arduino Experiments done my way,that being everyone carry’s out experiments different to the next person,as such this instructable will have alot of videos,and pictures as well as detailed descriptions of each experiment what I did how and why…. LARGE INSTRUCTABLE BE WARNED! (there are many arduino instructables on such things,however this will

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