Easily control your iPod using Arduino

Easily control your iPod with Arduino using serial commands. This instructable includes the schematic, the code and some extra info; everything you need to make this work.

USB,battery or wall power supply powered.

Arduino with iPod

Step 1: What you need

5x  1K ohm resistors
2x  1M ohm resistors
1x  12K ohm resistors
1x  1.5K ohm resistors
4x  normaly opened push buttons
protoboard (optional)
3.5mm audio jack

Arduino Uno or similar    http://arduino.cc/
recycled iPod Dock or PodBreakout ( you can buy it here http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8295)

Step 2: Schematic

In the protoboard.
Arduino serial is 5v while iPod logic level is 3.3v. Because of it we need to add a voltage divider.
The two 1M ohm resistors are required to make a 500k to select the device.
The dectect cable is conected to iPod TX pin and use to let the arduino know when an ipod is conected.

Step 3: Code info

Basic comunication protocol. Dont worry, everything is in the code file.

My sources:

Arduino with iPod circuit

Step 4: Download the program

Here is the arduino code:

By Daniel Solis
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

You are able to modify this code as well as the hardware. If you
have a better code or make any changes that improve the performa
nce please share them

Analog pin 4: ipod TX(to detect ipod)
Analog pin 0: button detection
Digital pin 1: arduino TX

[box color=”#985D00″ bg=”#FFF8CB” font=”verdana” fontsize=”14 ” radius=”20 ” border=”#985D12″ float=”right” head=”Major Components in Project” headbg=”#FFEB70″ headcolor=”#985D00″]5x  1K ohm resistors
3.5mm audio jack
Arduino Uno[/box]


For more detail: Easily control your iPod using Arduino

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