Make an Arduino timer

Hi, so me and my pal are setting up so we can make PCB´s. We are currently making a UV exposure box (possibly another instrucable) and for this box, we needed a timer, so this is what we have done so far, and what we are going to do.

This project is based on the ardweeny from solarbotics because its cheap (10 $) and its small (28 DIP)
it counts down from 999 to 0 (seconds)
it has a 250V 10A Relay.
Arduino timer

here is a short video of it counting down from 30 to 0:

Step 1: Parts list

Ok so here is the parts list:

as for all items these are suggestions

*one Ardweeny (or an ATmega168/328 chip with apropriate chrystal, resistor and capacitor)
*one USB to FTDI Adapter for programming the ardweeny (if you dont already have one)
*8 NPN transistors capable of driving 30 mA each. (We used BC547 (keep the pinout in mind!)
*3 PNP transistors capable of driving 200mA each. (We used BD136 (Odd pinout here too!!)
*3 7-Segment displays (We used KINGBRIGHT SA52-11EWA common anode)
*11 resistors for the transistor bases (i used 200 ohm resistors (!!!OBS these are not on the print, see picture in step:[comming soon])
*7 resistors for the segments (150 ohms for an output of around 20 mA)
*2 10 pin header
*2 2 pin header
*1 28 DIP socket, narrow (you could solder the chip in but i would hate to have to solder it out if something gets burned!)
*1 6V relay (if you need this to switch things on and off)
*one protective diode (We used some 1N4007 ones we had lying around)
*1 Potentiometer (We used a 4k7 because we had one around)
*Wires… lots of wires
*soldering equipment

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That should be it. on to the next step

Step 2:

ok, so we made this on perfboard (not having any PCB´s)
Arduino timer circuit
we have made a Print that you could use on you PCB´s

its in .fzz so you will need fritzing (a free awesome program) to open it

it has the layout,

keep in mind that on this pcb ALL transistors are layed out as Emitter Base Collector, however when using BC547 and BD136 transistors the pinouts will be different.

if you making this on a perfboard, you can use the method we did:

Major Components in Project

*one Ardweeny
*one USB to FTDI Adapter for programming the ardweeny
*8 NPN transistors capable of driving 30 mA each.
*3 PNP transistors capable of driving 200mA each


For more detail: Make an Arduino timer

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