DIY Time Control Machine

This project is about how to make a time machine! This machine looks like a glove, and can “stop” any moving subject. At first, watch a video with some demonstration and experiments, guess how it works, and then read about how to make it =)

DIY Time Control Machine

This effect looks like better in real life (by naked eye, not through a camera), without black lines. Smooth perfect time stop effectc!! IT IS REAL “OH MY GOD” REACTION!

Step 1: All We Need

Generally this project is about Arduino, high-power LED and some tricky magic with soldering iron. Here is some list with links to Aliexpress

Step 2: Wiring

Step 3: Assembling Power Part

At first connect battery, DCDC and MOSFET. Also you need to tune DCDC to 34 V output voltage.

Step 4: Assembling Logic Part

Connect potentiometer and IMU to arduino

Step 5: Fixing on Glove

Fix all parts on glove, using cable ties and velcro strip.

Step 6: LED and Cooling Plate

Fix LED on copper plate, and don’t forget to smear thermal paste between them.

DIY Time Control Machine schematics

Step 7: Fixing LED

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