Create Arduino projects using the Opla IoT Kit and Arduino Cloud

Makers and electronic enthusiasts looking for inspiration for their next project maybe interest is in a new build created by Robert John. Using the Arduino Oplá IoT Kit and Arduino Cloud, Robert has created an Internet of Things room condition monitor capable of providing feedback on a number of different data points as well as being able to remotely turn on/off his air-conditioning.

“Robert John likes to keep a constant eye on the current temperature and humidity of his room, as even small fluctuations can lead to uncomfortable conditions. And although he can remotely turn the air conditioning on or off, he still needed a way to track these values throughout the day and log them for future reference.”

The Oplà Kit contains all the necessary components to build eight connected applications and also includes a 12 month subscription to the Arduino Create Maker Plan.

Arduino Cloud IoT room monitor

“To create this smart device, Robert used an Arduino Oplà IoT Kit, as it contains a MKR WiFi 1010, a MKR IoT Carrier with a built-in screen and capacitive buttons, and a PIR sensor for detecting motion. Once connected together, he then configured a new dashboard in the Arduino IoT Cloud with two variables for the temperature and humidity, which are updated once every minute by the MKR WiFi 1010.”

“I can turn the air conditioning on and off remotely, but I need to know the room’s state. I have decided to write a program that will provide this information using the Arduino Opla IoT Kit. The device will display this information when I am close to it, and turn off the screen when I am not. It will also log the temperature and humidity to the Arduino IoT Cloud, and I can monitor this remotely. Follow along to recreate this project.”

Source: Create Arduino projects using the Opla IoT Kit and Arduino Cloud

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